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Netgear XR1000 wifi speeds

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Hi, all

I have been using the Netgear XR1000 with the DumaOS for a while now, and while everything is working great on the gaming and QOS side I have been stumped with some major wifi issues.

I recently replaced a couple desktop wifi cards to wifi-6 (Intel AX200) and before I replaced the cards my transfer speeds between computers were around 29mb/s. Now I can't get above 11. We not too long ago had a couple of laptops that got about over 100mb/s transfer speed over wifi with wifi-6 this is what inspired me to do the switch in the first place. After messing with some wifi adapter settings and some channel settings on the router page I was able to get 75mb/s on one desktop, but it didn't last long.

I was just wondering if someone could provide some insight as to why I am getting such low transfer speeds when I know the equipment is capable of much more. As of right now after resetting the network on all computers I am getting 11mb/s transfer speeds even on the new laptop. If nothing else I would like to know what settings influence wifi transfer speed between computers. I tested the wired speed and it is around 110 mb/s, so that's fine.



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Thanks for trying!

Did you have to re-connect the PCs after replacing the Wi-Fi cards?

It may be worth disconnecting them, removing them from Device Manager in DumaOS and then re-connecting them, perhaps the XR1000 isn't recognising them as Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices yet.

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I was looking at things and realized the main cable from my switch to the router in the main room had an orange light so I unplugged and plugged in the ethernet cable now the light is green. Now I am getting 24mb/s. Just trying to figure out how to get back to those amazing wifi transfer speeds I was experiencing. Have 2 desktops and a laptop. Laptop was getting 110mb/s, desktop was getting same, desktop 2 was getting 80

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How are you testing this file transfer?


One thing that is new in Windows nowadays is write back caching. So when you transfer a file, it goes to windows memory at full speed and then slowly gets written onto the target device.


One thing is that most external devices do not use write back caching.


Other thing is that when you are copying files and you inmediately try to copy them back, the file isn't fully written to the drive yet resulting in very slow transfers.


Another thing is that write back cache in win 10 is limited to 1GB. So if you exceed that the transfer will slow down.


What I would actually suggest is using iPerf3. Use it on both clients and then test bandwidth. Preferrably, run it on your wired PC as server and use the wifi devices as client.

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 Reconnection of the PC's was not an issue, I not too long ago had the appropriate speeds just trying to get them back.


When I do a file transfer the network monitor doesn't pick anything up. There is a television near the router, that is all.


I'm testing this transfer in Windows 10. The transfers were done between 3 different computers. Using windows file transfer I was able to achieve the proper speeds. It shouldn't be so difficult to attain these speeds again, but here we are...

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Shouldn't have really made much of a difference there, I'd suggest making a ticket directly with Netgear as this is more of a hardware/NG settings issue and they're more likely to have some suggestions for you to try

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