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  1. DSLReport speed test has been broken for a while now so I haven't used it and PP I havent learned how to use it.
  2. How would I know that info about BB?
  3. If I'm getting speeds over 450 Mbps, do I still need to use Congestion Control? when CC is needed?
  4. Yeah, this was BO3 that you see here but with Modern Warfare the sever that they put in is on the east coast.
  5. Is it a good idea to have both Ping Assist and Filtering mode. I stop playing it, it gets too laggy sometimes I see my home but it seems today that server is not on.
  6. I set up my host filtering for home (R1) MW but connects me to faraway server. I can't shoot anybody like this lags like crazy. mY question is why is connecting me to a faraway server?
  7. I have it unticked still to get be able to use CC.
  8. I think my R1 is bad I tested with my other R1 and I am getting close to what I paid for.
  9. I have two R1s and they both have the same low speed for some reason.
  10. No, never this is my first time with 460 Mbps. I always had less than 100 internet speed package.
  11. Yes, I have done all the above I could get 460Mbps without the R1.
  12. No, I havent I had always used the R1 for the last 4 years.
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