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  1. Ok, sometimes if the modem is not expecting you to connect with a static IP, that IP will not be available to use. Maybe it was not working before because it thought your XR500 was a new device after the reset?

    This is why I usually prefer to use reserved IP's on the device that has the DHCP pool. It's less likely to go wrong.

  2. 16 hours ago, Mike978 said:

    I was wondering if I could get some assistance also. I am experiencing this issue also. I tried what the OP did but it is not working now. What is weird is that it was working yesterday, however, today it is not. Nothing changed and all I did was shut down my ps4.

    Well what the OP did worked a year ago, might not work now. 

    Go to the Geo-Filter, open the side menu and press FLUSH CLOUD. I have recently pushed out an update that whitelists the servers required for PSN party chat to function.

    Unless you're talking about Xbox party chat? You never specified.

  3. It might be because the server can't be pinged from anywhere other than the game. 

    I think a better idea would be to ping a server which is close to you, but not necessarily a game server. For example, try pinging google while you play the game. If the connection to google seems equally as unstable then it would suggest that local network conditions are causing the problem. If the connection to google seems smooth then it's something about the game servers specifically.

  4. 2 hours ago, albert dh said:

    Let me join your question. I also live in Spain and rarely day when I connect in the server of Spain (same ping for me 12-13ms). I have the same configuration with geofilter and ping assist 0.  I always connect in Ireland, Paris, ... but never in Spain (I don't understand).

    I have also tried to put my location in the ocean with ping assist at 15-20ms and it has not connected too.

    Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately there's no way to force the Geo-Filter to connect to Spain.

    If you turn off Ping Assist and zoom right into the Spain server, does it still not connect?

    It might be that the game will just keep trying unsuccessfully to connect to other servers.

  5. I haven't actually seen this error yet. I will have to ask the developers what this means.

    The fact it appears on multiple browsers suggests that it's not a client-side problem, so that's interesting.

    When does this appear? As soon as the interface loads? Is the interface still usable once the error is dismissed?

  6. 18 hours ago, Killhippie said:

    Patches are not incremental though you should be able to update straight to the latest Alex or is this something you've noticed helps with DumaOS on the XR routers? (never use a backup from old firmware when updating as it may bring low lying changes that don't work with new firmware) If need be just make a text document so you can copy and paste your settings into the router if you ever have to factory reset, and update it as new features are added.

    I have found that it helps in the past. I'm pretty sure that updates are in fact incremental. I would like there to be a recovery option which would wipe everything and then install firmware.

    11 hours ago, slackchain said:

    I did what you requested and change it to 5 and then rebooted the router. worked for about 30 minutes and then the R-app not loading started again. I have not been able to downgrade and update the firmware again due to needing the router working until about 10pm CST. what downgrade version doy ou recommend me to flash back to?

    I would recommend downgrading to this version: https://kb.netgear.com/000060213/XR700-Firmware-Version-1-0-0-20


  7. J'ai vu des informations selon lesquelles certains utilisateurs ont vu de meilleures performances avec un VPN. Cependant, dans la plupart des cas, je suppose que cela n’aiderait pas beaucoup

    VPN envoie votre connexion à un autre serveur quelque part dans le monde afin que vous puissiez accéder à Internet comme si vous vous trouviez à proximité de ce serveur.

    Cela semble bien en théorie, mais ce qui ralentirait votre connexion (votre route vers les serveurs CoD) se produirait toujours, même si vous utilisiez un VPN. La connexion doit toujours être routée vers le serveur.

    Alors, pourquoi certaines personnes obtiennent-elles de meilleures performances avec un VPN? Il se peut que leur route vers le VPN soit plus claire que leur route directement vers les serveurs CoD. Cela peut ressembler à un détour sur la route, se connecter au serveur VPN, puis au serveur CoD; pour certaines personnes, cela peut être plus rapide, mais je pense que cela serait rare.


    I have seen information that some users have seen better performance with a VPN. However, in most cases, I guess it would not help much

    VPN sends your connection to another server somewhere in the world so that you can access the Internet as if you were near this server.

    This sounds good in theory, but what would slow down your connection (your route to CoD servers) would still occur, even if you were using a VPN. The connection must always be routed to the server.

    So, why do some people get better performance with a VPN? It may be that their route to the VPN is clearer than their route directly to the CoD servers. It may look like a detour on the road, connect to the VPN server, and then to the CoD server; for some people it may be faster, but I think it would be rare.

  8. 3 hours ago, Guilders said:

    Silence is defening 'sigh'

    Away for work again on Thursday so doubt anything will get sorted now!


    On another note a mate was able to join my lobby, which in previous versions couldn't happen without me first expanding the geo circle and adding him to the allow list. Has this also changed

    Honestly I don't think i'll have a good answer for this one until we have pushed the Modern Warfare cloud update.

  9. 19 hours ago, aktiva said:


    Here is more than two years that I did not use the netduma R1, I wish to use it again but I can not get into it, by the address indicated in the manual

    However, I have access to the Internet and I get the signal wifi but I do not have the password; 

    I have already done several reset but nothing to do


    I read in a previous topic that a netduma r1 user had to send it back to unlock it ...

    if you can do something remote 



    The default username and password are admin and password

    If these do not work, you can hold the reset button on the back, and that will set the credentials to default again

    Here's some instructions: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button

  10. 19 hours ago, N3CR0 said:

    Ghosts netcode was beautiful. I never ever got shoot first die first or anyone sponging bullets on that game.

    How the hell have they got it so wrong every game since... its just madness.

    That's weird because I remember people saying that Call Of Duty had jumped the shark right around the time Ghosts came out, but i'm not super invested so maybe I only got half the story.

  11. So you have updated the speeds in the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu? Have you tried disabling QoS to see if that will improve the speeds? If it does, we'll need to maybe adjust a few settings in QoS.

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