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  1. Are there any that is 16 x 4 modems? My ISP says I need a 16 x 4 modem to be compatible with my speeds. I have 300 down and 20 up My current modem, the ARRIS SB6183, apparently has the EEE bug. If anybody can help me with choices, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Is there any other settings I need to change or is what i have good? UPDATE: BO3 is still moderate after doing what you said.
  3. Hello, I have a serious problem and I have no Idea what to do. I feel like no matter what settings I setup, I shoot first and then die first and that's not the only thing. I feel like my NAT isn't showing up correctly in game because I go back and forth to Bo3 and than IW and there completely different NAT's. For some reason I feel like because the NAT's are different, my connection is horrible. (Just a theory) I can feel it as well when I play. Laggy and unplayable. My Speed is 300 down and 30 up. ISP is Cox Communications Location is Las Vegas Everything is connected to the Netduma My setup: Netduma > Cisco DPQ3212 Modem Please help me with this frustration I am having. It seems like everything I have tried seems to not work..Also i provided photos of my settings. (I have tried ticking UPNP and I honestly I don't feel a difference) Thanks, Dominic.
  4. Do you have pictures of what you have setup? Maybe I can see If that can help.
  5. What should I do for the misc. settings? Do I change them or do I keep them the same?
  6. Netduma router is my only router also I will try this now and let you know in a sec.
  7. I have tried but everytime I do this method it takes the interface forever to load sometimes. I have one console and one PC wired to the router and everthing else on wifi.
  8. I tried that just now, it's still Moderate. Damn I thought this was going to work. Well it did until the next day. I was slaying and the game felt good when I was playing :[ What to do?
  9. Hey! My NAT recently went to Moderate. I've been trying to do what you said and they wont open. If you have any idea why? Thanks , Dom
  10. Hey! That seemed to do the trick..for now! Thank you so much! I really hope the new update really helps out more then it is currently. It seems like we got to fine more ways to improve our gaming experience. :] Thanks
  11. Do I have to have the Netduma router connected to a another router if I have 300 Down and 30 up Up or does it matter? I recently upgraded my internet from 150 Down and 10 Up. The guy asked me if I had a router that can handle those speeds and assuming that the Netduma can I said I did. It would be another 30 dollars for there router. I lose so many gun fights and the feel of the game is bad. Not all the time though. Sometimes I have great games but most of them I have bad ones. LOTS OF HIT MAKERS...I honestly don't know what to do. I'm not too good with settings. I feel like i tried everything on this forum.. I live in the US. My ping average is like 30 - 40 ms and I don't think that is a good ping at all but like I said I'm fairly new to this. (That ping is from the Netduma its self when I join games) I port forwarded because I cant get a Open NAT any other way. Here are some pictures of my settings and maybe some can help..
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