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  1. Been using the XR1000 router for almost a couple weeks and things seem to be working very well. Really enjoying the extra throughput and future proofing. I am very pleased with the plethora of options and the ability to save the settings.
  2. Lol, thank you for your honest assessment. Already went ahead and purchased that bad boy.
  3. Thanks Fraser. I will keep that in mind.
  4. What are the issues with the router and its current firmware?
  5. Alright, thanks for the info and clarification. How did you know to put source as 1-65535
  6. Now that you verified that I can use ports to prioritize traffic I can't think of a scenario 😅. I am prioritizing a program called Parsec.
  7. Currently, on the bandwidth allocation screen when the allocation method is chosen for applications, it resets the settings for bandwidth allocation settings for devices and vice versa. Moving forward was just wondering if it could be made possible for us to do this without the settings on the other allocation method being forgotten. Also, if I want to prioritize a specific program would I just input the ports that program uses under traffic prioritization?
  8. Hi, You guys software and router and everything you are doing is purely awesome and I love the OS. I was just wondering, would it be possible in a future firmware update to include the ability to adjust bandwidth allocation to devices AND services together rather than it being an either/or type of thing? Thanks.
  9. Power in regards to the WIFI bandwidth speed capacities, when I watch large files over the network there is a lot of buffering and I have to compress them down just for them to be viewable. Thank you for the information.
  10. Hello, fellow Netduma users. I have been using the R2 since August and although I am really liking all the QOS options and gamer specific choices of the DumaOS, I really wish it had more power so I am thinking about getting an XR1000. Anyone here in the forums that has used the XR1000 for a decent amount of time would you be able to provide your experiences with this device? Are there frequent reboots needed, etc etc... Much appreciated, thanks.
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