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  1. Hello, I'm also interesed in understanding how I should be executed the script. I have just installed openwrt in edgerouterX. Thanks a lot
  2. Thank you. I will open a new post in netgear forum
  3. Hello Fraser, I have connected the pc directly to the router and the same thing happens. Thank you
  4. Hello, I am testing open ports and they are always closed. I don't know if it's my problem or I don't know how to do the test correctly. The software of XR500 that I have used is the beta Dumaos 3.0 104 Tests that I have done: My configuration: ONT Huawei HG8240h --> XR500 --> Switch S8000 --> Computer XR500: I have used NAT (OPEN), UPNP, DMZ to IP of computer, Port Forwaring (Port 8889) and Port Triggering (Port 9000). Switch S8000: Enable UPNP Computer: disable Firewall After these individual tests and all together then I enter in the page: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ or https://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/ and I test the ports 8889 and 9000 and they always appear CLOSED. ¿They should not appear open at any time? ¿Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for helping
  5. Hello TrayDay, I have been lucky with your help! Now I just revived the switch. I have done the same as you explained and it has been solved. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello, thank you!!! I I have not tried the solution that you have given. Today I will try your solution, I hope to be lucky!
  7. After 2 days trying to solve the problem the conclusion is that the firmware of the switch is bricked. The switch works but I cannot access in the web of the switch to configure it. It is rare and especially when I coincided that the same day I had an update to windows 10 and the purchase of the xr500 router. I will contact to netgear to see if the switch can be unbricked but I think it has no solution. Thanks for the help
  8. Hello Bert, My configurarion is Isp-xr500-switch. Thank you Bert. Today I will try to put the switch outside of Dhcp. This is the only configurarion that I haven't tried yet. Perhaps, I will restore the configuration of xr500 if after I don't access in the web configuration of S8000. Thank you
  9. Hello, Since I have installed the XR500 I can't accesbin the web configuration of S8000. I have tried all. Dhcp in s8000, in XR500, fix ip, connection using a Lan connection, wifi,... Any ideas? Thank you
  10. Hello, In my case I confirm that my cables are cat7 and Wan link I have 1000M. I tried all options of configuration in XR300 and finally the speeds are 100-120/100-120. I'm vert frustrated with the XR300 and my only option is to wait the new firmware. Thank you
  11. Hello, The same problem. I add the link of my discussion:
  12. Hello, I have speed and connection problems with my xr300. I have changed my fiber company (now Movistar) and I have contracted fiber with a speed of 300Mb upload / 300Mb download. When I connect the XR300 router to the huawei hg8240h ont my maximum speed is always 140Mb / 120-140 Mb. If I reconnect the router of my fiber provider Comtrend VG-8050 to the ont huawei hg8240h my speed is correct and I have 300Mb / 300Mb. I think I have the XR300 router well connected to the ont using VLAN ID6 priority 1 and pppoe user / pass connection (I have been using the XR300 router for a long time). I have tried everything, disable SIP ALG, disable QOS, disable IPV6, remove Dumaos Classified games, ... Any help please? Thank you Regards
  13. First of all, thank you to everyone for the comments and help me. Zyppy the red light has turned on making your indications!. I don't understand one thing. In the menu of MW section network always indicates the port 3074 and IP. I don't understand that the source port not really 3074.
  14. Hello Bert, In the menu in connection of mw appears always 3074. Thank you
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