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  1. If it's blocking party chat servers even with Geo-Filter disabled, then it suggests it's maybe an IPv6 related issue.

    If that's the case, then if it were to be rolled out to everybody, lots of routers would stop working with it, not just ours. It's not an excuse not to try and fix whatever incompatibility there is on our router, but I think the blame will largely fall on microsoft when a large number of routers around the world are suddenly made incompatible.

    Also if you've not given any feedback to Microsoft yet, as part of the insiders program, maybe you should. It's likely that they'll blame it on your router, but I do think they should be made aware of this.

  2. Changing your DNS server probably won't have much effect.

    DNS servers are for converting URLs to IP addresses, so when browsing the web, a fast DNS server is recommended.

    However when it comes to gaming, most games will be communicating using IP addresses directly, so DNS won't be needed. While DNS effects the speed of establishing an initial connection to a website, once a connection is made, DNS is no longer required. 

    So basically it's worth having a reliable, fast DNS server, but it's not going to affect your gaming at all.

  3. So "stability" refers to a profile which prioritizes IPTV traffic above all else? I can see why this profile would be useful for many people, and I can also see how it would be detrimental for gamers.

    Many people with low bandwidth connections have found that they experience very high ping when gaming, but only when somebody else in the house is using Netflix or iPlayer. This latency also seems quite resistant to anti-bufferbloat measures. The widespread use of this stable profile could explain why this occurs.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Roxio said:

    fraser buona sera ho un problema....ho messo in cascata il router in ppoe dal modem tim che ho avuto dall isp,il problema è che con speed test il ping è 21 e va bene ma quando gioco noto piu latenza si quando giocavo col modem che con l xr300!mi sapreste aiutare?grazie ho messo solo la ps4 collegata nessun altro dispositivo

    Quindi stai vivendo più latenza con l'XR300 che senza di essa? Stai usando il filtro geografico? A quale gioco stai giocando e stai vivendo la latenza


    So are you experiencing more latency with the XR300 than without it? Are you using geographic filter? What game are you playing and experiencing latency

  5. 21 minutes ago, Ghost Gamer Broadband said:

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, we do operate differently to other ISPs. In respect to latency, we place all services that migrate to us on the Openreach NGA “SPEED” profile or “STANDARD” for WBC connections. This will prioritise speed over stability for online gamers and we do see a reduction in latency and an uplift in speed on circuits. In our experience, this is in part due to the fact the previous ISP (ISP dependant) will have had the line on a profile designed for stability from our experience. On our network we have our own blend of peering and transit. We are connected to both LANs on the LINX exchange and have manual sessions with most of the CDN networks who carry majority of the AAA game title traffic. All our core links within the network are a minimum of 10Gbps with a redundant hardware configuration. All our network is monitored in-house with over 2000 sensor points and pre-set thresholds for alerting and corrective action. We are always reviewing the network and happily take feedback from users for where we can improve an experience.

    When things do go wrong (and they do) we don’t work to scripts! We are all UK based and understand faults are frustrating. Due to this we take a personal approach to each issue and its assigned to a dedicated support agent.

    Happy to answer any questions people may have.


    Thanks very much for this info!

    When you say that you prioritize speed over stability, what does "stability" refer to?

  6. On 2/22/2020 at 1:29 PM, Killhippie said:

    Most just add traffic priority and charge a huge amount of money for the privilege, Alex. Its only a tenner to do with IDNet but tbh does bugger all really, its meant to prioritise packets though the network ahead of others unless they have traffic priority I assume, but so many other factors play into it, I tried it and noticed no change at all so after 30 days went back (the joys of a 30 day rolling contract ISP).


    Do you think such prioritization would run afoul of net neutrality laws?

  7. 2 hours ago, raf1212 said:

    or it is an authentication server that you can't, servers usually have several domains, each time only a small part of the server number changes, I can add the same server 6 times and after some time the name changes partially, but let someone advanced will speak @Netduma Alex 

    If the changes a few characters, it suggests that the IP is in the same "range" as the others. We can whitelist a whole range quite easily from our end.

    3 hours ago, mohands said:


        attached photo of Geo-filter, this is a Fifa server, I have blocked it as seen, but I'm still able to connect to it. How to block it totally. I have restarted the game and the router and my whole devices, but I can't solve it 

    Looks like it's being allowed by Ping Assist, that's what the dotted circle means. That said, blocking a server manually should overwrite Ping Assist. It could be that there's many servers in exactly the same spot on the map and you're only touching one of them. The only solution to this (at present) is to put it outside of the filter radius.

    Another theory: It sometimes takes few minutes for an icon to update. If you manually block a server, you'll have to disconnect from the server for a few minutes and reconnect before the icon will change. Just because the icon is wrong, doesn't mean it's not working behind the scenes.

  8. 1 hour ago, hogran said:

    My net duma keep rest and hear sound of beep every minute itry everything from bower 

    Then try to make software itry netinstal for microtik https://mikrotik.com/download and upload soft to and not restrarting abain but ineed to upload the correct soft to it cant access it by windows ineed the true package for soft the router by netinstal please help

    Hello, welcome to the forums.

    Was your router experiencing issues before you tried uploading Mikrotik firmware to it?

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