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Found 16 results

  1. Hola buenas soy nuevo en este foro y necesitaria ayuda, tengo un R1 y en el geofiltro cuando busco en dispositivos mi pc, aparece bien, lo aplico, pero el problema es que solo me sale xbox, ps4,scgo ect, warzone no aparece, alguien podria ayudarme?? la version 3.0 parq el R1 funciona??
  2. Just upgraded from the original netduma R1 to the DumaOS. Waiting to get DumaOS 3.0 I just signed up. I got the Xbox party issue right away and when I tried for the first time to use these forums to find a solution it said I was banned and unable to access these forums while using the netduma for internet. I don’t want to downgrade I’m really liking the DumaOS and hoping when I get the dumaOS 3.0 these issues go away. I’m not sure how long the wait is after signing up for it so I’m looking for a fix in the meantime.
  3. hi there im running R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd did i need to upgrade ? thanks
  4. Dumas3.0 for NetdumaR1 router has anyone received the new update for the router
  5. Hello! I bought this router a few years ago and I tried to use it but I never managed to because we got someone to help us set it up but he told us it wouldn't be possible. I don't remember exactly why this was the case but regardless I do want to use it but I have many questions I'd like to ask: 1. Does the Netduma R1 Router work with any router including those that are international? 2. If I want to get the best speed and I don't want to use my family's router, should I buy another router (such as a netgear router) and connect the Netduma R1 router to that one for my console? 3. Could I please speak to someone 1 on 1 preferably over the phone or through a chat service as I'm extremely hesitant to set this up on my own? 4. If I were to connect the Netduma R1 router to the ethernet plug in wall which goes straight to my home router, would that work? Thank you
  6. Now that my r1 manages my devices connected to network, how do I add my wireless printer? So my setup is Netduma R1--->BT Hub then all devices connected via wired. So how do I add my wireless printer to Netduma so I could print, currently I unplug my pc network cable from netduma and into the BThub to print my documents I'm tired of doing that I'm pretty sure this can be done better on the netduma.
  7. I've been trying to setup hybridvpn using the surfshark openvpn files, but the connection always fails. I contacted the people over at surfshark and they told me the R1 does not support openvpn client just openvpn server, is this true? What's confusing me is I have read on this forum about people who have successfully set this up.
  8. Hello there, Main reason I got this router was to improve my gaming experience as I play fifa. Unfortunately I am getting inconsistent download speeds. I have been running speed tests through my PS4 (wired into netduma) and I am getting results as low as 10 and high as 30Mbps. Different all the time. I have connected my netduma R1 through my bt homehub and turned off wifi for homehub so that every device has to connect through netduma. For the time being I am using my homehub as its a steady 30+ Mbps only issue is it lags when my partner steams as it aint got Quality of service like the netduma. I noticed when playing games looking at the Geofilter the ping is fine (38ms) but as soon as I feel lag i'd notice the lag shoot up to 100ms +. At the same time the router would be making crunching noises, Is this normal? Is there something I could check or a troubleshooting guide to go through as I am a bit unsure how to sort this. Thanks in advance. Shaun
  9. So I just bought a DAP-1610 D-Link wifi extender and in the install guide they say to press the WPS button on the router but this button doesn't exist on the router is there another way to make this work please help. thanks Alex
  11. Hi, I cant seem to find the solution for my problem. I tried to set up the geo filter for pc fortnite. It never shows any servers when I am actually looking for a game. When I set my device up in the geo filter page, it does not let me choose fornite, it hasent update, even though I did everything with the cloud options in order to make it work. I tried setting it manually with pc fortnite ports and not even doing this, there still no signs of any servers while searcing for a game. Need help. i have set my fortnite setting to only choose NA-East servers, my main goal with this is sometimes I get shitty servers with lots of lag, I want to be able to identify them and bnlock them, but if they dont show then its impossible. Thanks
  12. I'm not convinced that the Ping Assist feature is working as I expect it to. Since it's hard to reliably locate players/hosts in specific regions I've been running tests to various websites on ports 80 and 443. I'm getting mixed results: I can't block any traffic on port 80 (Ping Assist of 60ms still allows me to communicate with a site that has 350ms ping as reported by the R1) and port 443 only seems to respect the geo-filter, I can't communicate with anything else regardless of the ping values. To get started, can you help me work out why: Host ID: 9d2bcf9ac83ce0e5 (average Ping of 55.8ms from me as reported by the R1) can't be connected to over port 443 with a Ping Assist of 300ms? Geo Filter Map + Settings: https://puu.sh/BlgEp/708ff80bef.png, Host Ping Graph: https://puu.sh/BlgFv/ec228b51d6.png, Port 443 Configuration: https://puu.sh/BlgyU/d2d532c3c9.png Host ID: 7234814cd111595e (average Ping of 346.5ms from me as reported by the R1) can be connected to over port 80 with a Ping Assist of 60ms? Geo Filter Map + Settings: https://puu.sh/BlgBH/ebfde194cd.png, Host Ping Graph: https://puu.sh/BlgCI/13a0e405cc.png, Port 80 Configuration: https://puu.sh/BlgxT/ddc2a2c32d.png I want to use ping only to locate players instead of geolocation, so I'm desperate to get this working. Further Information Strict Mode: Disabled My location: Perth, Australia R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd
  13. Hi to everyone this is my first post to Netduma forum and i tough my first one here would been a happy feedback but that not the case . I have about 9 day with my R1 and everything been horrible i set my router using upnp/dmz method test everything set every setting the way is supposed to be so i star to play WW 2 looking at my Geo-filter ping graph and my ping was going from 10 ms,20 ms,40 ms,60 ms,80 ms,100 ms and sometime 200 ms going from 3 bar to 2 and 1 bar and then i will go back to 8 ms and this will never stop and also my R1 interface will freeze and load for a least 2 min using strict mode. so i star looking around in the forum to see is there is way to fix this problem i have 3 day trying everything nothing have fix my problem.So i decide to not use strict mode and without this mode my my R1 interface will never freeze o load for ever but my ping graph will be almost the same but i don't get 2 bar or 1 bar. Now i got to the point that i tough it was the WW 2 servers but that not the case i went back to black ops 3 and the problem is the same. So today i decide not to use my Verizon router with my R1 i connect my R1 straight from the Ont and not use upnp i set my setting the port forwarding method to see is this fix the problem but it dint fix the problem. Please someone help me with this problem do i need my R1 replace or is my Isp. This imagine that i upload is with the new setting i dint take any screen shot with the first setting using strict mode upnp/dmz method.
  14. Hi everyone, I just got myself a Netduma R1, I can't go past step 6 on the guide here http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000024070-quickstart-guide-installing-the-router-accessing-the-interface I can't connect to Netduma R1 Wifi, comes back with incorrect password. I have double checked the serial number, turned off and on the netduma router couple of times same result. Can someone please assist me with getting this setup. I'm using a Macbok Pro it has no ethernet/Lan port, so my only option is to access the netduma via WIF but unfortunately its connecting any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Seye.
  15. Llevo más de un año con el netduma r1 y nunca me ha servido para algo el host filtering ya que muchos usuarios de xbox one dicen que los servidores de la xbox están en Irlanda.Vivo en españa y nunca me encuentra partida si busco con el host filtering activado.Tengo puesto 1000km PA 30 70/70 antiflood y hyper trafic activado para la xbox one.
  16. Desde hace dos días que mi netduma falla al conectarlo inalambricamente a mi xbox one o a mi dispositivos móviles,al conectarlo por cable va perfecto pero al conectarlo inalambricamente se queda conectando por ejemplo al móvil y al final no se conecta.He hecho un reset de fábrica desde la interfaz de netduma pero sigue dando el mismo problema,no sé si hacer un reset desde el botón del netduma... Google traductor: For two days that my netduma fails to connect wirelessly to my xbox one or my mobile devices, when connecting cable is perfect but when connecting wirelessly remains connecting for example to the mobile and in the end does not connect. I did a factory reset From the netduma interface but still giving the same problem, I do not know whether to do a reset from the netduma button ...
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