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  1. Factory reset again with pinhole and install the latest firmware over the top. Reset again then test. If the problem remains I would be thinking of RMA.
  2. Did you reset the router using the reset option in the software or the rear pinhole method? don’t use the software reset, hold the rear pinhole in for around 20 seconds. This will clear the NVram properly. Don’t use a saved config, you need to setup as new. if you then reboot and it fails to remember your previous setting ie. it goes through the setup I personally would RMA the unit.
  3. Unifi tends to have huge storage, I’m using nearly 2gigs of storage with 1.3TB of traffic which hold the logs and all the info. To have such in depth statistics might mean they need to be cleared on the XR routers monthly as they don’t hold enough memory and even then if you have a busy household with many devices it might be just too much for a domestic router. There’s also the issue that all the info is lost on a reboot and that includes all info from logs where as Unifi keeps it all. the only way round it is to use external storage but I’m not sure is that’s possible. It will be a nice feature though to see your usage so definitely looking forward to that.
  4. Any update on how it’s going 😊
  5. Gaming/voice is WMM which is part of the IEEE 802.11.
  6. Let’s keep it friendly, it’s a great thread where everyone is helping each other and by doing so everyone benefits with a better online experience which makes this community stand above all others.
  7. Duma is accessed via a browser. Im guessing you already know that via your previous posts but do you mean 3.0 beta?
  8. The modem is invisible, you will need to reset the XR500 and it should detect the internet on setup and you just add the credentials and away you go. This way you are not messing with the BT router, you know the chipset too which if memory serves me right could be several inside the BT router. one big plus is that the BT router if restarted as it’s the modem will reboot that and too many daily reboots can see line syncs drop. So the XR500 will handle the connection and you don’t need to log or or do anything with the HG612. Remember to turn on the HG612 and allow it a couple of mins to fully boot up and then plug in the XR and reset the XR and do the setup.
  9. Hi have you altered the DHCP and IP address. If so you need to be on auto and renew it if you have altered it manually ie looking at stats on a modem for example.
  10. Hi The geo filter now helps you find the best servers any other queries regarding your question you will have to searched on other forums as this forum is for support.
  11. Hi and welcome. I don’t think it’s available for the XR500 yet but don’t worry there’s PingPlotter which will help you find the best settings. Best to use a wired connection from pc/Mac to router when running PingPlotter. are you using the beta version of 3.0? What is your isp speeds that you receive? Is CC on all the time and a pic of your QoS page will help too. What equipment is the XR500 connected too and how is it connect? is this wired or WiFi you are seeing the spikes on. the more info the quicker we can see why you are getting such high spikes.
  12. Did you perform a factory reset using the rear pinhole method after updating? Don’t use a saved profile either, set the router up as a fresh install.
  13. I’ve never used the BT router that was supplied years back, the HG I use was supplied by BT from the start and I had the old Apple router. The XR500 I’ve got ran fine when connected to the HG as has all the other routers I’ve had. Prefer modem as it matches my cabinet and I know the chipset. The only issue with BT was when they had issues with spikes if you stream Netflix or any streaming service which had a massive thread on their forums but before Covid they did say they were rolling out a fix but no one really had an explanation what was going on. https://www.pingplotter.com/fix-your-network/getting-started there’s a guide there but use a wired connection and run it and see what happens, you can post a pic here too. You want a nice flat path and a low round trip. So say you start the test and set your CC to 70% both ways you can see how it performs when you run speed tests or you try to saturate your connection.
  14. That’s what I said but I could have worded it better. you are changing it so you have a few ip addresses given to you. That’s why when you change your address it drops the test you try. So now you know you can’t stop traffic to your router what are your concerns now regarding the possibility of such an attack? What made you try this in the first place, was it something you and your friend came across and you wondered how to stop a DDoS attack? I would steer clear of the websites that offer this, you don’t want to invite issues as you limited addresses. At the end of the day it’s going to be mighty rare to be DDoS but you could ask your isp what they offer if any protection like cloudflare claims. Personally I’ve never had issues in all the years I played apart from the ones that hit services like Sony. just insure you have the router locked down and your network is clean of issues.
  15. it’s dynamic but you have a static ip but your provider allows you more than one ipv4 address, how many blocks do they allow out of interest, ie 8, 16, 32 and so on, if purchased what size?
  16. Maybe the op is confused and talking about renewing his public IP address which if it’s dynamic is easy to do however the attack would still have taken place as the router can’t stop traffic and the only way to do that is upstream ie the isp. A router can’t stop traffic server side, it can’t connect to external servers and say hey don’t send me this which is why at the end of the day a huge attack that reaches your router will simply swamp your connection. most DDoS protection is ISP or held with companies they peer with and home routers don’t have the parameters to off load attacks of such large amounts. When we saw large attacks a few years back security increased to tackle the issue so companies like Netscout worked in partnership with Cisco to protect businesses. Residential users don’t require this level of protection and companies like this monitor traffic in the peering side so it can mitigate before the attack reaches the network. https://www.teiss.co.uk/playstation-ddos-hacker-pleads-guilty/ this article also explains why we see more protection against botnets which is why we saw an increase in isolating IoT over the last few years as they tend to be vulnerable. However these attacks are aimed at large companies not home users and so security stepped up to build platforms to protect companies or organisations. the end result is for a home user regardless of what you try a successful attack using large amounts of data can’t be stopped if it reaches your router, there’s no magic cure, but as we see on this forum we are not swamped with users being attacked as there’s no financial gain to do so. So Ip tables don’t stop traffic before your router and no IP address can stop traffic before an event but thankfully we have firewalls to help mitigate small scans and I guess NG have this side locked down to prevent end users tampering with rules that they may not understand.
  17. Regarding your first post how is your WiFi setup ie single SSID or channels split? As the PS5 stays connected is it just Apple device that drop the connection? Are they dropping close to the router or when at a distance and do they rejoin or do you have to either reboot the router or go into say your iPhone and then reconnect?
  18. Some try using ip tables but a denial has reached you so it’s not full protection. If ip tables were the forefront of security it would be a feature we all have. Your friend ip tables is TCP protecting which is only part of the issue which is why ip tables can’t protect you fully from a DDoS. Having faith that this system gives you full protection is sadly false. Whats happening is you are getting caught up in the I might be attacked and need to do something. You don’t need to worry as most routers cover the basic DDoS protection to a point while others offer more complex protection but that’s not found on home routers. What router does your friend use as you mentioned it was an old NG router? I saw a bit of the log you posted on Reddit that showed the scan, could you show the full log including the disconnection caused by the attack as you mentioned it stopped services. Note yours is a UDP attack and some services like cloudflare offer protection as it ICMP based. Note also your router picked it up as such so NGs claim to protection is correct. don’t forget many of these so called attacks are spoofed addresses so they change. If I look at your photo and look them up it’s China however as it’s most likely spoofed there’s no way to truly be sure. I would also recommend you keep clear of sites that offer free or paid ip stress testing. Even those offering a simple registration.
  19. Hi and welcome i believe we chatted on Reddit and I suggested you pop in to gain help. Have you at any point been attacked with a denial of service? How would you block it as it’s a firewall rule and a denial of service simply overwhelms you. For a firewall to block the scan must be initiated, you can’t block address before they hit your firewall so a denial of service still pulls you down as it simply overwhelms you depending on the type of attack used. ip table can’t stop DDoS attacks, never has and never will because the attack has reached you. Under normal usage with a NG router you will never have to worry about firewalls as they work quite happily in the background. A website address is different to the IP address of a connection. Blocking a website is just stopping your connection accessing the websites address and they host services that include may third party services.
  20. There’s a beta for 3.0 that available and has had several updates. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/bd-p/en-home-beta-npg-duma it’s an open beta so free to use, have a read through the posts then if you wish to try go ahead and install.
  21. I had a job reading that but rebooting is not required and it’s not good practise to do so as routers don’t like constant on/off. @DMC_81 try to keep the posts short as you will get more responses. Don’t take this the wrong way but your long posts don’t normally get read and it’s really hard to follow for other members.
  22. Hi if this was on the setup and you can’t connect via wired or wireless it might just be a little gremlin in the system. If so I would use the rear pinhole method to reset and start again. Simply hold the reset in for around 20 seconds, release and allow the router to boot up. After that you should be able to access the router and proceed with setting it up again.
  23. I would check with PingPlotter before spending out. If that shows no issues you are good to go. https://support.aa.net.uk/Router_-_TP-Link_-_TD-W9980 looks like it does have a bridge mode here.
  24. Zyxel do a WiFi 6 router with SFP. It’s the AX7501. Kind of bordering home and enterprise.
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