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  1. "it is an aesthetic issue" You mean on the game itself? because that where I see that my games are moderate.
  2. I don't have "NAT filtering to open" on my router XR450. Also I have four devices that I need to do this to.
  3. Xbox One, two PS4s, and one computer all gaming at the same time. What should I use if I want open ports for my games? It's my understanding I could use only of these services DMZ or UPnP or Port triggering. UPnP not working, now If I'm using DMZ the rest of the services should be off right? what would be the best set up for my devices?
  4. Thanks for replying. It took me a while to figure it out, I messed up on the order to power everything on. 1- Power on both at the same time modem and router or, 2- Power on router first and then the modem and that is what it works for me. or Is there a specific order to power on modem and router?
  5. Don't forget to reset your router after the firmware update.
  6. My it's been a long day without internet, my XR450 stopped connecting, I tried multiple resets to factory no go, it won't detect my modem anymore. any ideas?
  7. I used the reset button on the back and now I can't access the the R1. How can I fix this?
  8. I can't access the router because I disabled the DHCP how do I reset the R1? is the pic below correct?
  9. Should I keep the DHCP enable or disable on the R1?
  10. Sure, I think I'll will do that. Quick question, do I have to restart the modem every time I move the congestion control slider for it to take effect?
  11. Washington and Texas servers are useless to me the lag is incredible when connecting to them. If I can't play connecting to these server.
  12. ID: 976b5f2a0836babf Distance: 1187mi This is with strict mode off
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