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  1. i'm so annoyed now man this router is up their with XR700 and beats all the other routers with its specs.. however what brings the value down of this router because of the FW version is filled with too many bugs and still unstable after many many months gone by no update yet and so outdated like one example is UPNP i can't even enable/disable anymore even after factory reset twice now.. so bugged that you're forced to play on UPNP -_- i know its not NetDuma team fault mainly the Netgear Teams fault here.. etc
  2. @kinel any updates of 2021-2022 of these traffic ports
  3. interesting on 55k for DST and not 45k DST any difference maker on 55K?
  4. none of this made any sense lol
  5. what do you people think if i should have Variable refresh rate on or off in windows 10 and how much does it help with what it is does especially in 240fps..
  6. can someone find me that thread of were you need to set your PC to Console from device manager to get the Geo Filter working
  7. am i trippin or is their an update as the title says now with the release notes it just says 1. thats all
  8. no worries ahh any updates on the next FW for XR1000
  9. thats weird i have no such thing as Rapp Performance. i only have Network speeds and my timezone
  10. hang on hang on.. isn't it better to get the Game ports to go through the same lane? like Ps4/ps5 for eg you begin with Source port 3074 -3074
  11. can you quote me on some of the custom rules that people may know down in this forums for example 3074-3074 30000-45000
  12. can all this be applied to pc as well with its same effect or is it consoles only
  13. i've used a new one also did both ways pinhole and through interface
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