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  1. To be fair that’s about average at the moment while they work at improving the WiFi. the chances are your isp router might have been a wave 2 device so will achieve a better WiFi connection. As it’s a 866 connection rate on the 5Ghz you can normally say you will see a 40 to 60% throughput so 340mbps would be a nice achievable rate but a lot depends on the environment as the R2 is a wave 1 router so you don’t have beamforming if memory serves me right and will not compete with wave 2 routers. You might need to use a WiFi analyser to see if you can find the cleanest channel. Double check the 5Ghz is set to a bandwidth of 80Mhz and insure the router is away from EMI sources ie. not behind a tv or sat on electrical appliances. you might be able to nudge that up a little but don’t forget as you distance yourself from the router you will see performance drop.
  2. Hi and welcome. What new software? Is this a new XR300 and you have just set it up? If so and after updating firmware I would reset the router using the rear pinhole method then run through the setup again and test.
  3. Did you reset the router using the rear pin, hold it in for about 20seconds then release.
  4. Do you think it’s the servers rather than the router if that happens?
  5. It’s just personal preference, go with the one you are happy with.
  6. The HG612 should be in modem mode, you simply plug it in and that’s it, no settings are required. You then plug the the XR500 so from the HG612 to the XR500 wan port. The XR500 will handle the PPPOE so you just put your bt email address and any password you like, I use BT as mine and hey presto it’s up and running. You will need to rest the XR500 if it’s setup with the home hub, best start fresh. you don’t want to be turning the modem or the homehub off to much as the line will pick it up as a fault and lower your speed. By various routers, I mean I have Netdumas, Netgear and Ubiquiti and the HG612 works well on them all.
  7. Thinkbroadband scales so the the first one is better where the latest had some spikes so it scaled it. Bit like PingPlotter scaling that scales as your latency increases.
  8. I had the XR500 and the HG612 and it was fine. With the home hub you don’t get a choice of chipset so you could end up gaining or losing throughput and you will need to opt out of BTfon if you are concerned people use that. Personally I’ve not used a homehub for years and have various routers and it’s the way I prefer as it’s so simple.
  9. Are you able to run a wire or is your property wired up so you can add an Access Point?
  10. See how it goes, it was just a guess due to the raised ping.
  11. Is that the DM200 modem from Netgear. I don’t think that was a great success but have you a different router just to see if the results are the same. If they are then I would be looking at the DM200 or a line fault. Also double check via WiFi test from say an iPad or iPhone just to insure it’s not an issue on your pc side. The DM200 is the handshake so you need your login via the XR700.
  12. https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr1000.aspx#download theres 2 firmwares below the latest, you could try each one but you would need to reset after installing the firmware and there is security vulnerability If you do try them.
  13. Newfie

    Home cameras

    I’ve some Arlo cameras that covers my property, it’s tied into my echoes, Hue lights and the base station has a siren. The connection from camera to base uses PMF so can’t be deauth and so far they have been good. Do cameras work, yes and no as my friend lost 3k of chainsaws and they all had head covering on and gave thumbs up to the cameras. Yes he had it on video but his cameras are not linked to a siren.
  14. If you install WiFi Sweetspots a free app you can double check the throughput. Bear in mind I believe it’s a 2x2 connection for the iPhone if memory serves me right.
  15. The home hub 2 is a combo so it includes your modem so you will have to run the R2 in DMZ. You will need to turn off it’s WiFi too if you want the r2 to handle all the connections. however there’s a little issue as you can’t full disable it’s WiFi if BT Fon is active so if anyone joins the free WiFi it will throw your CC out of the window. You have to either opt out of BT fon if it’s active or you remove BTs router and purchase a modem like a HG612. Pays to match the cabinet to the modem but the chances are the HG612 will be fine. You would then connect the R2 to the HG612 and you simply setup using your PPPoE credentials. This will fully remove the free BT WiFi but you still get to use it when out and about if that’s something you prefer. If however you are on Gfast as the homehub 2 handles that too you will not be able to use the HG612 and for that connection the new Vigor 166 is a modem option.
  16. No due to everyone’s lines being different, the peering factor, the route changes that take place and so on. Once your info leaves your property it enters the twilight zone and at that point you have zero control. Then add the equipment you have at home, from low latency monitors, mice, keyboards and so on right down to what’s running on your network, how many devices are being used, it all makes a difference. Then it’s down to how good the player is and in the good old days of dial up there was not such a large player base, in fact on wireplay which was a BT gaming platform you would see the same players each day as the community was a lot smaller back then. Now you have millions of players all trying their best to be number one or wanting that perfect game. I remember the old dial ups, we use to have latency in the 100 plus and on the Wireplay Quake tournaments you were allowed one sub 100ms player in your matches so people would be tuning away to get as close to 100 haha. Before that was BSS connections on nice simple games that were like space quest games on a set amount of moves per day and your results would appear over the next few days as long as people kept their connection live. My bro helped Run Wireplay for a bit but I still think even to this day the AI bots that were used to practise off line were a great idea and my bro worked with a chap creating all the routes they would use and helping to fine tune the way could alter individual bots so they acting in different ways, very human like. There was even a lag tool. http://ponpoko.tri6.net/3zb2/ And here a match with our clan. Once you’ve seen this and how games were modern games look quite good!
  17. Could you try ringing this number, 17070. It’s the BT line test or quiet line test. It’s option 2. You should not hear anything.
  18. That is strange, BT do suffer an issue when streaming Netflix and Twitch which is on their forums but the CC should be doing it’s job.
  19. What happens when you run a speed test on say DSLreports, does that show your limits are working?
  20. Are you sure CC is on? could you post a picture of the QoS page.
  21. We’re you testing your connection when there was a download in progress? go to CC and insure it on always and turn down both UL and DL to say 15% and test. What’s wired and what’s using WiFi?
  22. Have you updated the router to the latest firmware and did you perform a factory reset using the rear pin hole?
  23. Just to double check, is your brother watching any streaming service when your connection goes crazy?
  24. If I’ve read that right are you using saved profile configs when setting up the router after an update to firmware and after resetting. If so a saved profile that does not match the firmware it was saved on can create issues as it includes code from the firmware it was saved from.
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