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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from SM961 in Three Different Speed tests   
    Also run 3-5 different tests on speedtest and average them out
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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from SM961 in Three Different Speed tests   
    What Bert said dsl reports is trash. Use speedtest its way more acuurate. Btw blufferbloat is way overrated. That website is so inaccurate and even if you have A+++ on everything its not going to help you. Just use pingplotter if you want to find the right settings for your sliders and jitter.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Bert in Three Different Speed tests   
    If you have windows 10, try using the speedtest.net desktop app. For me, their website always reads low but for some odd reason the desktop app is bang on.
    DSL reports usually doesn't give me accurate results due to the distance to their server.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to mproper in Add option to purge all offline devices   
    LOL yeah another vote here... with all my smart home gadgets, and family's entire collection of TV's, phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, etc.. my map looks pretty ridiculous too..
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to acoop133 in Add option to purge all offline devices   
    Like seriously.... i dont want to go manually delete each of these rogue devices.(unamed device)
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to N3CR0 in trying to fix lagcomp expiriment   
    Don't ya just love CoD! LOL. How come every other damn game seems to just work whereas you need to be a freaking scientist to figure out how to get CoD to play right.
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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Changes in settings only work for 1 or 2 games?   
    thanks Fraser!
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Changes in settings only work for 1 or 2 games?   
    It would still work but would be better to disable that as you'd essentially be prioritizing twice which could lead to it not working as effectively.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Grafti in Changes in settings only work for 1 or 2 games?   
    Happens to me that sometimes (not always), when I try a different setting on the Dumaos and works, I beleive that I have FINALLY found a solution for lag... but this false happiness only works for a couple of games. Then the game turns even worse than it was before new settings. This has happenned to me in every single CoD.
    Do you people feel the same?
    I read in this forums that the major part of users are having serious lag issues with this game, and I wonder why. We, Netduma and Dumaos users, are supposed to have all the tools to hage the best gaming experience, but this is not happenning.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Netduma Admin in Quick questions on the pins   
    No worries - well done for figuring it out!
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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from Netduma Alex in Quick questions on the pins   
    Nevermind I figured it out! Its on the dashboard, duh!
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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Quick questions on the pins   
    Nevermind I figured it out! Its on the dashboard, duh!
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Bert in So Many Variables!!!   
    You will never get this totally right.
    A Netduma router or any other router with QoS can only control traffic outgoing at your own network and there is stops. Netduma/DumaOS also have the option to use a geofilter to limit connections, that's where you get the major advantage over other brands.

    First of all, there is no dedicated servers in CoD in true sense of the word. A true dedicated server is an actual physical server dedicated to running the hosting software and has it's own internet connection.  What we call dedicated servers in CoD is a program running in a cloud, this cloud has multiple access nodes  which all have their own traffic load, and the cloud itself is running numerous other programs requiring internet bandwidth and prioritization levels. So performance of the hosting/server program is reliant on total usage of the cloud it's running in and total bandwidth usage of the cloud. If you have ever seen a complex like this, my place in Europe is close to a Microsoft datacenter, and the place is massive. You're easily talking over 10 football fields long and wide, having over 25 warehouse sized buildings containing their serverpark. So you can imagine it doesn't get it's internet through a single UTP cable, there is multiple fiberoptic backbones coming in. It has actually happened that I was connected to the same server complex. DumaOS showed 41ms ping. Game finishes, next game loads, I am playing on another uplink on the same servercomplex and ping read 33ms. So we can already see that their servers themselves are inconsistent.

    Before I continue, this is a good basis read:
    I think it's posted here before but it's a good foundation as to why there is issues and what is this terrible lag comp people on the internet talk about.

    Traffic coming from your router doesn't go straight to the server, but first has to cross your ISP's network. From there it goes on one or more backbones owned by a third party. From there, it usually gets connected up to a internet exchange, a place where these backbones meet and a lot of high end serverparks have a very close connection to these places, or are directly plugged in. On every segment, the owner of the network sets his own traffic shaping and prioritization ques.

    One of the largest Internet Exchanges in Europe is AMS-IX. For reference you can see how much traffic they process: https://stats.ams-ix.net/index.html What is funny here is that you can see exactly what peak time is for internet usage and peak load on the backbones and the network.

    Beginning at your ISP. Your ISP is usually oversubscribed factor 100 to factor 500. They expect their customers to use their internet in bursts so they can sell the same bandwidth multiple times if you want to call it that. Or another way of putting it. I live in a town with about 50.000 households covered by my ISP. I have 300/300 bandwidth. So if everybody had that and fired up their speedtest website, the ISP has to have 15Tb of bandwidth to my town alone, that's simply not happening. As you can see in the link above, the actual AMS-IX roughly has a 6 Tb/s throughput. 

    Since they don't have this amount of bandwidth, the ISP has to deal with bandwidth management and they do this by something called traffic shaping. They have multiple traffic ques for different types of traffic, each having their own priority level. My ISP in Europe for example, they offer free VOIP between customers. You don't want this to be laggy, so this will be prioritized highest. Furthermore, the ISP's believe that a regular customer will simply spend most time downloading stuff, surfing the internet and watch streaming content etc. Their traffic shaping algorithms are optimized towards that. You can tell simply by the fact that download is much higher than upload on most residential connections. So while traffic is filling their traffic ques, the shaping algorithm decides what to send out and what to buffer. When the buffer is full, traffic simply gets dropped (the idea behind bufferbloat as often discussed on these forums)

    Gaming traffic is UDP traffic. And generally is just one way traffic. One reason why a ISP likes to put UDP traffic in the very lowest priority que, is that when a packet is dropped it is simply ignored after, the sender simply sends the next packet. TCP on the other hand, sends a packet, awaits confirmation from the receiver and then sends the next. So if the original sender doesn't get this confirmation, it will simply resend the packet. This is why network operators choose to drop or delay UDP traffic. Once it's gone it's gone. TCP traffic will be resend over and over and if there is any sort of congestion issue dropping TCP packets will simply make this worse. 

    Also, since different traffic has different priorities, you have to look at how ping is calculated in game or by a website etc. Is it physically sending a ICMP request, or does it do what sites like DSL reports do, send a HTTP get request and time how long it takes to get an answer? These things are all different. Point being here is that while you can have a great ping in game, it's a different traffic class than UDP gaming traffic. So while your ping might look great, your gaming traffic can be lagging all over the place since this is qued and buffered differently. 
    When your traffic arrives at the backbone, largely the same thing will happen, your traffic is prioritized and gaming traffic is once again in the lowest tier. Every hop to the server will have it's own traffic ques and traffic shaping schemes. All the way up to the server complex.

    So this lag comp people speak of? Following the above. Latency for UDP traffic can be very different than ping suggests but can also be more unstable due to buffering etc. What is more annoying, is that it can also be asymmetric. Since most ISP's provide asymmetrical connections, their traffic shaping model across their network will follow a similar model. What's happening when the famous "Lag comp is against me" occurs? Your real-time UDP latency on download is higher than on your upload to the server. If you have read the article about lag compensation at the start, it will be obvious by now. When this occurs, your traffic reaches the server faster than you are gettig the gamestate updates from the server. And thus you will appear at your enemies screen before they appear on yours. And they seem to shoot you in a nanosecond. Some players try to influence this by clogging their upload on purpose, so they delay upload to the server. 

    Fine example of exactly this happening to me a few days ago:
    You can see he was clearly not on the screen when I was taking damage.

    This mainly why you get a different feel for the connection every time you play, or even from game to game or half way the game. You can control your own network, but next to you and the host, there is at least 3 other different parties involved who have a influence on the quality of your traffic. It makes me chuckle when some Youtuber connects up router A and afterwards router B and decides on feel that one or the other is better because he had a slightly faster hit detection in one of the games.

    Also, when you are setting up your network, and follow the directions for setting up anti-bufferbloat, you're simulating a fully loaded internet connection. Most of the time when playing, this is not the case. When I play CoD and I have my DumaOS screen open, I generally have a traffic load of 0.5 Mb/s on a 300/300 Mb/s connection. Bufferbloat is absolutely not going to be an issue no matter what you set the sliders to. 

    When is all this important? QoS and anti bufferbloat is simply important if you have a low upload connection, or better said low compared to your usage. On a connection with 10/20 Mb/s upload, a phone simply syncing can already congest your network. This is where you need to have your bufferbloat and QoS set up right. If you are using a 1000/1000 Mb/s connection this is of very little interest. QoS will do very little for you here. You read about people complaining that they are using 1000/1000 Mb/s internet and still have a crappy game. Thats simply because traffic coming from their network is simply still affected by traffic shaping between their ISP, backbone and server and this is not any different than any other connection.

    Geofilter is the prime functionality for R1 and DumaOS routers for me. It simply makes sure that you are connected to the closest server. I measured ping across Europe. To Amsterdam I get 8ms, to Italy 28ms. If you were to have a game that was truly having 28ms latency, it would be perfectly playable. It's only that from Amsterdam to Italy, there is so many extra hops in the traffic route that the chance of you meeting over congestion is exponentially growing. As geofiltering limits your matchmaking, you have to find a balance here between connectivity and quality. Typically in Europe I have Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London in my filter giving 8-15ms ping. Paris for some odd reason gives 25ms and always has a lower game quality. 

    I have friends that use R1 routers and mess about with the sliders every day and they can never get it right either. That's because it's impossible to get it right and it's all pissing in the wind. If you have a setting that gives you a clean line without bufferbloat, then you did all you can do and the rest is simply out of your hands.

    Other settings? DNS, MTU? Is all BS. Set it to what your provider defaults and done. It's all snake oil. I swapped my XR500 for my R1 once to do some testing, forgot to update the connection setting in the PS4 and it was pointing to a non functional DNS adress. And the game ran fine. I only found out because I went to upload a video afterwards and it was coming up with DNS errors. So conclusion here is also it doesn't matter which DNS you use.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Netduma Fraser in when are you going to update the standard firmware ?   
    I think it's important to note that ultimately the purpose for QoS is to eliminate local congestion, now if it's doing that and your ping is stable despite many devices using bandwidth then it's achieved its' purpose. The Geo-Filter is designed to allow you the choice of what servers to pick and to pick the servers closest to you. If it's achieving that then it's achieved its' purpose. The idea is to make your connection as good as possible and to do that you go off the stats e.g. ping, jitter etc. To go one step further and try and solve people's feelings of how the game is playing may be out of our wheelhouse as that is more of the games' territory. Regardless the developers will always be looking to optimise performance so if there is something that can be done then it will be.
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    purpleandgold33 got a reaction from Zippy in when are you going to update the standard firmware ?   
    Simple is better (apple teaches this) better a simple thing that works smoothly and smoothly than a complicated and cumbersome thing. Amen to that brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to David824 in Sbmm , destroy modern warfare   
    Im using QOS and my geo filter and my ping is showing me in my 30s every game...and I'm getting melted before I even see them...I've tried messing with everything on my router and I feel like I'm 3 seconds behind everyone in this game. I'm having trouble shooting guys that are going 3-15 in games. I normally carry around a 2kd in every COD...so i'm not the best player but I'm not this bad.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to N3CR0 in Sbmm , destroy modern warfare   
    Sounds like your typical CoD game then. Can't wait to buy it 😕
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to el1t3k in when are you going to update the standard firmware ?   
    Moreover it would be the case to add customized profiles also for Hyoer traffic.  '' xbox general gaming '' is very generic, for example I would like the Hyper traffic to only concern Halo 5 gaming, not chat, not downloading material, not streaming, not invitations, or anything but just  Halo 5 gaming, the main purpose of Netduma is to improve K / D so it should be more specific about gaming functions.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to el1t3k in when are you going to update the standard firmware ?   
    I would like to know if you are going to update the Neduma original firmware (not Duma OS) because now it is dated as it has no profiles for the new games just released.  I tried to use the new Duma OS but it is simply unsuitable, ping goes up and performance is poor, it's slow, and can't be easily controlled by the iPhone because the interface is also bad, chaotic and complicated.  So I downgraded to the official version.  Also because I have friends who ask me if it is profitable to buy the R1 now, and nobody wants to spend too much money to buy the newer Router that is powerful but also very expensive, instead the R1 if only the software were optimized could be a product  still valid to buy by calculating that it is cheap.
    I think you should do an update that aims to stabilize, fix bugs, and simplify rather than introduce too many new features.  For example, calculating that the VPN function is useless and that nobody would use it since it slows down gaming a lot.  Simple is better (apple teaches this) better a simple thing that works smoothly and smoothly than a complicated and cumbersome thing.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Netduma Jack in Question about Port Forwarding 1-65535 on R1   
    I don't think it affects your devices per-se, but rather it opens you up to security risks. Now in my opinion those security risks are hardly worth worrying about, since local network hacks are extremely rare and almost always targeted. I'd do some research before you go ahead and do it though - I'm by no means the authority on network security.
    It shouldn't create any performance issues if you open those ports, if you have UPnP disabled.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to Netduma Alex in Tick rate all over the place   
    The tick rate reading is just that, a reading. DumaOS attempts to figure out what the tickrate of the server is. The tickrate is always the same on the server and cannot be changed by anything you do because you do not control the server.
    If the tick rate appears to be changing, it is likely just picking up incorrect readings from the server. Gameplay will be unaffected because no matter what DumaOS says, the tick rate on the server is the same for everybody.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to PharmDawgg in Tick rate all over the place   
    FYI: Tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state. When a gaming server has a tick rate of 64, it means that it is capable of sending packets to clients at most 64 times per second. I am guessing the higher the better.
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    purpleandgold33 reacted to ravlol in COD Blackout - Changing geofilter location   
    I've tried that, as well as just turning off the geo filter altogether. The thing is there aren't many servers nor players in my region (South-east Asia), so outside of peak times wait times are pretty long. The reason I want to connect to US servers is to just get into games quickly, albeit on high ping. 
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