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    Zippy reacted to Killhippie in XR1000 Firmware released   
    New firmware for the XR1000 line below contains bug fixes, security updates, data connection and in the QoS menu you will see the new Control Auto Setup as well.

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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Alex in Double NAT on Xbox and no ipv6   
    @Zippy is correct, IPv6 will not work correctly with anything before DumaOS 3.0, but with IPv6 disabled, Teredo should be taking care of it. in DumaOS, under Settings > Advanced > IPv6, is it set to Disabled?
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    Zippy got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Xr700 lan port problem   
    Okay thats good news at least it was working.. Give your idea a try.. If not report back here.. Im sure @Netduma Fraser might have some good advice for you.. He should be back on tomorrow..
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    Zippy got a reaction from Netduma Alex in Double NAT on Xbox and no ipv6   
    I dont think the XR700 is fully compatible for IPV6 yet.. I could be wrong on that but if you are going to try and enable IPV6 on the XR700 I would disable QoS then try it.. My understanding was anything that isnt running DumaOS 3.0 ones IPV6 wouldnt work correctly.. I could be wrong on that.. Im sure Netduma will chime in for you to give better clairification..
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    Zippy got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in DOS attack and remote logins   
    If one is getting remote login to your xbox that is normal if you are using one of the following.. Port forwarding, Port triggering, and or DMZ on the xbox.. If your using one of those three then its normal behavior for you to see those connections in your logs.. Hopefully that helps.. I use port triggering and get those same remote log entries in my logs..
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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Alex in Apologies for the downtime   
    Hello DumaArmy,
    This morning we had some problems with the forum, you may have seen it was inaccessible. We've now fixed the issue and everything is back to normal.
    We'd like to apologise for the downtime, and I hope that none of you have had to wait longer for support because of this.
    Thanks for being a great community,
    Alex at Netduma
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    Zippy reacted to Texastreeguy in New router has no internet connection   
    Restarting the modem worked! Thank you and everyone for the help!
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    Zippy got a reaction from Killhippie in New router has no internet connection   
    When you first setup your R2 it should of ran you through the setup wizard. It would have stated if a connection was detected.. Did it say connection detected? If it didnt at that point power down your modem and power it up again and click retry in the setup waizrd.. It should detect it.
    Good luck!
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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Fraser in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    Just a recommendation but if anyone encounters an issue please do a factory reset first, as you can see A LOT has changed from the launch version .123 > .179 and that may resolve it. Enjoy!
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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Lots of lag - Games unplayable - Losing connection to game servers   
    Regardless of whether you're actively looking at the Geo-Filter or not it is enabled so would agree with Zippy and try disabling it first of all and see if the disconnect issue disappears. I would also suggest as above to use Congestion Control and experiment with the %, find what lowers the Ping Under Load test as much as possible manually.
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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Help have to use provider gateway   
    Good advise above, let us know how you get on. I've moved this topic to the appropriate section.
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    Zippy got a reaction from Newfie in How to download the bloody software!   
    I believe the XR1000 should have came preloaded with DumaOS on it.. What do you see when you log into the UI?
    Also if this is the XR1000 then this will need to be moved to the Netgear support section on the forum.. Netduma will respond and help you further
    Welcome to the forum btw.
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    Zippy reacted to Netduma Fraser in 100% CPU usage on XR500   
    .139 is the DumaOS version and .104 is the firmware version, you're on the bleeding edge latest firmware.
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    Zippy got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in R2 problem internet   
    I believe @Netduma Fraser this is a pure modem only.. But this does have VOIP also. And that feature is either enabled if a costumer wants a LAN phone or not.. Hope that helps!
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    Zippy got a reaction from David824 in New R2 Can't Detect Internet Detection   
    If you have a dynamic Ip from your ISP try this once.. Factory reset your R2 again.. But this time have is hooked up but dont have your modem on yet.. In other words keep your modem unplugged (no power).. Once you have the R2 factory reset go through the setup wizard and once you get to the part where is says cant detect your internet connection at this time power back on your modem and let it fully boot up.. Then in the R2 setup wizard click the retry button to detect your internet connection.. This should then detect your connection.. Hope this makes sense.. Give it a try and report back..
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    Zippy reacted to kinel in Traffic prortization please read   
    The game defently uses tcp  packets as i see them on my openwrt router
    But there used as source 50000 -65535 i also thought that using these ports wasnt the main ones needed  but it sounds like i could be wrong
     But somthing i did do about 2 weeks ago was to  try
    This source     1- 65535  destination 1-65535 this was for the cold war alpha
    As soon as i used this my gameplay became excellent
    I never  tried it on cod mw
    But i think i might try it in a few days after coldwar beta  
    thanks tehwayne
    Thanks zippy
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    Zippy reacted to tehwayne in Traffic prortization please read   
    I used to do the normal udp method but it never made a difference for me so happy I found my solution to this issue 
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    Zippy reacted to kinel in Traffic prortization please read   
    In my opinion  no
    I think  download is more important
    Upload is what we send  is bullets  so not that mutch data
    Download is what server sends us   eg peoples possitioning  explosions gun fire etc etc
    Kill streaks  
    So i think that we should be showning higher downloads on the counters
    But im no expert it just my opinion
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    Zippy reacted to mik3617legend in DumaOS can’t detect internet connection? Asking for DHCP?   
    I seemed to have “fixed it”... here’s what I did: unplugged everything including coax cable from modem, factory reset both modem and router multiple times. Gave up on it last night, woke up today reset everything once again but tried a different LAN port (yellow one) from my Duma to the PC and it seems to be able to obtain a WAN and is working again.... I tried the old port and it is still working.... so it just randomly fixed itself overnight I guess.... very reassuring....  
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    Zippy got a reaction from mik3617legend in DumaOS can’t detect internet connection? Asking for DHCP?   
    I do believe Netduma is aware of this issue.. Ive ran into this several times as well.. If you go through the setup wizard after a reboot and when it comes to the part cant detect internet connection. At that point power cycle just your cable modem only and let it fully boot up and then click on "retry" to detect a connection.. It should detect then.. You might have to try this a few times though.. Also pay attention to your WAN Ip and make sure its an Ip that looks familiar of what you had before..
    Im sure Netduma will respond here tomorrow..
    Good luck!
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    Zippy reacted to Squidid in Need help bridge my ISP modem to R2   
    Okay. Thank you and to all who replied to me. I really appreciate it. 👍👍
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    Zippy reacted to scbba in Line Quality   
    Moved out of their service area 
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    Zippy reacted to PharmDawgg in Return   
    Sorry to hear you want to return your device.  It would be best to email [email protected] about this and they should respond to you as soon as possible. Being the weekend it may be a little delayed.  And @Netduma Fraser should respond to this post as well.  
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    Zippy reacted to PharmDawgg in Fiber Optic cables vs Coaxial cables Explanation please   
    Honestly FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is better than HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax). The HFC will be fiber to the Node (which will be only approx a mile to your home) and from there it will be a coax connection to your home. 
    Here is a good read: http://www.tarluz.com/ftth/comparison-between-hfc-and-fiber-to-the-home/
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    Zippy reacted to titofuenla in Geo filtering   
    Do not feel bad man, that's what the forum and the community are for, nobody is born knowing and asking is how you learn, feel free to ask as many questions as you need to solve that surely a member of the Netduma team as any member of the forum will be willing to help you.
    A greeting!
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