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  1. I would consider myself an above average player. Maybe not on blackout but when I played multi I was usually the best player in the lobby 80% of the time.
  2. Dude you are 100% correct with this statement. I've been saying this for years. I have been playing cod since MW2 and get destroyed by nobody's on blackout. I would say 1 out 40 to 50 games the server doesn't lag or rubberband, sponge my bullets in a gun fight. I have every piece of equipment that I can buy. Pro controller Astro A40's with mixamp. Ben Q 1ms monitor, decent internet 200 down/10 up. My base ping is 17ms. I just recently put away the R1 and purchased the XR500. No better at all. The R1 back when it came out worked like a champ. I honestly don't know what happened since then. Nothing makes sense in that matter. I've wanted to come on here and bitch at duma. But I know its just the shitty servers that they never work on i.e. activision. All I want is the playing field to be level and not have ppl turn around and kill me after I've already put 5 bullets into their back or loose frames when I have a close quarters battle. Its complete bs. I swear the game played better when it was p2p connection, except when dudes would hit lag switches. Just my 2 cents!
  3. My router constantly asks me for my password while I'm on the page. Is there anyway to bypass this or make it so its a longer period of time until I have to use my password again? Thanks in advance!
  4. I forgot that I didn't have the setting to record chat party voices on! Video woulda been a whole heck of alot better if you could of heard what my son saying! We ended up getting another dub together a few games later!
  5. Hey Zippy, YES, I would love more upload. Recently I switched my package to the 400 down and 20 up so I could have more upload. But it was getting too expensive with the cable so I went back to the 200/10. That'a awesome yall are getting fiber. I want fiber really bad. Don't see that happening where I live for a while. Maybe we need an uprising here, lol! Yeah I'll definitely report anything I find on the XR. So far no issues. Actually one. I get a moderate nat right now but my gameplay feels decent so I guess I don't care until I go to play with some other ppl then I probably won't be able to do a chat party. Where in MN are you? Are we ever gonna get summer here? It's been too cold for summer in my opinion. Always raining and low 70's with the cold ass NW wind blowing in. I like the heat! I know I'm the opposite of everyone else in MN! Peace bro, cheers!
  6. What up Zippy? Yeah my speeds are 200 down and 10 up. I've been with spectrum for like 15 years cause thats all we can really go with in my area in St. Michael. Yeah, I've been meaning to buy an XR500 for awhile but held off. I had a netgear nighthawk r7000 for a super long time but decided it was time to upgrade the network a little bit with something newer. I felt the R1 was kinda falling behind the times too. But I will still keep it in my back pocket just in case I hate this XR500.
  7. Also who is your isp and what speeds do you have? Spectrum?
  8. Good stuff Badger, I just bought an xr500 yesterday and put the R1 on the shelf! I'll have to play around with my settings on pingplotter too. You must be from Whisky (wisconsin) eh? I'm from Minny!
  9. You have to block some of these servers. They are absolute trash. I agree with you on the chicago server. It's by far the closest to me and best ping and for this game plays the best. You really feel the lag in blackout. It's amazing how many servers are in one bank. There's gotta be like 10+ per server. Cause I feel like I am denying the same one over and over. But if you look at the ID its not the same one. Good stuff Bdotson!
  10. Its my birthday today swing by my channel and say whats up! Cheers!!!
  11. I don't want to sound like a whining impatient ass like the rest of the population Fraser and I know you guys hit roadblaocks in testing (my wife is in coding btw which is a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me so I get it that it takes time to perfect things. She is always fixing and rewriting software). Just maybe send out something. We are in beta. Which means we are testing as well, I guess the fact the way this game plays just aggrevates the hell out me. I know a lot is server related..When the R1 first came out it legitimately changed how the game played. It ran smoothly connection wise and made me feel like I was on a level playing field. The way it plays now it doesn't anymore. So I feel like duma has falling behind the times in a sense. So in a sense I'm pushing for yall to push something out soon please! crisp connection is paramount! Once again a loyal customer since day one!
  12. When are you guys going to update OS? The year is already half over and lord knows when we received the last update with ping assist. I keep hearing we have exciting things coming but nothing to show for it. Eventually I'm going to have to break down and buy a XR500. But I really don't want to buy one if you guys are going to update the shit one every year. Netgear will take another year to sit around the table and talk about nothing and then they'll update it. My point is this current game that I play and the only fkn game I play or care about is cod. Anything yall can do to make this game play better would be phenomenal. Also just fixing the shit that is broken on OS would be phenomenal. I don't mean to be negative towards you guys. But geez you guys used to push out updates all of time on the old software and it usually performed well with the other cods. Any insight or non corporate bs would be great. Thanks a loyal customer since day one
  13. Do not use dsl reports. That site is trash. I used to use it. Ping is the only thing that matters so stick to ping plotter, absolutely. Toy around with your sliders until you get the least amount of spikes. Mine is set at 40d/70up. I spent about an hour on there to figure it out. If the game isn't playing well or right then you know its not on your its the shit servers. I'm going to make a video on the best way to use ping plotter down the road.
  14. To sum it up just turn it off you don't need it. I did a long time ago
  15. A while back I had a problem as well connecting to the game. I was using DNS for the router. Once I turned that off I've been good ever since. Not sure if your using dns at all but just thought I would throw that out there. Hope you figure out your issure!
  16. I've been saying this for a while as well and asking them if they we're planning on making an R2. I guess the merge with netgear destroyed that, idk. I would rather stick with netduma since they will update it faster than netgear will.
  17. I posted this a long time ago and Jack thought it was a good idea and he said he was going to bring it up to you guys. So here's my post and suggestion. Can we get this soon please?!! Duma needs a temp ban feature that actually works. How you work it is you'll have the option to ban for say like 1 hour or multiple hours or 24 hrs. I don;t know about anyone else but in bo4 I pretty much play on ping assist and connect to all of the servers around 30ms. But that doesn't mean its a good server cause low ping, obviously. So sometimes for say like chicago server is playing like crap but yesterday it played great. Well, 24 hr ban or whatever. Cod ww2 chicago for me played like absolute garbage. Unplayable always. So permanent ban then. This feature is so important that it should've been done yesterday!
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