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  1. Oh okay, thanks for the explaining 🙂 gonna just do some test with it on and off
  2. I’m just wondering I’ve had goodput disabled without even realizing for a while and I’m wondering should I have that back on? I have QoS disabled from the 3 lines, my internet plan is 1000/750 I have my numbers on 1000/1000
  3. My apologies it’s working now, it was probably something on my end!
  4. I’m on iOS and no when I do it on my pc it works fine
  5. Ever since the network monitor update, whenever I turn on my geofilter it just automatically turns back off
  6. Also the spanning tree protocol (STP) is also disabled is that good?
  7. Yes so he put the wan ip of the R2 into the advanced DMZ of my home hub, he put my PS5 IP into the R2s DMZ so I get open nat and I just enabled the setting you said and rebooted so hopefully it works, thanks!
  8. I had this guy help me do my settings and I was wondering if any of these need to be enabled? For some reason ever since he did them I haven’t been able to play GTA5 on PS5
  9. This is kinda off topic but I wasn’t really sure where to ask this so I’m sorry In advance but if I turn off the WiFi on my home hub 3000 just to test how things would work, I have 2-3 TV boxes connected via WPS set up (I have bell fibe TV with bell fiber) I was wondering if I turn off WiFi would that also disconnect the TVs or would I be fine with the TVs staying connected to the hub and only using the R2 for WiFi
  10. Perfect thank you 🙂
  11. I have a netduma R2 I was wondering for LAN at least on PS5 would there be a huge difference between the R2 and XR500? Would it be worth the switch? What’s the max speeds both can get? Thank you for the help ahead of time
  12. I was wondering if someone is inside my geo filter radius gets a better connection to me or the server I’m on if I am host or it’s just for me and who I can connect too and serves I can connect too
  13. S4 is out for CW just not the battle pass and the actual content.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, but yes. Whenever I disable geo so I can join the server they are playing on or near shows up and it stays until I restart the game and it feels like I’m not using my server at all
  15. After the game I have to restart the game to get my 1 server back so I’m not playing in Cali
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