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New to the family!!


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Hello everyone-


Glad to be part of the NetDuma family and experience what's left to come!


I've had my NetDuma since Tuesday and have had mixed feelings about it so far. My main issue is the latency it has seemed to introduce into my browsing experience, but I plan to factory default it again and set everything back up. I have it in bridge mode with my Comcast router, but thinking I may place the R1 in the DMZ zone of my Belkin router and just use the R1 for my gaming systems. I'm not sure how the congestion control will work in that setup, but my fiance is complaining that the throughput is to slow now so I have to do something. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


First couple of games on Destiny Iron Banner and I went 35-5+/- so it's definitely doing something lol...


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You can have the R1 as your primary router or you can set it up with the belkin as your primary. If the R1 is first you can utilize all the congestion control but if the belkin is first you will only be able to control the devices that are connected to the R1.

To improve the throughput of the R1 you can follow these directions: http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=fine_tune_netduma

There are many reasons why your speeds might not be up to par. 1. Make sure you enter you actual upload/download in the congestion control area in set bandwidth 2. Make sure the sliders are set to 100% in congestion control 3. Make sure you select preemptive if speeds less than 50 or reactive if they are greater than 50. 4. If you have preemptive selected make sure deep packet processing is unchecked in the settings>misc area. 5. Unselect IPv6 in the settings>Wan and Lan area of the router and the IPv6 link local in the settings>misc area.

Make sure you reboot router after this to make sure the changes take. I know this might be a lot of information but we are on our way to Happy gaming.

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