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  1. Let me know. I have it but I'm tech illiterate by this much.
  2. can you post a screenshot of the location. Ima try and do the same. Im in US?A and the servers are jittery as hell.
  3. why does this server keep popping up? every time i load the game, its there? im trying different locations as per @kinel. so far still getting melted
  4. Watch his other videos. Even with a SMG, he cross maps melts people so fast. You can hear the difference in hit detection and the way the enemy seems to always shoot his opposite side of his body or they're still in running animation or when hes being shot by 2-3 people and not dying. Its alot more complex to get into.
  5. The spikes are whether I'm in game or not so this whole time i thought it was normal lol. The screenshot was during gameplay and everytime I change lobbies, all the host servers are 20hz. So change my NJ location to another state where the game server has 40ms ping or more? That's new, never thought of that. To check where the black ops 3 servers are, just google it? The ping heat map doesnt have black ops 3 but 4. Are they the same? Thanks everyone.
  6. @Netduma Fraserhonestly Fraser, I've been getting alot of shoot first die first recently. On him, I have no chance but I have come across plenty of people this week that I cannot even get a bullet in them. When I plugged my ethernet from ONT to PS4, I had Nat Type 1 and for some reason, I had this guys connections. I was god like. Then, I dont know what happened, but now if I try to do ONT to PS4 again, I have no more advantages. So I bought the XR500/Netduma R2 to see if I can win back those advantages. Nothing close. I even tried throttling as others suggested, multiple things. Nothing. I dont need to port forward since I'm always open. Others said try contact your ISP and have them change your IP close to a static IP and request your closest black ops 3 servers but I think that's hella too much now lol.
  7. Is Fibre better than Fios? Or the same? I have Verizon Fios in NJ. I have my polygons set to black ops 3 servers in my area but everytime I face him, I have no chance at all. He drops streaks like Brad Pitt dropping panties on a daily basis. Easy. I get lucky if I shoot 1st and kill him but the amount of him melting me and killcam reflecting me not even aiming at him is insane. I even have QOS set to always enabled for prioritizing, speeds up and down over 600mbps. Sliders set to 70% each. I cant do anything against him. Damn it lol.
  8. I recently was playing against this guy and he would insta melt me every single time. Kill cam makes me look as if still in running animation. He said on stream he lives in Bronx NY but I'm from Jersey. How in the hell does he just melt people? If you see closely, he gets shot 1st and melts people every single time. His hit detection is god like as well as latency wise. Mayne someone can help me understand how to get his connection cause I even told the kid, I'm willing to tip $100 to tell me his set up. Pretty sure he wont. This is the only game he plays since it's the only game he can have god like connection. I never see him play black ops 4, COD Cold war Alpha, Infinite warfare, modern warfare or even free shit like Apex legends or Rogue company. This game is his bread and butter. @Netduma Fraser you think any suspicions here? Hes either in moderate to open nat types. Just watch some videos of him and you'll see what I mean. I am not promoting this guy. Just jealous lol.
  9. Meanwhile I have C on speed test yet I receive 900Mbps up and down lmao
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