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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Does pppoe work on r2?   
    Thanks for trying. We're still looking into the issue.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Bert in Bad experience COD mw   
    Try setting your geofilter to the Spain or Italy server. It looks like there is definitly some lag compensation BS going on. 
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Auto Setup QOS   
    No it doesn't matter as the test is direct from the router so it won't be affected by connecting via ethernet or WiFi.
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    Victor-Yout got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Does pppoe work on r2?   
    sorry forgot about chrome, but i made the process with chrome with the same outcome
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Does pppoe work on r2?   
    That's great thanks a lot, I'll pass this straight onto the devs.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to DanyKTM in Bad experience COD mw   
    I fell your pain, sometime i won 3 or 4 gun fight in a row in warzone, and I meet one guy and he destroyed me easilly... I hit him many time and he hit me 2 times and i'm down.  
    like I said, if you check youtuber like Teepee, dougisraw or even nickmersh, they never lose a single 1 vs 1 gun fight, many time the other player start shooting first but they destroyed him.
    i know this guys are pro player but the connection help ... or I dont know
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    Victor-Yout reacted to irving in Bad experience COD mw   
    do not change your starting IP address or ending. Simply add your console or PC IP on the ADD red button on the bottom 
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    Victor-Yout reacted to RedBull2k in Does pppoe work on r2?   
    yes it does.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Bert in Using R1+XR500   
    You would if you switch off the XR500's QoS and run the R1's QoS.
    I have both as well and for me the XR500 is usually a bit better though. Just on DSL reports it's not really great because it uses DPI, but on pingplotter the actual ping stays flatter.
    Depending on what you're trying to achieve, you can also configure the XR500 as AP and connect your devices to the R1.
    If you run modem -> R1 -> XR500 your bandwidth is pretty much limited by the R1 anyway. 
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in MW matchmaking?   
    Did those servers outside your radius have solid white circles around them? If so they're just authentication servers. The peer server you're on is likely a miscategorized dedicated server, easiest way to tell is to look at the domain name. If you give us the ID we can check. We're still undergoing testing/cloud optimisation for CoD so that should be resolved soon.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to e38BimmerFN in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    People need to realize that the ultimate owner of the XR series IS NetGear. If you want to keep complaining and nagging, then you should be discussing this over on the NetGear forums and or filing support tickets. NetDuma is only the 3rd Party or Co-Developer for a portion of the FW that is developed and marketed BY NetGear. NetGear holds all the plans, policy's and release dates of when actual FW updates that go to public. It's up to NetGear and NetDuma to work together in getting code fixed based on which side of the code needs fixing. If there is problems with the NetDuma portion, then NetDuma needs to get this corrected then handed back to NetGear. If there are problems on the NetGear side of the fence, then NetDuma has nothing to do with it and NetGear needs to make the corrections. However NetGear needs to know what all the problems are first and foremost. 

    There's a long processing and development and in house testing that needs to be done. So this can take a long time, several months. So FW just cant' be released willy nilly based on users complaints and nagging. If there are legitimate complaints, users need to post about these in the NetGear forums as well as NetDuma and troubleshooting should be performed to narrow down where the real problem is and also might find out which side of the fence it resides. I most cases, this will be NetGear and they need to see and review ALL information to determine who needs to take corrective actions. 
    IMO, most of you people are barking up the wrong tree. If you want to voice your opinions and complaints, you need to field them with NetGear first. They hold the entire responsibility of the XR series. It's there product. If this was a NetDuma R series router, then you would be in the right right tree. 

    Please give NetDuma a break on this. They can only do so much and say so much. There are reasons why the public gets limited information about FW updates and product releases. This is business and how router business is ran. 
    Be patient and show some understanding. 
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Killhippie in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    They have been fielded at Netgear believe me. Netduma are responsible for fixing bugs in DumaOS and passing them on to Netgear and it seems many which arrived with Milestone 1.3 point to DumaOS for which they acknowledged some, and others are Netgears, but they all have just have just vanished into a black hole of promises, with each side seemingly passing the blame to the other. No matter what, it does not take 8 months to release a patch which virtually no fixes in it for major bugs like VLAN tagging, or DumaOS's QoS issues or port mapping GUI bugs or actual port mapping bugs. Netgear say talk to Netduma, and vice versa and the users are none the wiser and this process of going in ever decreasing circles just continues. You of all people know how fast Voxel can turn around an update, so there really is no excuse for the lack of fixes from Netduma to pass to Netgear as I see it apart from red tape at Netgears end, but even then Netgear used to kick out quarterly updates. Most of the bugs seem to be relying on milestone 1.4 to fix and that's in my view not a good way to patch a router. I really think this side of the Netgears router business is not being prioritised at this time with AX being pushed so hard now, but that's just a theory

     I'm well aware you can't just release fixes "willy nilly" too but with promises of fixes for bugs almost a year old still not fixed after Netduma said they would be fixed or at least if its not one of their they would communicate with Netgear who do we hold responsible?  As to "Be patient and show some understanding" I have for 8 months and look where that landed us <sigh> I think the Netgear ,Netduma sandwich is not working well at this time as far as fixing issues. I also can't see it  improving when Netduma don't appear to have a timescale for bug fixes. The issue is when you get answers like " Of course we plan to continue to fix issues and keep improving the firmware but no specific news on fix timelines" it does not give you renewed confidence that things will improve.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Reputation is a big concern for us which is why we don't often make promises that we're not 100% certain we can keep. I'm relatively new at the company and I made a mistake in judgement when I decided to tease the upcoming announcement before knowing for sure that it would be coming out the next week.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Yup, sorry.
    Also welcome to the forums!
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Upnp and static ip   
    Good to hear you're getting an open NAT, sounds like UPnP is working. However, I have sent you a PM. Please check this.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to nejkro in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    keep waiting.... like 3 years more. netduma said there are legal problems with duma OS on R1 and now they talk about  final beta testing.... netduma think we are ----- to believe that stop liying to customers.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to EricSe7en in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    I've seen nothing in the 41 pages here that would lead me to believe that this isn't true.  It's almost a rehash of Ian's tweets 'they're getting it for free, they should just shut up'.
    Send it straight back and don't re order until they deliver what they've been promising for the last 2 years.
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    Victor-Yout got a reaction from Sci0n in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    For me the geo filter only works good for cod. in fortnite battlefield and most of the other games i getting kicked out of the lobby
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    Victor-Yout got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Upnp and static ip   
    Yes should have some time
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Upnp and static ip   
    Yes but they're different routers/software so PPPoE on XR500 might be causing it. I'll raise it as a potential issue to Netgear as unable to test it myself. If anyone else could help test that would be much appreciated.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to Netduma Fraser in Upnp and static ip   
    Ahh I think I understand now. 
    If you want to change the LAN IP of the router you do so in Settings > Setup > LAN Setup. Then once you've done that, you can add address reservations at the bottom of that same page which will be the static IP of devices.
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    Victor-Yout reacted to RL317 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
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    Victor-Yout reacted to ChriscomIT in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Tell us the truth then almighty as you seem to be. I call out liars (never said Ian is a liar btw just citing his twitter) if they make promises over and over (just a few more weeks, everything is ready just needs backward compatibility, just to name some, ridiculous) and can't stand ANY one of them.
    And it's not outta way it's the damn actual situation we are facing which was developed by Netduma themselves. We just call it out!
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    Victor-Yout reacted to BIG__DOG in DNS server   
    Just so that you are aware incase you are not Victor............DNS has no impact or improvement to gaming, it is solely for web surffing.
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    Victor-Yout got a reaction from Alex49H in DNS server   
    is the best dns server, the one with the lowest ping to it? people say googles dns server are the best, but my isp one has a lower ping
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