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I need more help


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Hy there all again

Last week you guys were so helpful but i need you help again

Last week i was well happy with the net duma not this week

My base ping was around 20ms average . But my connetion was unstable due to dlm as i had been chaning routers

in game i was getting connected to around 25 ms in game to host average wirdd connected 

I though the hit reg was really good my bullets was finally working

But since last night my connections are back to there proper speeds as the line has stableised base ping of around 11 ms average yeh thats an excellent ping

Today playing cod aw  my ping to host was from 8 ms to 15 ms average wired

But now the hit reg is crap again im strugging to get kills 

Lol i thought with a better ping to the host it was gonna be  briilant but its worse lol

Ive tried changing all of these setings

Congestion control from 100%to 70%  to1%

Ping assist from 0 to 35

Host filter range increasing its range

Enabeling and disabeling strict mode 

All the time i am wired connected 

I have fiber optic fttc 80/20 profile

My speeds i usally get are75 mb dl an 17 mb up on my pc

Btw i m talking about playing cod aw on my ps4

 Sorry for te long post i hope i made sence and i covered everything



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Hello there.


In my opinion if all the settings were working for you just fine i would:


1. Monitor you current line stability by Internet diagnostic for lest say day or 2


2. If you can try some older COD titles as AW is a hit and miss and i can play grate then get wokne and so on so fort.


Again I would go to the previous settings that were working for you because change on the line should not require you to change the duma settings etc.

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tbh i was using my old setting at first as they was working good when the line was pinging 20 ms but they aint working when my line is 10 ms so i changed a few setting but it aint working might have to keep tweaking it       cheers again for your help

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Honestly that change of 10 ms its schould not efect you game not so much i think Iain sad in last blog It takes a game at 60fps around 17ms to draw a single frame.


Only thing i can think of is ether AW or the Line itself.

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Ive just noticed for some reason when i try to limit my upload speed in congestion control  it dosent work  only limits download speed  

am i doing somting wrong or is it meant to be lie that im usin latest firmware

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Who's ur isp?you have same speeds as me with the same ping,in AW I have the most inconsistent hit registration but say when I played the blops3 beta my hit registration was awesome,there's some serious lag comp in AW so much that I just accept the bullshit these days,another reason AW is nothing to go by is I play gears of war ultimate edition and I ping around 12/15 to the europe server depending on the time of day and the connection is awesome literally no lag and instant reg from my shots ive never played a game where ive found it to play In my favour by having an awesome connection like it does when playing gears

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