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  1. I think it would be extremely useful if I could view a list of connections within the past 24 hours so that I don't miss any connections that I need to blacklist. Adding extra information such as ping, send/recieve rate plus distance would be amazing.
  2. I have done this previously which is why I know my modem is fine.
  3. Hi, The router doesn't reboot, even if i do reboot the router it doesn't reconnect I just have to wait a few minutes then it comes back online. I can access the router still. Thank you
  4. Everyday for a short 5 minute period, the internet goes down. It's not my modem because I have plugged it straight into my pc to see if it is or not. Any Idea's?
  5. I have managed to get my VPN up and running and while I am glad I've managed to sort this. The options to exclude services is greyed out on my router, why? Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Btw I love the OS it's so good! Thank you
  6. Proton does show the open vpn details. where would i put that?
  7. Good morning all, If I wanted to add a VPN other than the two listed (hidemyass and pure), how would I go about doing this? Kind regards, Dave
  8. The geo filter has stopped working since updating to 1.3. My settings are exactly the same except i have used the ping assist. Does this setting override the geo-filter?
  9. absolutely buzzing! I've sorted it. Strict mode needs to be off for Street fighter
  10. I think i've sorted it I have taken strict mode off and it seems to be working now. im only getting players in my radius.
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