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  1. I think my R1 is bad I tested with my other R1 and I am getting close to what I paid for.
  2. I have two R1s and they both have the same low speed for some reason.
  3. No, never this is my first time with 460 Mbps. I always had less than 100 internet speed package.
  4. Yes, I have done all the above I could get 460Mbps without the R1.
  5. No, I havent I had always used the R1 for the last 4 years.
  6. I changed my modem to the CM 600 still no difference. Any ideas?
  7. No, it is not possible to log in it seems. I'm getting a new modem in the process the Hitron has the puma 7 chipset which has problems to a CM600.
  8. Any other suggestion the R1 still can't handle any more than 150Mbps sure without I'm getting 460Mbps. I tried your above suggestion but still did not work.
  9. Without the R1 I am getting what I am paying for the problem is the R1 cutting my speed to 150 Mbps where I should be getting 460Mbps.
  10. I changed things manually, I have only IPv4 Internet service at this time.
  11. I get what I pay for when Modem>computer no problem there, but when I connect my R1 my speeds are reduced.
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