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Found 20 results

  1. DumaOS geofiltering not working correctly; it is not detecting me, any friends, random other players in game, or servers. so filtering ( the main reason that i purchased this router) is not functioning properly. have set it up with the in app guides and watched an hour long tutorial on it; still to no avail.
  2. Hi, im from germay and want only play in kuwait etc. My player ist pinging there but i cant find lobbys. please help
  3. Hi all, This is a strange one that I can't get my head around. My setup is PS4 wired direct to xr300 with QOS on with 70% + 70% on the sliders , PS4 selected as the device. My issue I am having is despite all this whenever my wife flicks through videos on Instagram (specifically), I get a noticeable lag spike. Currently FIFA mostly and the indicator for a drop in connection will flash red each time she hits the app. Any advise welcomed as to why and what am I missing? It's a perfect way to get me off the console for her haha
  4. I've been running speed tests multiple times after upgrading my internet download/upload speeds from 150 Mbps/5Mbps to 1000Mbps/35Mbps speeds and have seen that the speeds are capping at around 280 Mbps for the download speeds. My upload speeds match up to and sometimes surpasses what the ISP provides. I want to know if this is a limitation on the router or any of my other hardware. Any help would be appreciated. Hardware: Modem: Netgear CM1000 Router: Netgear Nighthawk XR300 Internet provider: Comcast/Xfinity Internet speeds: Download: 1000 Mbps Upload: 35 Mbps
  5. Hello guys, i don't really know if this post is in the correct place so please forgive me. I'm an italian guy who just bought NETGEAR XR300 to use it with PS4 on Destiny 2 to match with teams of friends who own the same router in the osiris Trials (am I allowed to say that?), I was in their team before and it always worked with some specific settings and it was very rare to be matched with other people. In the last month this system seems not to work anymore and I really don't understand why, I am asking for support and if we can arrange a proper assistance i'd like to pay for that in case if this require more than a 'normal answer'. I can show you the configuration if needed and this is the same of my friends as we setted them together. Giovanni
  6. Hi to everyone!! Here are the official answer from Netgear Twitter account why they take too long for DumaOS 3.0...
  7. Hi!. I have an strange problem with my XR300. I will try to tell as simple as i can. I have an 600/600 simetrical speed ftth conection that worked fine and gets me a speed between 450-600. It was pretty stable before and usually i get over 600/600, but with the increased use after COVID problems, thats all i get. I always talk about wired connection. I´ve tried with the next steps. 1) I changed the ISP router and plug the XR300 to the ONT. As the wizard dont works i configure the conection manually, with user and pass and create the vlan for the inernet connection and i get access to the internet. All seems to work fine, but then i launch a speed test and it get below 100/100 speeds. 2) I realize many tests to locate the problem(net card of the pc, a switch tests, changue the wires), and finaly i test the pc directly to the XR300, but with the same result. I test to replace the router with the older one, and i get the high speeds again. From this point i consider the pc, ont, and wires work fine. All the next have been done over a direct connection with the same working wires (cat 5e) that have been used in test with the older router. 3) I disabled the QoS and get the antiblufferboat on never, but nothing happens. Also i set the prope bandwidth, to 600/600 because it dont semms to autodetect. 4) I tried to use the MAC of the old router intead the default one, but nothing. 5) I have set the vlan settings like the older router (id 6 and priority to 1). 6) I´ve tested the LAN port works in 1000M in the statistics of the XR300 and as i said before, in the pc. 7) A speedtest by the nighthawk app shows a better speed in router but keeps getting bad ones on the pc. 😎 I tried to reset and set all again with the same results. 9) The difference between the older router and the new are manifest in the screenshot (same server and ping) I dont know what else try or if its better return the product to amazon. Anyone can help?. Thanks!!.
  8. Hey all, I just built a new pc and have been playing warzone. I've been having trouble with massive ping spikes which I'm certain is caused by a problem with my ISP (xfinity) as I just swapped out my old modem for one of their newest ones and the problem still persists... anyway I'm writing this because I've been trying to use the geofilter to try to help by connecting to servers closer to me (I'm in the PNW) however when I set the geofilter to only connect to servers on the west coast and turn off ping assist the game WILL NOT put me in a match. I'm stuck in the lobby as I watch it say looking for match<58ms ping... <75ms ping...<104ms ping etc. This can go on for 20 min. w/o putting me in a match. The problem isn't that I can't see the servers because I can, I'm treating my pc as if it is an xbox to ensure that I do... but the game will not listen to my geofilter. I even had one rare occasion where I had my geofilter set to 1,000 km centered around the PNW with ping assist off and the game still connected me to a dedicated server on the east coast. Should I factory reset my Nighthawk XR300? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm desperate. Thanks for listening... hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  9. I have serious problems with the geo filter. I briefly explain: I have two xbox connected on the same network. I set the location through the filter on the pacific ocean so as to find only the two consoles in the same lobby. Unfortunately, however, it only finds other people except the two consoles. How can I solve it? Here my settings.
  10. I've noticed alot recently that my prioritised upload packets barely increase compared to my download packets, can anyone offer any advice? I've tried it with various rules, e.g games console, duma classified games, ABB on and off etc but im not managing to improve it. Did a full restart too, both at the plug and through the router UI. As of now my router has been on for 4-5 hours, but I've got high priority upload packets VS 60060 high priority download packets? Would appreciate any help thanks everyone.
  11. Ok , this is about the Geo-Filter implementation on the XR300. I read all the forum posts everywhere and came to the conclusion many people think its broken on the XR300 and working on the XR500 specifically for Destiny 2. So I set out to prove it (or not). The filter works as expected on the original XR300 factory release , it can and does correctly deny all connections. It is however a buggy release and will crash and break the filter if you breath on it. Every other release of the firmware is broken and will not deny connections. From my observations , some module is breaking on the XR300 geofilter. However without any meaningful logging interface on the router where this is happening I do not know. Connections are made that do not appear on the Geofilter , this doesn't happen with the original firmware. Doing the same tests on the XR500 reveals that it correctly geofilters with destiny 2. I have spent 5-6 days testing this to destruction , is there any hope for the XR300 with Destiny 2 or is my only choice to buy the XR500/700 ? Some sort of meaningful answer would be appreciated TIA Malt
  12. I have been reading through many threads on the forums and came across this one: Where he found a similar setting for anti-bufferbloat like I have, being very low compared to the recommended around 70%. I am using my Billion 8800AXL which is a modem&router, as a modem only in bridge mode; then the XR300 in PPPoE with the login details for my ISP. Is it best to keep it like this or use the Billion 8800AXL to connect to the internet PPPoE, and enter the Billion 8800AXL IP address in the 'Default DMZ Server' settings in the XR300? (and change the 'Does your Internet connection require a login?' to 'No').
  13. So ive been using this xr300 but when ever i play cod for about 2 to 3 hours it starts to give lag spikes. Its worst when i exit the game and come back its unplayable at that point so i reset my pc and it goes back to normal. I know its not my pc because it started to do this when i replaced it with my old router. I turned off qos since i cant seem to get the speed i usually get 480. I looked up settings for best setup but it goves me the same issue after a long period pf time.
  14. Hi, I noticed that my 2.4 Ghz wifi often tends to have signal drops, from full signal it passes almost to zero. I state that I have several wifi networks in the condominium, my house is 60 square meters, the router is in the central room and I have set the channel on a free one not used by others. Is it possible for other networks to disturb the same while being on different channels? Thanks.
  15. Bonjour , il y a encore peu de temps je pouvais accéder à DumaOs mais aujourd'hui en tentant de me connecter, je n'étais pas sur le même écran affichant il y avait que "settings", je me suis donc déconnecté et reconnecter la même a choisi je ne sais pas quoi faire. Merci de bien vouloir m'aider.
  16. Hey guys, just looking for some advice, I’ve had a XR300 router for around 3-4 months, other than getting to the bottom of the QoS issue I did find a way round it. However I noticed over the last month, my xr300 has been doing random restarts, wireless devices are disconnecting etc. Anyway I was wondering before I return the XR300, should I pay a little extra and get the XR500? I know there isn’t much difference if at all in the Duma OS part but my thinking is with the hardware being a little more powerful would it still be worth upgrading? Thanks
  17. I just upgraded from the R1 to the XR300. For the last 4 months or so I've had no problems changing the geofilter settings on my R1 between games of BO4 on XBox (no restart of BO4 necessary). It was working like a charm. The XR300 doesn't seem to be as robust. Sometimes even when I don't change settings after starting BO4, I get servers/peer hosts outside my radius. I'm running firmware on the XR300. with Filtering on, strict mode, ping assist = 0, no Fast search (same settings I used on the R1 with DumaOS). Do the geofilters operate differently between the R1 and XR300? Any known reason why the geofilter on the XR300 isn't changeable post start or why it isn't as effective as the R1? Thanks
  18. I bought the XR 300 in the hopes that it would change my gaming experience more specifically with call of duty blackout. as we all know the servers and the connection to them is the biggest issue and that is why I trusted this product to fix this. I find that now having it it is no different than my ISP modem / router. in the hopes that I am doing something wrong or have settings not correct I am requesting a one-on-one to review hopefully via screen share my system to just get it properly set up one time. I've contacted Netgear I have contacted Activision and now I'm contacting you as my last hope. I truly believe that this is something that could work but I don't have faith in my setup. I struggled because the only support that I'm able to get is via a chat or a Twitter and I simply need a review of my system via screen share our phone call. My pain is 75 to a hundred in every game and even with geofilter on I am still being connected to people outside my circle and others who have this router or play the game competitively get a single pane of 0 to 30. I just simply want to achieve this and I need your help.
  19. Hello everyone! Has anyone who has the xr300 noticed any problems with the wifi since the last update? I noticed that my smartphone tends not to receive notifications or messages when I'm not using my phone. I tried to go back to the old firmware and it seems to work all right.
  20. To everyone and anyone with ANY knowledge of DumaOS and the nighthawk XR300, help a fellow gearhead out! Brief backdrop of my current situation. Just purchased a CM700 modem and an XR300 pro gaming router to escape xfinitys stronghold and limitations. I’ve always had an issue with xfinitys hardware! All their modems/routers were “defective” which resulted in poor connection, multiple techs sent out to my home, constant device swaps. So I took the initiative to escape that misery. I was so anxious for my new hardware. Tried optimizing settings on DumaOS but no luck! I game on a PS4 Pro which is hardwired to the XR300. I live in Illinois. I mostly play Fortnite. ISP is Xfinity/150MBPs. My issue is, Geo filtering doesn’t work. Ping is high 30’s. Before I was getting 20-23. . When I try to configure settings via Geo Filter I’m shown “Nil 2.5” “Nil” with an adjustable bar. And under that “Nil” with a checkmark. I pinned geo filter to my dashboard to monitor my ping and it doesn’t measure my latency/ping, for example I should be shown “12ms”, instead it’ll indicate “Nil”, no actual values. Someone, anyone, help! I purchased these for the sake of optimizing performance! I feel like I’m not getting the most out of my new hardware! Also, if anyone can suggest specific configurations/settings, it would greatly be appreciated! This is all very new to me! Thank you to you all in advance! Looking forward to your replies! Ozzi
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