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  1. I have done what you have advised. I'll let you know whether it happens again. Thank you
  2. It is happening again but with differnt people now. Does it forget that it has deny parameters after a certain period of time or something because it seems to be allowing players who have been denied after a few months.
  3. he has been blocked for months. Maybe that's something you should add to the details. I will try what you ask
  4. Iook in my deny list. it's there. I am in filtering mode yes.
  5. Here is a prime example. This guy is denyed but i am still put up against him. It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's annoying.
  6. It's exactly the same ID. It comes up with the name slipman when I start the match.
  7. Good evening all, Some connections that i set to my deny list still manage to sneak through. How come this is? Slipman is an opponent that I fight on SFV but his connection is horrendous so I deny him but he still pops up. Any help?
  8. I think it would be extremely useful if I could view a list of connections within the past 24 hours so that I don't miss any connections that I need to blacklist. Adding extra information such as ping, send/recieve rate plus distance would be amazing.
  9. I have done this previously which is why I know my modem is fine.
  10. Hi, The router doesn't reboot, even if i do reboot the router it doesn't reconnect I just have to wait a few minutes then it comes back online. I can access the router still. Thank you
  11. Everyday for a short 5 minute period, the internet goes down. It's not my modem because I have plugged it straight into my pc to see if it is or not. Any Idea's?
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