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  1. When the next xr700 beta build having trouble with geofilter not working properly and traffic on qos not detecting xbox series x
  2. Does increase on the upload side but hit detection becomes terrible remain same on download
  3. 925 down and 935 upload on xr700 689 down and 932 upload xr1000 i always clear my browsers when factory reset
  4. yea he sent me firmware to see if helped my performance i like the xr1000 but its buggy at the moment its tri core cpu but running slow i dont get it
  5. yes i factory reset performance got worse
  6. its still has slow loading and didnt see much improved in wan speed
  7. connection been great drop 90 kills on shoot house thanks for advice using xr700 maybe keeping xr1000 or selling to my uncle
  8. should i use bandwidth allocation just leave it to default
  9. yes i factory reset it can fiber gigabit connection suffer buffer bloat
  10. desktop 1 tv laptop 5 phones 3 tablets nintendo switch and xbox one x and soon xbox series x
  11. i still have the xr700 i went back to it gaves me better performance do i need to use qos on gigabit connection?
  12. Not getting full gigabit speeds on xr1000 but on my xr700 I'm getting full speeds plus the UI is really slow to load things qos is broken reset by its self cpu is using just two cores has to using 3 cores
  13. I just upgraded to gigabit fiber fios 940 down and 880 upload should I input these numbers or let setup wizard set my speeds it be putting 923 down and 936 upload through the setup
  14. Not getting full gigabit speed on r2 getting 92 mbps up and down but on my xr700 I get full gigabit 940 down and 880 up
  15. Hopefully you guys include this game really fun
  16. I just updated to newest firmware I I factory reset it but it brick just getting one white led never mine I fixed it flashed it with tfpt2
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