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I tweeted this back last night, more for the Duma guys than anything else, but bear with me here for a second.


Each year we, the game buying public, wait for new releases. We want new engines, we want smoother images under motion, we want colors to pop and be vibrant. We want performance to be top notch. We want all these advancements with each new title.


And somehow those same people want to poo poo the idea that router technology can also evolve and become better!?


Make that make sense and you will sadly be in the head of the haters.

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As others have already written, "Haters gonna hate", but there is more to it than that.


We have to consider the vast majority of Twitter, and internet users in general are teenagers and 20somethings who think they know everything and are rebelling as well. So, this, right here, is one big reason why there is a lot of hostility on the internet in certain circles. The other factor is because many of them think they "know all" when you challenge them and they realize they are wrong, they become defensive and lash out instead of being an adult and re-evaluating their position. To them, most "discussions" on the net are full-blown debates where they can be only one winner and one loser and they will try their hardest to make sure that winner is themselves.


Now, with that in mind, we have a couple of options:


1) Sink to their level and get into a e-debate where nobody wins.

2) Try and reason with them and present facts above all else even in the face of emotionally defensive outbursts.

3) State your reasoning and move on with the knowledge it's not up to us whether or not they see the value in what you post.


Three is the hardest one because it involves acceptance on our part that we can't convince everybody even with facts and first-hand experience. The R1 has to be experienced to be believed and this is something we just can't do with people over the internet. Another part of this is also recognizing who might be more (or less) receptive to exploring new ideas and products versus trying to convince those who are more concerned about being the winner of those e-debates mentioned above. A prime example of this is the Shill Squad on the official Activision CoD forums who post complete and utter nonsense because they want a small circle-jerk of friends to give them "likes" even if what they post is 110% WRONG... and even they know it. You're not going to convince them, but it's recognizing WHY you aren't going to convince them and moving on to others who may be more open and receptive because they aren't being motivated by ego or a false sense of validation.


Sorry, for all the psychobabble, but I have to put my Industrial Psychology degree to use, somehow ;)

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