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Gaming monitor help please


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Im about to buy cod vanguard tmaz 

And i  wanna buy  a  new gamingmonitor for my ps5

It has to be  120hz at least  24innh at leadt

 Price range from  100 to 300 pounds uk

And it has to be from these two stores as i cant buy online atm





All advice welcome

Please help  me choose  

I wantto play cod vanguard on ps5 at 120hz   and  ide like a great picture quality with low input lag

Ive  had an benq 24rl monitor years ago but its sadly broke  the picture was always looked washed out

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Can any one tell me the msin stats i should ge looking out for 

I have to quickly lear the info buy fridat to catch the sales

Hdmi 2.0  or hdmi  2.01   i know anout  all ifo welcome  on the stats 

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