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  1. Internet....path....laws of physics. Try this on your XR router, lower bufferbloat to an insane amount and make out your connection is not great and try playing and watch how the server helps you.
  2. They are using the same paths as you it’s just that they play day in, day out.
  3. Can you not see the 2.4 on a WiFi analyser like WiFi explorer. Check 2.4 is on and broadcasting and if you can’t see the channel then it’s dead as that’s how mine went.
  4. Is there some type of massive capacitor in there?
  5. Routers hate power cuts and spikes and it may have created a hardware issue. Many have their routers on a backup system to protect them. did you hold the reset button in for at least 10 seconds?
  6. You should not need a reboot router schedule. The only reason it’s required was bugs which should be fixed in 3.0. Routers should stay up and running with min reboots.
  7. If it’s an issue with the WiFi drivers is that not Netgear that handles that side?
  8. Age of hardware has a lot more to do with it. How secure is your router for example, 32 bit vs 64, WiFi 4, 5, 6. The XR series are not top tier now. Do any of your routers offer WPA3 or PMF for extra security for example. look at the max throughput some of the older routers have compared to some of the routers now available and with 6e on the horizon which will show up in mesh systems you can go with crazy amount of devices per node if you so wish. there are exceptions to the rules, the R7800 has great throughput and Voxel and others have worked hard on that router to produce good firmwares and in my opinion it out performs the XR500 as it’s packages are up to date. COD has been awful from day one, servers always have been iffy regardless of what you try but I bet if you played GTA or World of Warships the XR500 would be more than good enough. Ive played COD on the RAX120, it plays fine as it is, some games are good and others you get awful gameplay, same with the XR500 that I hammered Blackout with. Tonight I’ve been playing Call of the wild, no issues, played Division, no issues. For me I’ve done enough COD stuff and first person shoot them ups as I’ve played this type of game since Quake 2 on wireplay. so what other online games have you had issues with apart from COD or is it just based on getting that edge that everyone wants?
  9. @ GT9484 but have you still got the XR500 or did you sell it on?
  10. The hardware is 5 years old, it’s getting on a bit now. It’s based on the R7800 with minor upgrades but wifi is not as great. I’m U.K. and have just 55 down.
  11. Well what magic wand will change it. Gaming routers don’t suit all, some call them snake oil, some swear by them. 3.0 is due out, if that fails to work for you then move on.
  12. That’s so true, that’s why a load of us still engage on the forum.
  13. I did, I spent even more on the RAX120. There comes a time if you get issues and you don’t get the performance you want and that includes hardware for better coverage it’s time to move on. I’m not alone on this either. You could sell the the 500 on and take a hit and move on.
  14. Does it game better on your other routers. If so I would use them and forget about geo filtering as it’s clearly not working for you.
  15. I would suggest you look for another router if you wish to have security cameras rigged up to the XR series of routers via WiFi .Most cameras tend to want to use 2.4 and as it does not support PMF they can be taken down very quickly. 5Ghz requires a bit more work but still not secure. If however you just want a domestic based system Arlo do a range of cameras that use a base station connected to your router via lan. This is a protected network and far more secure.
  16. It’s COD, it’s always been like this and there’s nowt you can do.
  17. But what can be injected into that router that’s open for all to see. That’s why it’s more secure to have a modem and the router.
  18. Lol oh well that’s a first report for me haha, don’t worry. I would imagine DumaOS 3.0 may well fix this but if you wish under the COD forum you will see Caddy 2.0 which can delete offline devices but you could trying reinstalling .56 firmware over the top and resetting afterwards to see if that helps.
  19. That’s pretty 😢 It’s a known issue, to tidy it up you need to reset the router I’m afraid.
  20. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/cs/groups/public/documents/webcontent/vfcon098518.pdf that may help. If you are not fibre on to premises the above is what you need to enter your router.
  21. Your Vodafone router will be an all in one modem and router. I’ve never used one but yo need to go into its settings and see if you have a modem only setting. Then you connect XR500. Connect to the XR500 WAN port. Setup and off you go. Without a modem it will not work so you do need one.
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