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  1. is the Benchmark working correctly has it been fixed because I'm still getting a D for ping underlay if not then what els can i use and do i do this trough my xbox or can i do on mac
  2. Wow did not know that all this time i have been using safari could that be the probe with friends not being located etc
  3. I be honest don't seem like this geo filter actually works its quit deceptive because after all the tweaks and attention to detail i still get dominated buy players real far away who are not even close to my level so whats the point in this router i can get the same service on a standard router with no congestion control or geo filter it seems travelling far away actually benefits your ping because it become more balanced its not how low your ping is but how balanced it is according to the rest of the population
  4. Why are people from far away getting a better connection to my local server its a joke how people from far away are getting advantage in my local server can you please explain why this is the case because its embarrassing that this is possible and goes against everything this router preaches
  5. Also why is my verify so far away and i have noticed noting is accurate in-terms of location of friends etc
  6. Am i right in thinking that the more update corrupts the software I'm quite surprised how many updates have been made on this router
  7. is there a new update as this one seems to be giving me more issues than last time
  8. Yes i know that Fraser but its showing a blue error label on the pencil and delete button and then just deletes
  9. Hi guys my Polygon has stopped working just gets deleted, has a blue mark on button every time i try to draw and then gets deleted, i would like to add that i have reset twice and power drained etc
  10. just had packet loss on xbox again twice
  11. the geo filter is so random mind of its own what is that in USA when I'm in UK
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