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So recently i seemed to receive far less bandwidth than before it dropped like 10mps.

Been driving my self crazy looking for answers QOS apps/devices downloading in the back ground nothing seemed to help.

Upon further investigation i cam across TELNET please see attached pic.

Turns out my provider that im yet to talk to TALKTALK have capped me at 60mps when i pay for 65 and ive been receiving around 52.

This seems to me to be a straight up ripping off your customers you dont go into a shop to buy a pair of shoes and come out with one and half.




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Also ISPs are very careful with how they word these things, for example "Up to 65Mb/s" or in your case they give an Average range but if you check the terms there is a minimum guaranteed line speed - it's in your TalkTalk welcome pack so it's likely less than 60 - if it's anything like VM the minimum guaranteed is about half what you expect.

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