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  1. which is most stable firmware i try 1.10.20 dont work
  2. Ill test that Fraser let you know on the feed back
  3. Should i leave abb off or on I have 200/200 fiber Default bandwidth allocation Dumaos Classified Games checked Have a open nat type also 15 ping Shoot first die first in mw and apex
  4. It searching now im try again
  5. Yes i my first time im new to this
  6. Does filtering mode affect caddy i hit start and disappear ? That suppose to happen
  7. I downloaded caddy 1.0 im confused how to make this work i have the xr700
  8. Im having double nat issue with dhcp should i put my isp router/moderm in dmz there two option dhcp dynamic and dhcp fixed by this is frontier fios service im using
  9. Not working for mw dont get it
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