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  1. hey i have tried this just one issue any idea why the second rule port keeps turning on & off every 1-2 mins
  2. is this any good than all the others one that was listed on the forums
  3. yeah i know just whats the reasoning behind of the number ports
  4. haven't tried it yet but a question what are the 40k and 65k ports for on source ? and dest for 443
  5. so if its like using classified games then what points make the 1024 port valid?
  6. Has anyone tried any good Traffic prio's for cold war ? i've been using 3074 / 30000,65535 and it is seeming well enough
  7. Recently on CoD i've been getting massive packet loss i have done benchmark test all positive looks no issues on that end i also called my ISP but they also said no issues on their end so is this a Firmware Bug? Mind you i will be doing a factory reset later to see if that helps
  8. i guess i could say that yeah no i don't get any of that unless heavy usage is being made from my end
  9. i don't understand why this happens to several people including myself but all of the internet connection wen't out i wen't over and check my router lights all seems fine wen't and checked logs all seems fine so what causes it? and i'm on latest 3.0 Open beta
  10. so i haven't called ISP up yet but i am pretty sure the reason behind of that from last night and it could be due to this graph here in between 9pm it reached to its limit and from there it became good
  11. so im doing my research on CRC Errors and how to fix etc i still can't comprehend on how it occurs and how a fix will be made so from that i sort of don't know what to say to my ISP but i will for sure double check my cables
  12. not sure why this has happened for about 3 games of CoD and from there it went back to normal was so strange i even enabled my QoS just to see if it lowers anything but it didnt't help mind you again this happen when their was barely bandwidth being used in the house
  13. Sooo i just watched What XR1000 offers and i also read what it features in the router at my local Retail store thats available for preorder but why is it missing Adblocker & Auto QoS Configuration is that because its not ready yet?
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