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  1. Finally fixed it, after setting to factory and enabling and disabling each item on the "Miscellaneous Settings" that having check on the "Deep packet processing was reducing from 400 Mbps to around 70 Mbps. Here is the problem I have always kept the Deep packet processing unchecked as I always game on my PS4 but for some reason It just did what it did it kept reducing my speed even after unchecking it from the box. now I'm getting about 300 Mbps with the sliders at 100%. YMMV.
  2. Yes, no problem with the XR450. It must be the R1 that does not play nice at high speed.
  3. Yes, that's how I have it set up now, but I see no difference.
  4. Yes, I have but only straight from my modem to the computer.
  5. Yes, the thing is the speed test still slow.
  6. I'm paying for 400Mbps/20 Mbps. Turbo and Super Turbo ticked. Keep in mind that Speedtest.net you can change the server picking the wrong server will have slow speed tests. So my question is which one is the true speed test result?
  7. I was getting better results with the Netgear Cm1000 (Netgear) for some reason than with this new modem MB8600 (Motorola). Packet loss with the CM1000 were far between than with MB8600 and also the ping under heavy loads were about 30 ms compare to this one around 50 ms if I remember correctly. Measurements taken from PingPlotter.
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