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beta test


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i hear u can beta test the new update 


how ? 


You want to know HOW???????


Well you have to be in the "IN" group. 


1. Friends with the developers.

2. A sponsored "Pro-Gamer"

3. Lucky!



In this scenario it would be option 2.

Upgrading my @Netduma and beta testing a new portion of the coming update 1f601.png

Retweeted by NETDUMA



Option 4 for me please!

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wtb invite :(


i just seen frazer say its available at the router control panel screen lol


I meant that's how you upgrade in general, not getting the specific version talked about here. 


I've said this quite a few times now, it is a beta, therefore it is most likely to have bugs, in this case it did. I appreciate that everyone wants to try it, but we would be SWAMPED with tech support if we just released it without more testing. We're doing you a favor as well by keeping you on a stable release as I'm sure people would not be happy if their dumas were rebooting/disconnecting etc. 


So please be patient, it will be available when it is more stable. 


As I have now answered this question I will close the thread, stay tuned for updates.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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