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Unable to get geofilter to work

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Hi there,

I have just setup an XR300 router and I am struggling with the geofilter on it - it doesn’t appear to be doing anything to me.

I will start this by saying I am using an Xbox Series X over Wi-fi (5GHz) and am currently testing while playing Warzone, but will be playing other games too.   

When I set the geofilter to my location and reduced the distance/proximity, server/user icons appear intermittently, but those that sit outside the circle do not differ from those inside, so it’s not clear to me whether those that sit outside are being blocked or not. There are definitely no yellow highlighted items as the app suggests there would be on a blocked connection. 

I have tried to set up my connection to only connect to servers within the UK or Northern France but was getting higher in game ping than usual, so I decided to see if, when I moved the geofilter location to Australia to see if it affected my matchmaking - I was expecting this to not find a game at all due to how high you would expect ping to be on this, but it found me a game   straight away and it appeared I was just connected to the same region as before. I did quit the game/restart my Xbox after setting the location to Australia.

I set up my device as Xbox/console, have it set to filtering mode and strict mode and auto ping host are both selected. Ping assist is set to 0.


Am I doing something wrong or does this feature just not work with series X?

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Hi Fraser. 

Here's the screenshot. It looks like servers are intermittently showing up like the one below, but the connections doesn't seem to be blocked. I am in the UK.

There is also one that pops up that appears to be in Germany and the icon appears to be the same.

Also, when I turn off auto ping and try and ping a host, the bottom right window just gets stuck on a loading wheel or it shoes me box saying security error - not sure if this is normal or not. The reason I need this is to allow my friend's IP's for Xbox party chat and I can't do that currently. 


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Okay so the reason you're getting games outside your radius is because you have Ping Assist on so put that to 0 and it will fix that. Regarding the ping panel/script error, what device/web browser are you using to access the interface?

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Hi Fraser, 

I have tried both with and without ping assist and doesn't seem to make a difference.

In the below I have set the ping assist to 0 and put the curcle in the middle of the nowhere and still seems to be finding a connection? (Again, this is just to test that this is doing anything for me).

With regards to the ping panel - I have tried on IE, Chrome and Safari iOS.



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Hi Bert, Thanks for your response. This is what I tried initially but I didn’t see any improvement.

What I am trying to do is prove that my geofilter function is working at all, as the icons don’t seem to be indicating that they are blocking any connections outside of the radius set when there is 0 ping assist. 

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