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  1. hang on hang on.. isn't it better to get the Game ports to go through the same lane? like Ps4/ps5 for eg you begin with Source port 3074 -3074
  2. can you quote me on some of the custom rules that people may know down in this forums for example 3074-3074 30000-45000
  3. can all this be applied to pc as well with its same effect or is it consoles only
  4. i've used a new one also did both ways pinhole and through interface
  5. yes i've done a Factory reset 3 times after upgrading FW
  6. i only have one rule on QoS and for Geo filter i have alot of Allow/Deny entries
  7. i am using QoS , Geo filter frequently but i still get very low free ram % when i'm not even playing or doing anything my XR is also standard
  8. thats so weird. i am not sure if its affecting me with anything however it does feel weird when it comes to gaming. 2 days ago i did a reboot and 2 days later The Ram usage is being like that. btw what processers use up for Free Ram also what is a normal consistent percentage
  9. is this normal to go through not even 1% of free ram usage ?
  10. what does CPU 0 (Red Colour) represent and same goes to CPU 1(Blue) CPU 2 (Yellow)
  11. hmm interesting so what exactly are the differenes of an effect to normal type vs gaming voice type even when a device is plugged in with a wired type device
  12. as the titles says for its question and also what is the difference between Normal Default wireless and Gaming voice Type
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