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  1. There are work arounds like extenders and power lines, access points but if the property is too large you might have to look into a mesh setup. I use the EX8000 extender and that worked ok with the XR500, used in both AP and extender mode but reality is if you game on the extender in extender mode it’s going to add latency. Off course it’s all adding costs at the end of the day which points to a mesh setup might be cheaper and better for the use you require. to be fair to the 2.4 and the XR500 you will never see 325mbps even up close. I’m running a RAX120 and on AC device iPad Pro I see 100Mbps close to the router on 20HT, only AX devices will see 2.4 jump up and that’s a completely different kettle of fish. WiFi can be a tad entertaining at times. Did you suffer coverage with the BT router and was this their mesh setup?
  2. To be honest that’s not bad results, you would be pushing to get any more. The 5Ghz is capable of a max of 1733Mbps but you never achieve that and a throughput of over 600Mbps is very good. Don’t forget MB/s is different to Mbps so that might be where there is confusion. the XR500 is built around the R7800 and that’s known for great coverage but even that would struggle to hit a gig over WiFi. Here’s the thing with routers, there is no holy grail so it’s finding a router that serves your needs. BT might offer a bit more throughput on WiFi but it lacks features where DumaOS can help bufferbloat and you have the geo filter that helps to insure you pick the best servers. If you managed to get around 100Mbps out of 2.4 that’s not bad on WiFi Sweetspots. 2.4 is good for say devices like echos, or rings, all your low data devices. 5Ghz is great for streaming, gaming, devices that require quicker connections. often speed tests don’t show the whole picture, firmware can make a huge difference at the end of the day.
  3. Now to really double check you can install and it’s free again Ookla speed test on the same device. Again you can check both and make sure under its settings it’s set to Mbps. do you live in a built up area?
  4. What many do is they use a free WiFi Analyzer which shows what Neighbouring Wi-Fi channels are in use and then what you do is you try to pick a channel with the least amount of channels being used by other peoples Wi-Fi. Of course if you’re in a very built-up area with lots of Wi-Fi it’s hard and that is where 5 GHz comes into play as the signal does not travel as far as 2.4 so you don’t suffer so much interference
  5. That’s great, you have great throughput on 5Ghz and a nice straight line. 2.4 could be worked on to get a bit more but if it’s crowded it can cause poor performance. I get around 100Mbps on my AX router on 2.4 and you are not far off that.
  6. A simple thank you is all we need but thank you for the kind offer. on your iPhone or iPad which ever is the best could you go to the App Store and download WiFi Sweetspots, it’s free which is nice.you can try both devices if you like but to keep it simple stick with the best device you have. On your settings tick coexistence so it’s on. now on your device with WiFi Sweetspots first connect to 2.4Ghz and then start WiFi Sweetspots, be in the same room as router and be at least 6ft away, record the figure. now connect to 5Ghz and record the figure, same position in room as above. This app shows throughput of your internal network. make sure QoS is off and bufferbloat is off or set to max on the slider. The ariels you screwed on are numbered so they match the ports, can you double check they are all on correctly. One last question, have you made any adjustment under the advanced section of the WiFi? ive a feeling you might be getting the speeds ok as you are recording a 70Mb/s which is 560Mbps which might be confusing you however 2.4 should be better. wifi very rarely reaches max speeds of a cabled connection, more so as you have such high speeds.
  7. Looks like the security log issue is solved which is good. Are you using the same cable to attach PS5 to router and have you checked by changing the cable just in case there is an issue there? Is there a switch involved in your setup?
  8. Yes it’s stops it from forcing HT40 which in a built up area can create a poor connection on the 2.4 band and cuts down interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi. HT20 and HT40 in simple terms is the width of of the channel so HT40 being wider uses more channels thus increasing its throughput but at the same time can suffer interference as its hogging the channels. Under the 2.4Ghz WiFi setting is the channel set to Auto? what device are you testing the 2.4 band on? what devices are connected to 2.4? is there any electrical equipment near the router ie land line phone? Can you confirm your speeds on 5Ghz.
  9. Those threads just cause upset to both companies and end users sadly.
  10. It’s been a while since I’ve had the 500 plugged in but access control is normally found under advanced options, it just allows devices to connect to internet. interesting that the time was out, I seem to remember an old post where those errors were corrected by the time stamp. Are you still see the logs with the same issue? It may require a reboot.
  11. Hi, thanks for posting here. @Netduma Fraser is a wizard at connections and knows just about every connection out there so I’m sure he will double check your connection out as I am not familiar with fibre connections. we need to get you connect as in AP mode many router functions are not working as it’s just an Access point.
  12. Is access control on? Have you set anything up within access control? Is the time correct and it’s connecting to NTP server ok?
  13. Have you tried a factory reset yet? you can still download the latest version and install and then perform a factory reset. The only way to update is from downloading the file so if it’s still on the firmware version that came with the router it could do with updating manually followed by a reset.
  14. Hi, did you perform a factory reset after installing the latest firmware?
  15. Best to wait till 3.0 pops up that it’s available. Netgears forum for the gaming routers is not locked, it’s a public forum. If you can’t access that open forum it’s for a reason unless you mean something else and I’ve read your post incorrectly.
  16. The way you worded your post it indicated you turn off your router more than what would be classed as normal. are you saying the R2 has not recognised your Internet connection?
  17. Hi, I believe they are working on the next update to improve the experience of Duma but I often find estimates are best avoided as unforeseen events can delay release. is there something you were interesting in seeing or solving?
  18. While it’s a waiting game for the Beta perhaps you should reframe from all the posts that involve Fraser. Fraser might not have answer you want to hear but to continue with this line of what seems to be a personal attack does you no favours and it does not help any other user on this thread.
  19. It could do with moving to be honest, even just for a test. Lots of interference there including the power lines going past the router, it all adds up. Routers to achieve best performance really need to be away from other sources of electrical equipment. You could try turning the WiFi off in that position and see if it drops, EMI can have some strange side effects.
  20. Any chance of seeing of photo of your router and where it’s placed. have you moved it at all? Have you added any devices to it and then noticed strange behaviour?
  21. DNS is not only about your connection speed but security. Often tests like that only tell you the difference there and then and pathways can change. It’s like a car mot or equipment calibration, it’s only correct at time of measurement. Ive never needed to change my DNS and some I would not trust in a million years.
  22. That is the latest. have you hidden your SSID?
  23. I get that at times, other times is greys out speed. It’s not that great at times to be honest and seems a bit hit or miss. Try it with a different browser to see if that helps. I’ve ran tests with my friend and we both get different greyed out circles. we use this sites test. https://www.thinkbroadband.com
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