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  1. can there be conflicts if I keep UPNP and portforwarding activated together? if I only activate the upnp I get moderate NAT on the warzone, while if I also activate the portforwarding the NAT is OPEN. Right now I've turned UPNP off and the game seems to be doing better in hit detection too.
  2. after updating the firmware in the geo filter I have this problem although i'm in europe, it still gives me access to an american server, is it a bug? playing anyway finds me games with low ping. I also reset the router. thanks!
  3. the QOS do you use it on auto enable or always?
  4. i have been playing for a couple of hours and i have no problems whatsoever, netduma r2 is doing its great job. Always start under 35..40 ms ping
  5. ok, what about this option? Do I leave it like this or do I delete everything?
  6. ok now the search is actually faster. I must say that the “shoot first died first” problem is solved a lot; now in the kill cam you can see the shots entering the enemy. before I had 50..60..70 of Ping in game, now 30..40. having a FWA connection I can only be satisfied. one thing: if I force the filter only in Italy I see the server appear in Italy, otherwise if I expand the filter in Northern Europe too, it disappears and is no longer displayed. it's normal? I have the doubt of being a host if I select Italy because I find myself with a Ping of 18-25 max or at least "active" a server in Italy.
  7. OK thank you. Already known of the improvements in the game. Traffic Prioritization game console now works much better than single orts before. which range do you recommend to use in the geo filter? do you advise me to change location? moving further north?
  8. ok thanks, one more question, ping assit, do I insert value 0 or not? in the geo filter I kept a small circle to try to play with as many Italians as possible, as I increase it I find less and less. Is it normal after entering your changes to have less bandwidth in the game? (normaly: 4120000 kbps) I am attaching the screen
  9. dumaos games do I have to keep it on? where should i add game console as a device? pc game. Thank you
  10. these are my QOS settings. My connection is a 100 Mb download and 20 Upload.
  11. Hi, I have a netduma r2 and would simply like to understand what is going on. I am in Italy and I struggle to find lobbies on warzone. The seek time is long and in lobbies it stops at a ping of less than less than 27ms and does not go up. After about a minute he finds the match, in the game I have 25-30 ms but in the fights I am always at a disadvantage, from the lkillcam you can see that my shots do not start even if I shoot first. Whoever I am killed has a ping always above 50-60 ms, it seems as if the server penalizes whoever has the lowest ping. Where am I doing wrong? Do I have to change Geographical area? despite selecting only Italy, however, it gives me the server in Holland. Thank you
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