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  1. Thank you Fraser have a great weekend
  2. The RApp on the geo filter non stop stating Rapp not loaded. i reset the router and clear the chrome settings and reload the software and nothing
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but the XR700 has a beta firmware without security patch from the Data history and themes from the Rapp store? faster and more of an accurate read on png heatmap. It does not match the games or the games server ping. auto ping heatmap refresh? Little things
  4. Any Netduma employee or development team care about promises made to the community who purchased the R2 or the XR700? We have been waiting going on a year for this amazing firmware updates etc and yet still nothing. Like why hype this community up and announce all these great features and updates that makes us purchase these equipment?! I truly find it unprofessional and bad business on your end. Netduma really need to get their stuff together. i understand the staffing issue globally due to the pandemic and what not but at least release something small or a feature. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Fraser could you please send me the XR700 3.0 beta file link? i have been waiting for this beta for so long. Thanks in advance
  6. In addition ill skip and try to get to the main settings page but cant get passed this screen as well. I click next and does not do anything. Im just stuck.
  7. This is my current situation. I disconnected the XR and rebooted the cable modem when only connecting the R2 to the cable modem. I cant get passed this first initial screen. Please view the image attached.
  8. I have both. My R2 is hardwired connected to my XR700. When I first configured my R2 it working from start. The issue is the R2 doesn't receive an internet connection. Yes I'm referring to the operating system for the R2. I don't have an ISP modem I bought my own cable modem which is the NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200, My XR700 is the only router connected to my cable modem via yellow wire (Ethernet Port). I'm not sure if you guys understand what I'm trying to say but its simply just my R2 device cant acquire internet connection. It worked before the new firmware update.
  9. Yes I rebooted the router and modem plenty of times. The modem is a NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200 & the router is a NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700. When I access the R2 at the main screen with the normal welcome display. When it comes to try to find an internet connection it fails and displays a message to check my internet connection or service provider. I can't move passed that checking internet connection step.
  10. After the latest firmware I cant acquire internet connection. I performed a hard reset on the R2 as well and cannot get it to connect. Hardwired or WiFi. Please help. Thanks in advance, Irving
  11. can you send it to me as well might fix some of my issues?
  12. Thank for the update Fraser! I truly appreciate it, including everyone else with the same question.
  13. Seem like we customers get bunch of excuses and open ended response. The R2 by now should have had bug fix updates and easier configurations similar to the XR's. Netgear blames Duma for delayed firmware updates for XR700 and Duma goes back to blame Netgear. Can we get clear reliable answers or response? its not like we are spending 10 bucks here. We are putting few hundreds bucks for these devices with significant amount of time frame for a firmware update. Please excuse me if I sound aggravated but there is a lot of us supporting Duma and Netgear and its getting old with the same feedback worded differently.
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