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The power of Drop Shot


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Hello there DUMA ARMY


So finally thanks to BBC controller i was able to learn how to implement it to my game.


Man o man i just love it now just keep on doing it all the time.


And as well after a week or so i learnd how to make nice tumbnails for videos


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hehehe i had so much fun with both doing the thumbnails and drop shotting. I think this dropshotting its grate addition to a games a play and its so rewarding when it works out like on that gameplay.

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Whew, I thought you were going to dropshot everyone.  I don't know why it gets under my skin when I see a killcam and see someone dropshotting me as they shoot at my back, like really? lol.  Dropshotting is certainly effective at the right times.  You're putting it to good use.

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Great video again beasting

I have a question for you

I just seen youu post about your monitor benq rl 2455hm

I have same monitor what settings do you use as i cant find good setting for mine for the pse




Black equaliser

Colour temp settings

Hdmi rgb pc range

Picture mode


Also on your ps4 do you limted or full 


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Thanks good sir


picture mode:
profile Gamer1 (this means you create a custom profile)

picture display:

picture brightness 20
picture contrast 100
picture black equalizer 20
picture blur reduction on
picture color temperature: whatever you prefer
picture reset color no
picture ama high
picture instant mode on
sharpness 10


anything else should be greyed out as already optimized for gaming (gaming profile)

its needed to adjust the RGB colors too as the benq ships with faulty color settings

here is what you need to set it to to have natural colors:

Red= 96
Green= 97
Blue= 100


 PS4 RGB range is set to AUTOMATIC and Deep Color OFF


RGB range on monitor is 16-235

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