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Hi all,

Is there a way to raise my ping without geofilter. Ive read so much about lag comp, when you watch the 'pro' streamers etc they all sit between 30ms and 60ms... they shoot first, kill first.. there bullets hit hard!! They slay..

Im not a noob, average 2.5kd player. So its not that am missing shots etc. 

Im with BT FTTP 1gig down, 120mb up. 

I use QoS etc and ping plotter to get best connection


My ping in game is normally 15ms to 19ms.. i think lag compensation is seriously fucking me. Is there a way i can raise my ping to 30ms. 

I have tried using a 30m cable, tried on wifi... still such a low ping! Ive tried ppaying on bt router rather than xr700.. still 15ms

If i switched my provider to say sky? Would that lower my ping as they dont offer full speeds. 

If i switched to bt business on 300mb down wud that lower my ping. 

Its going to cost me £200 to leave BT, i dont want to leave and say join sky at slower speeds and still have a 15ms ping.


I played blackout at my old house, on sky with a 30ms ping... i had a 5kd! 

I know i am so much better than my KD, my movement, play etc i just know i dont get alot of kills due to bullets missing and losing some 1on1s cos am behind. 


So yeh.. any way to raise my ping slightly? Just need to add 15ms, dnt wanna add like 100 haha. Reason for not using geofilter - alot of people hack out of the uk and my team who have 40ms pings atm would raise alot higher etc.

I tried to VPN that didnt work either really.


Thanks for your help 👍👍

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There is no guarantee you would get a lower or higher ping by switching providers or changing your speeds. 

I suppose you could disable QoS fully or change it to be less effective while running live streams, downloads etc but as your speeds are quite high you'd need to run a lot to saturate the connection enough to raise the ping

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as a person who gets, 60 -100 ping no matter what on my 25DOWN/ 2UP DSL connection.. i would assume lag comp is a myth as i always shoot first and Die unless im camping, Its one of the reasons i stopped playing COD, back when i use to have 1gig fiber my ping was always 30 or lower and i would hardy ever shoot first and die.. COD is the only game that feels super connection based, i can play PUBG siege etc all with 60-100 ping and slay

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I don’t often chip in but would like to chip in on this topic - I can assure you that lag comp in this way is actually a myth as far as I’m aware - I play on a constant 50-60ms ping to the servers from where I am in Glasgow and can assure you there is no advantage to increasing your ping deliberately - I have tried just about every method there is at gaining an advantage - I think any ping from 2-60 on this game is fine as long as It’s a stable one - also advantages to be gained from playing on pc with lower system latency and higher frames - apart from that the low Tick rates probably play a huge part in the randomness seen in warzone gunfights - does anybody know of any logical reasons for such low tick rates on the games servers ? 

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Everybody's experience will be different. Just because you few aren't dealing with it doesn't mean others aren't. I've been through the ringer with these games for almost a few decades now. Trust me, it may not be technically be lag compensation or interpolation or whatever but there's something in the code that cannot give everyone a fair shake network wise. Add  to that people with bad connections, people playing on hot spots with strict NAT etc and there's a whole other gaggle of problems to add to it. The devs, I assume, try to mitigate this the best they can but I feel the results far short. Players with good connections should not be punished by being handicapped for someone else's bad connection but here we are.

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If you want a higher ping switch your lan connection to wifi if you want a higher ping try forcing a moderated or strict nat type, Changing your ISP isnt going to do what your looking for & thats not what the pros and big streamers are doing, they are using vpn and or geo filter to find servers just a little further away to keep them inbetween that 30 to 60 sweat spot and if you watch streamers like iron or mutex, ayden. nickmercs and so on, they shot first kill first the majority of the time cause they are on PC with a a very high FPS. 160+ fps looks like they have dead silence on all the time. If your on console and someone is on PC with a really high FPS they just going to roll over you. also too console locked at a 80 FOV is a huge problem why we shoot first die first, the gun bounces so much all the rounds are not hitting. Again why PC dominates they are playing at 110 to 120 FOV there guns have no recoil and all there shots land

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