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The vanguard alpha thread


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9 hours ago, Bert said:

The mode is ok. But it has the usual CoD shite, lagmasters with incredible connection advantage etc.

WTF is a lagmaster? How do you become one?


I'll preorder this game because I believe respawn 6 vs 6 modes will be awesome.

+  Lots of maps at launch

+  Gameplay

+  Gunplay

+ Movement

+ Sound

+ TTK close to perfect

+ Ghost effective as long as you move 

+ Footsteps are as loud as they should


- Zero visibility when you take fire. Like taking fire and you are about to die is not enough.

- Stupid reload animation whenever you switch to your secondary weapon if it's an AR, SMG, LMG  (except pistols)

- Polina is ugly

- Feels like the entire map is made of drywall. You can wallbang through almost anything

- No FOV for consoles (hope it will be implemented) 

- Regaining health takes too long.





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That is actually also what I find the biggest downsides.


Healing is too slow and half the time I get killed in a corner hiding because my screen is still red and waiting for health.


Also the visibility when shooting is horrible.

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I skipped cold war, hoping next cod would be better. I can't be arsed playing same game over again its is just re-skinned modern warfare. I mean camping, head glitching, sound whoring, spawn trapping just got worse!

Don't get me started with visibility, its horrendous. I'm done with cod franchise. I might just buy it to play campaign, I will still play warzone since warzone is getting a new map but I think I'm going with battlefield instead.

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The little that I saw of the Alpha does not make me dream!

WW2 with the MW graphics engine ...

The worst part is the wooden walls which disappear when entering ...

I am going to test the beta on Xbox and the multiplayer but it smells like a dead end!

However, I'm really intrigued to see what their anti-cheat system will do ....

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