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  1. 2 hours ago, Mackam said:

    Thats one thing I dont understand DumaOS says I have 15ms connection to server but if it takes all these hops how can it be 15ms?


    I am in UK and server is in Germany 

    Well I believe that the time listed next to each hop is a running total, so you can see how long it took to reach each point on the path.

    And packets do go from server to server at a very fast rate, it's quite mindblowing when you think about all of the data flying around the world at lightspeed.

    But it's possible that I have a very easily blown mind.

  2. The WiFi thing is probably happening because all of your devices support 5GHz. If you're using Smart Connect, devices will be put on the best band they're compatible with... Providing they're not too far away for 5GHz to be effective. Unless there's a mismatch between the band that devices are actually connecting to, in terms of maximum speed, and what's listed in device manager, I think this is expected behaviour.

    All of the pop up errors are quite concerning though. Definitely make sure that you clear your browser cache, maybe try in an incognito/private window, just to eliminate the chance of it being a problem local to your PC.

    If that doesn't work, you could try downgrading your firmware right back to the initial release, then back up to current. Here's the initial release: https://kb.netgear.com/000053241/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-0-0-28

    If all of that fails, then yeah maybe look into an RMA cause those are some strange popups.

  3. Willkommen im Forum!

    100k Geschwindigkeiten sollten mit einem Netduma R1 auf jeden Fall erreichbar sein. Wechseln Sie zum Systeminformationsfenster. Wie ist Ihre CPU-Auslastung? Ist es bei 100%?

    Stellen Sie in QoS sicher, dass die im Seitenmenü von Anti-Bufferbloat eingegebenen Höchstgeschwindigkeiten mindestens Ihrem aktuellen Maximum entsprechen, da Sie sonst ein künstliches Limit verursachen.

    Drehen Sie den Anti-Bufferbloat auf "Nie", um Einschränkungen zu vermeiden.


    Welcome to the forum!

    100k speeds should certainly be achievable with a Netduma R1. Go to the System Information panel, what's your CPU usage like? Is it at 100%?

    In QoS, make sure that the maximum speeds entered in the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu are at or above your current maximum, otherwise you will be causing an artificial limit.

    Turn the Anti-Bufferbloat to "Never" to avoid any limits.

  4. The Hybrid VPN interface is a little confusing, in my opinion. We're aware of this and we'll be simplifying it at some point.

    One of the most confusing elements is that if you add a games console to the VPN, it will appear greyed out. This makes it look as if it's not compatible with the VPN, but in fact this means that all traffic on the device IS being sent through the VPN.

    The reason that it's greyed out is because we don't give you the option to specify specific ports or services for consoles, we just send everything through the VPN.

    On other devices, choosing "Do Not VPN these services" will cause ALL services on the device to be VPN'd, except for the ones you enter. If you don't enter any services, then everything will be VPN'd.

  5. 12 hours ago, mohamedej said:

    Sorry for the ignorance but what does whitelist mean?

    Oh sorry it's another word for choosing to manually ALLOW servers. You have an Allow/Deny list under Geo-Filter.

    Whitelisting is also something we can do from our end. Servers that are necessary for functionality of the game are permanently whitelisted by us.

  6. I agree, we need a more robust backup function. The only issue is that if we make a DumaOS specific backup, then the user would be required to make two seperate backups. Ideally we'd like to integrate everything into one backup, compatible across all models. Also ideally easily editable at least by tech support, so that errors could be fixed instead of just throwing away the whole backup. Also being able to choose which elements to bring back and which to leave...

    Anyway yes, suggestion noted. This is something we'll add, just not sure when.

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