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  1. I think as I've only had a glance over the new ipadOS it's safari being good old Apple but the iPad will use a desk top view rather than mobile which is currently used. Hopefully it will be compatible and solve the error message if you try to alter anything under settings.
  2. Safari is fine too on my MacBook. Will be interested to see on the 30th when the new OS for the iPad is released if I get the errors on the settings.
  3. I like the format here and the way the Community works together. It’s a lot better than Netgear support and I’ve the Arlo system and to be honest their forum although now a separate company to Netgear is not a patch to this forum. i don’t know another company that helps as much as Netduma, it’s almost 24/7 and here I feel you get a more personal one to one. It’s also friendly and everyone tries to help where they can. Long may it last.
  4. That’s great thanks. Device manager works fine, I watch it go off line and pop on. Works great.
  5. That’s great thanks. I’ve been testing it out but I noticed if a device say my echo is disconnected from the 2.4 it fails to connect to the 5ghz channel automatically . I take it it’s device compatibility maybe? I’m testing it with an esp8266 module.
  6. Smart connect, I’ve a feeling this is more to do with Netgear but does DumaOS work along side this or is this separate ?
  7. It is, I found out Openreach had been working hard to solve some local issues and when it was solved I noticed the speed increase, it’s now back to how it was which is fine.
  8. Mines on 1492, glad you got it sorted. Give it a test and see how it goes.
  9. blast, silly question but are the ariels all connected correctly and hand tightened? Have you got smart connect on? if so try it off. If no difference then Try creating a guest network and connect to that.
  10. I’m guessing the router updated when you first installed it. Quite a few on here feel that after an update a reset is required. There’s a reset on the rear.
  11. Just to double check but under QoS did you put in your upload and download speeds under the anti buffer menu?
  12. try this as I have to occasionally do this when i have a poor connection. Turn off router, turn off modem. Wait say 15mins then turn on modem first and wait for it to fully boot. then turn on router wait again to fully boot and test. Modem must reboot fully before turning router on.
  13. Just a little update. im pleased to say I’ve had a rather nice speed increase after changing the modem. Not sure how or why but all off a sudden my speeds have increased on both download and upload. Perhaps it’s just BT have altered or upgraded something or the modem is simply better in some way. Normally BT tell you if you get a speed increase??
  14. If you have a PS4 VR there’s Everybodys golf that uses the motion controllers. I have the odd game and it’s a good laugh, just got to watch you don’t swing into furniture!
  15. I’ve a gardening business, I’m too shattered some times normally I try to get on for an hour or two in the evenings but I do love the outdoors. Trouble is my little Tibetan Terrier loves a boat trip so I can’t say no!
  16. Nice review but I use a Xim now and got rid of the crappy controllers as they were painful to use due to my hands suffering from years of vibration. now I use a mouse and keyboard thanks to the XIM on my PS4.
  17. I love fishing too, add some shooting into the mix with some ferreting. I’ve a small boat that allows me to have some great times on the Local part of the Thames and I’m an owner of a fishery which is rented out to a local club so other can enjoy a day out. I also have an interest in linen, I just love linen bedding and have linen from across the globe yet non beat the Irish linen which is just heaven.
  18. That’s great, perhaps the recent updates achieved this. All I need to do now is sort out my Arlo camera which has a mind of its own. Thanks again for your help.
  19. That’s great, thanks. i was sure before I could not control devices behind an extender. There has been updates to the extender but I was surprised to see I could control a device behind an extender. I’ve included some pics.
  20. Yes, I’m looking at DumaOS. if I for example pull up the live camera then the network monitor shows the VMB4000 is active and you can see the download and upload yet the extender shows nothing. It’s as if you can now control devices attached to an extender where as I’m sure I could not do that before.
  21. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to have some type of monitoring system that can alert you in some form and can be custom set for devices that go off-line or online. The reason why am asking is that I have one of Netgears security camera set ups the Arlo and it seems to go off-line and then pops back on again. When this occurs it creates errors on the Arlo system, for example the Siren will fail to sound until a reboot of the arlo base station and movement detection stops. Is it possible to have some type of notification or monitoring system which can be adjusted for individual appliances connected to the Router? Would be a very handy feature.
  22. I’ve discovered something that I’ve not noticed before. I'm running 2 extenders which are the ex8000 extenders and on one of these I have connected an Arlo base station which is the Netgear’s security camera system. I’ve noticed under network monitor the base station (VMB4000) is active yet the extender is showing very little activity. I’m fairly sure before anything connected via an extender could not be controlled ie controlling QoS for example.
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