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  1. No luck with these methods. Like I said in an earlier post the .40 firmware is the culprit.
  2. This issue happens to me as well. I believe it's with the .40 firmware. The Network Map/Network Monitor doesn't work properly and also the router doesn't come back up after a reboot unless I power on the modem and router at the same time. Earlier firmware versions do not have this issue. It's a catch 22 because I need ping assist. Otherwise I would go back to the earlier versions. The next version of firmware needs to address these issues IF possible. Thanks!
  3. I have tested .32 and it works. Firmware .40 seems to have the issue. Thank you!
  4. Actually I have tried rebooting the router many times and restoring defaults, etc. I gave up after a few times. We will just need to wait for the fix or go back to the previous firmware. I just need ping assist.
  5. Mine is not an issue with the geo-filter but with just the network map and devices. After a restart it seems to work with devices shown as they are. Over time though the Network Map freezes in place and even if a new device is added or taken away nothing changes.
  6. Yeah it's the same with me. It's only with the .40 code. I am sure many others have the issue but they are just not aware.
  7. I reflashed to the latest firmware again. The Network Map works at first but it seems over time that devices still do not report properly. A lot of my devices show offline but they are online and functioning. Also LAN devices seem to not disappear once disconnected, etc. Yes this does seem like a bug as works perfectly.
  8. Thanks for the great support. It could have been just a bad flash to the latest firmware. I am testing it. Also can you tell me how long should LAN devices show connected once they are disconnected?
  9. I flashed the XR500 back to firmware and the issue was resolved. Both the Network Map and Network Monitor work perfectly. I am not sure why the new has this issue. I may try to reflash to the latest again and test. Thanks again!
  10. The PHIL-LAPTOP device shows offline yet I am using it and the speedtest from this laptop does not force anything to move. All wireless devices are connected to 2.4/5GHz. Even the wired devices show up but do the same thing. It's like the icons are just stuck in a static state and not working. Also the Network Monitor shows the same top 5 devices (they never change), same traffic, and never moves a device up or down. Also even if a device is not on the network it shows it having traffic! I have thought maybe it's something to do with another device on the network but I have removed things. Also I have used Nighthawk and Genie apps to block devices....could those be causing issues? This seems to have happened after the ping assist firmware update.
  11. I need help figuring out an issue with the Network Map and Network Monitor. None of them work and are not a representation of my network. I have restored defaults many times. After defaults at first both seem to work and show devices offline and online. However, over time the Network Map just stops working and freezes. The Network Monitor shows activity but never changes. The attached screenshot shows many devices offline that are not offline and nothing moves as before between the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands. I can still block devices, etc. Any assistance would be great.
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