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  1. Ok so i did another reset a couple of days ago and its seems to be running smooth no problems in terms of getting booted mid game and the original issue of getting booted before a game would start leaving me and my team mates stranded. just for anyone in the same boat as me my settings are strict on and ping assist off with the polygon running. I did have a question on sending to wan when adding a device !should i send to wan as well as selecting the Gaming/Voice Cheers
  2. Ok so i got booted out of mid game again last night and lost xp on halo 5 and this is not a desirable situation to be in lol voip seems to be ok as for now i am also hardwired with a reservation mad instead of attic on xbox .. i wonder why i am getting booted mid-game .
  3. Hi Fraser yes Hardware button for second time! interms of getting booted out for voip peers reasons thats not happened! but it could lol! lets see was working ok but i have noticed it has a mind of its ownlol.
  4. When i done a factory reset,my congestion slider did not reset, is that normal !
  5. Getting booted in mid game very annoying ..
  6. Hi Fraser so turning strict off actually started to find servers outside my polygon so it got worse and now the geo filter is not responding . i think I'm going to have to reset the router because its now finding dedicated halo servers outside the polygon and i get booted when playing with friends local to me. i tried a few things like turning ping assist off and still getting booted these are not VOIP peers but dedicated halo servers when i turn xbox on on the map its allowing everything even with the polygon set.
  7. HI Fraser this is what i am getting through my XBOX SERIES ONE on DSL REPORT.. as you can see in the router graphs i have 190 mbps connection and i am having to drop to 19mps as you can see is the DSL Report test i guess this is what you mean buy experimenting hopefully i am jet winging it really .
  8. so it must be because it was late at night that i got A+ looking at these graphs Fraser what could be improved do you think
  9. Hi Fraser yes that was after a reset! i am going to see if disarming strict works will let you know.
  10. Hi i had A+ ping under load and now i get a D and i have taken all devices offline can some one explain why i would really appreciate as i am trying to get an A+ under load . Thanks Ricky
  11. Hi Guys So unfortunately i'm have having same problem even with the update Fraser sent me i am having to add peers everyday is their a solution for this maybe turn strict off and turn respond to ping maybe..
  12. Hi liam i dnt get this problem ! its when someone new in my circle joins and i get booted also if someone joins outside i can't see them anywhere even if i go spectating and also get booted .
  13. Hi Frazer for some reason i can't access this beta update i got this error If that doesn't help, contact your support team and include these technical details: Correlation ID: 1285ac9f-a096-0000-9c20-2f77ffad6b99 Date and Time: 2/18/2021 9:16:09 AM URL: https://ntgr-my.sharepoint.com/personal/tichang_netgear_com/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=/personal/tichang_netgear_com/Documents/Peojects/XR500/Firmware/TrialFW/XR500-V2.3.2.114-DumaOS3.0.203.img&parent=/personal/tichang_netgear_com/Documents/Peojects/XR500/Firmware/TrialFW&originalPath=aHR0cHM6Ly9udGdyLW15LnNoYXJlcG9pbnQuY29tLzp1Oi9nL3BlcnNvbmFsL3RpY2hhbmdfbmV0Z2Vhcl9jb20vRWZsMXNYajJ2d0ZGaFQxUzNIYkctdDhCTk8yUGNZV0I2WUd3REVrZW9VT2tNUT9ydGltZT1RRkl4Tzh6SzJFZw User: [email protected] Issue Type: User not in directory.
  14. The router did i guess i have to do the one you gave me !!
  15. XR500 V2.3.2.114 this is the new update that was coming up on my router and i done it and reset and can't see no polygon mode.
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