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  1. Hey Fraser i woke up today and those logs randomly stooped. Great news once again thank you for all you do!!!!!!
  2. Nat filtering is set to secured and I’m not sure where you find remote management
  3. I got it so I did as you asked I got to my local time (eastern) but it only goes into military time, I can tell Military time just not sure if that’s normal. And it did not fix the issue I can still return the router do you think this is the best option?
  4. Tried that as well is it just bugged at this point.
  5. I changed at the top right corner still didn’t work and no I’m using the xr1000 got it as a gift I’m switching back to the r2 I have had enough of this thing. And sorry I click the wrong support help.
  6. Tried that it won't even go to the right time i click it and apply and it stays 1 hour behind. And when doing the initial setup it gets past all the settings like internet then just says net gear refuses to load🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. No I am not but it’s like every couple seconds this is popping up lol.
  8. Is this gonna cause any issues with the router?
  9. i disconnected every device and reset the router still no luck.
  10. Ok I’ll try that thanks
  11. This does not belong to any of my devices what is it and what does it mean and how do you make it stop? Can you block this on the xr1000?
  12. i have tried rebooting and factory ressting should i be worried about this ? It don’t belong to any of my devices there all accounted for would going back to a older software stop this.
  13. Disregard the first one im talking about the wlan access rejected and how do we fix it
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