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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but yes. Whenever I disable geo so I can join the server they are playing on or near shows up and it stays until I restart the game and it feels like I’m not using my server at all
  2. After the game I have to restart the game to get my 1 server back so I’m not playing in Cali
  3. I usually play around 21 and below, I have my radius around the Chicago server As that’s really Worked for me as being in Canada really sucks for cod wise, and I play custom games a lot for competitive so when I join someone else it always puts me on their servers and after I leave it’s stuck on my geo filter until I restart it’s really weird
  4. And I was just wondering what’s pppoe? What’s the benefits of setting that up?
  5. Ahh I see, I have my R2 in the home hubs DMZ so I’ll probably just stick with it until I need a new router
  6. I had it pretty big where I show up on geo filter whenever I start my console, that server or whatever is basically directly next to me, I restarted my game 4-5 times and it never showed up even with filtering on and off
  7. I put my circle around it and the server never popped up and for a server that close to me I’d expect 1ms ping lol so I assume it’s just a glitch
  8. I been thinking about switching to a XR500, and some people said I should replace my bell modem (bell home hub 3000) with the XR500, I was wondering how that would all work?
  9. I was wondering if this is just a glitch, I synced cloud on ping heat map and for Cold War it’s showing a server in Canada, did we finally get a server or is it just a Visual glitch?
  10. Super excited! 😯
  11. Follow them on Twitter if you haven’t already (the Twitter is in the picture) no one has any idea what’s being announced today hopefully some cool stuff!
  12. Super nervous and excited for what you guys are putting out today! Any time frame? Twitter notifications have been turned on 😳
  13. Rylo

    Toronto ultra

    Definitely I just been wondering cause formal was talking about the Canada host and Toronto servers during the podcast but Canada literally doesn’t even have a tiny bit of a server
  14. Rylo

    Toronto ultra

    This kinda just hit me out of the blue, but if there are not any Canada cod severs, what in the hell are Toronto ultra playing on for low pings? They gotta have something special right? Cause it doesn’t make sense to have a team based in Toronto when there are no servers here
  15. Okay, thank you so much for always being the best help, stay safe!
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