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  1. dunno how to fix? sometimes when i restart the router it works but it happens daily and annoying
  2. i cant click on advanced settings cuz my settings page doesnt load.. ur link u sent me also doesnt show anything about the cloud
  3. get error on chrome and opera now i know opera isnt supported but chrome doing the same now (internet got upgraded today so idk if that did something to it )
  4. cant install a new firmware when i cant access the firmware page under the settings page to begin with
  5. tried that didnt work.. does it in Opera and Google Chrome V2.1.0.6 V2.1.0.6
  6. nothing loads tried unplugging router etc.. dont wanna factory reset -,-
  7. never had problems with old crappy netgear router.. dunno bout this dumaOS drops 1-2 times a day at random times
  8. lil update if anyone cares.. pretty sure my cable was f'd bought a new cat7 cable not that it matters buts its alot better quality and ive played 20+ games today all diff games park/pro-am/mycareer no lag at all no disconnects at all woot
  9. yup havent had a single issue since i changed my dns on the xbox ty
  10. not sure only had the problem with the r1 and xr500 but seems to be working good now so maybe it had to do with the isp's dns lol
  11. yea it was i changed my xbox dns to googles.. / played 3 games havent gotten kicked yet .. still gonna play around with this lol
  12. ok i played like 3-4 games on the playground and didnt lag or lag out .. now i tried playing mycareer games and it wont lag itll just kick me out of nowhere with the same error msg :|
  13. think it might of been the geo filter even tho it was on spectate.. removed xbox altogether played a few and no lag/disconnects
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