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  1. I have done this previously which is why I know my modem is fine.
  2. Hi, The router doesn't reboot, even if i do reboot the router it doesn't reconnect I just have to wait a few minutes then it comes back online. I can access the router still. Thank you
  3. Everyday for a short 5 minute period, the internet goes down. It's not my modem because I have plugged it straight into my pc to see if it is or not. Any Idea's?
  4. I have managed to get my VPN up and running and while I am glad I've managed to sort this. The options to exclude services is greyed out on my router, why? Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Btw I love the OS it's so good! Thank you
  5. Proton does show the open vpn details. where would i put that?
  6. Good morning all, If I wanted to add a VPN other than the two listed (hidemyass and pure), how would I go about doing this? Kind regards, Dave
  7. The geo filter has stopped working since updating to 1.3. My settings are exactly the same except i have used the ping assist. Does this setting override the geo-filter?
  8. absolutely buzzing! I've sorted it. Strict mode needs to be off for Street fighter
  9. I think i've sorted it I have taken strict mode off and it seems to be working now. im only getting players in my radius.
  10. Switching to filtering mode doesn't work, it completely blocks me being able to connect to anyone. it is the exact same for PS4 as it is for PC. I'm going to send it back as I feel like i've wasted my money.
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