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please read this


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hy there all

 I have a theory I want your help with

I noticed from playing cod bo1 and all other cods that theres a setting that shows you your  bandwith speeds.but I think its your upload speeds

I used to get 11 mb down and 790 kbs up years ago but in all the cod titles it used to say my bandwith was around 790 kbs

also my cousin and my brother had same experience it would say there banwith was whatever up load speed they had

I have  now 17 mbs upload  around 17.000 kbs so my bandwith should now be 17.000 kbs

heres my theory

I think for the last few cod titles theres been a cap on how mutch banwith the game lets you use ie your upload speeds

because what I noticed from playing cod aw and bo3 beta is that now my banwith went higher than 4200 kbs around 4100 ish

also my cousin playing cod bo3 beta his bandwith never went over 42.00 kbs


so heres what I am asking you guys if you would be so kind to 

could you post your upload speeds you get not download  and compare them with  cod aw and cod ghosts banwith speeds


I might have to go back and try older titles on ps3  to see what my bandwith I get now

this was tested on ps4 btw I also wanna try it out with cod ghosts ps4 but don't have any of these games at moment


it might  that the more uploads speeds you have over there limit the more lag compensation your getiing  just a theory


hope I made sence sorry for any typos or spelling mistakes


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Just a side not if you throttled you net speeds before make sure you disable all of that before testing as well as put the right bandwhit numbers in your r1 and keep the sliders on 100%.

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Mine has always been similar I have approx 18mb upload and its always shown 4200kb bandwidth, never seen it go higher.


One of the guys I play with who lives next door to the exchange ( lucky bugger) gets 600 down and about 200 up on a good day has the same bandwidth on cod

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ISPgives me 29 down and 6 up.

on speed test I get 29 down and 5 up

on AW system info I get Bandwidth reading of 4128Kbps

When I game i set cc sliders to 75% tell the R1 I am getting 25 down and 4 up and AW system info says I am getting 2718Kbps bandwidth and the game plays fine.

If that's of any use :)

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also now on bo3 my badwith never goes over 4150kbs

you guys can see you bandwith in options  the scroll across to network then scroll down to bandwith  then press  square on ps4 not sure what button on xbone

btw i notice that my geographic location is off  also trying dfifrent routers changes your geo location

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