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  1. Yeah mine is just sitting on the ledge in my man cave gaming room. Probably just going to retain some of money that I spent on it! I bought the router that sable has asus ac88u. I set like 2 settings on that and never look at it again!
  2. I completely feel ya homie. Honestly I'm over the geofilter and all of the tweaking with the router. If they would've been more proactive with the updates and trying to remedy today's problems I would've stayed with duma. They aren't transparent never have been. I've done moved on. This forum is good though. I love you guys and appreciate everyone's help and opinions on things that has put me where I am today with my current setup! Honestly I'm much happier not staring at the stupid geo and my game play not reflecting anything positive. You guys probably spend more time tweaking stuff then you do playing the actual video game. Thats counter productive imo! Cheers
  3. Yeah thats why I pulled the trigger on the Asus.
  4. It could be that everyone has charter in my area too with the corona bs and sucking up all of the bandwidth. Its not a huge issue just occasional while watching twitch the stream buffers. My gaming experience is decent and I don't need to stare at my settings. I just set the 2 things I need to set and thats it. Probably gonna sell the XR. Was holding on to it just in case the the update was monumental which I doubt.....If it ever comes out, lol. I really don't care anymore!
  5. I get on fine if thats what your asking. I like the router for gaming but as far as running my household the XR was/is better. I currently have firmware version 81790. I've been using adaptive qos with my ps4 as the top priority and on open nat I put port 3074 udp. Sorry I didn't answer right away. I was out of town fishing for about 5 days. Cheers!
  6. Yep, same problem with me. I think its just the servers being overloaded. Last night I was literally dumping whole clips into ppl and not even breaking their armor. I was literally losing my mind. Whenever I play on the nearest server its high ping lately. It def has to be cause everyone is at home and not at work and everyone is using the internet.
  7. I know you posted this a while ago. But try turning qos completely off. Just put the damn thing on never and also try putting your geo in spectating mode. I live in MN and have spectrum 200 down/ 11 up and have had plenty of struggles in cod since they switched over to game servers. When it p2p the netduma was the best thing since sliced bread. Now honestly you just have to find a happy medium and call it good. Otherwise just don't play anymore and save your dignity!! Peace out bro
  8. Whenever you see this in your logs you needto do a factory reset bro. Take a pin to the pin hole in the back of router for like 20 seconds.
  9. I set it at 1500. I believe I saw it somewhere on one of your older threads. I'm on ps4. Should I put it on auto?
  10. So it looks like the ports would be 30000-45000 3074 udp backwards and forwards on the traffic prio then? I want to try it. When I look at the in game ping sometimes I've been getting 10-15% packet loss for whatever reason. It's just this game, doesn't happen on ping plotter. A better connection would be great!
  11. Sounds like a science project back in high school, LOL! But I do agree!
  12. Let me know if you got anything special on this as I would love to have optimal gameplay! Thanks for posting this kinel! Peace
  13. Honestly I think its just one server cause my ping in game always says 42ms. I don not have my console on the geo though right now.
  14. Ok I finally got it. For whatever reason my ethernet cable wasn't connected good enough. Sorry to bother you. I will try all of the above. Thanks for explaining everything to me to I really appreciate your time bro!!!!
  15. See above post I forgot to quote you so you see it as I am doing this from my phone
  16. Zippy I plugged my router back in and hit the factory reset button. Now I cant get past this page. It sits and buffers. I've reset the modem and powered off the router and I even tried plugging into the router itself. I honestly don't k ow what yo do. Any ideas
  17. Sounds good Zippy I'll give it a shot when I get home. I have that cheapy router plugged in right now. So your saying I have to have my ps4 on wifi as well eh? Ok we'll see what happens! Thanks for all of your solutions bro! Appreciate ya always!
  18. Like I said before I rely on you smarter folks on this stuff cause I learn from you on work arounds, etc.
  19. So is that an isp thing or my router that does that. I really want to use this expensive router I bought for gaming but my gameplay is soooo bad. I literally can make a movie on the bs deaths and killcams not lining up with my character and sponging bullets. Any ideas you may have I can try idk. I am waiting for the release of the new firmware but good lord its been like a decade since the last release of an update.
  20. Yes dhcp does renew form what I seeing. I actually bought a cheap router the other day for shits and giggles its the tp link archer c20. I plugged it in and my gameplay seriously is way better.
  21. I'm seriously debating putting this router on the shelf. My gameplay is so bad I look like a bot sponging bullets constantly. Ppl play on wifi and play better than me. This shit is rididculous.
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