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  1. I’m affraid youv missed my point , there is no breaking of the sbmm at least in Europe - there is servers in Germany that I tested that can be slightly easier but not much - and after a couple of games on them you’ll fall straight back into the system
  2. I still think that it is not proven that it works on a permanent basis - with any testing I’ve done for it with also being a high kd player I find that it’s merely a temporary get around untill the algorithm picks you up again - it’s also not worth compromising your ping for if your going miles looking for an easy ride - maybe one day activision will at least tone it down and we can all stop the fierce debates
  3. My apologies i see you included them in your post - are you playing from the eu ?
  4. Could you include the top of the page with your stats just for academic reasons please
  5. I would like to state from experience that doing this for more than a few games is virtually impossible especially if you play from the eu region - I have found that you can connect to a server in Germany which at first will gift you the easiest lobbies in your life but within 5 matches you will fall back within the algorithm - the second point is that really a bot lobby is fully dependant on your own skill level - most people who fall into the median kd are simply looking for lobbies that do not exist. I have friends in Lebanon and morroco who for some reason can find bronze lobbies even though they have high kds - I don’t think these are particular servers and Im half certain it may be the algorithm compensating there ping disadvantage with an easy lobby.
  6. unfortunately haven't been able to connect to them for over a week but its good to know that there on sometimes and I can keep a polygon around them
  7. Im happy to report that I appear to have found a fix , I think for some reason that my factory resets were not working as intended when resetting via the router interface webpage - this was the method I had used last night to install new firmware - I noticed when reverting back to the original firmware earlier that resetting with the pinhole reset my login username and password credentials where as reseting via the gui did not. im not certain if this was the definite fix but it may be worth highlighting this to other people having issues after installing new firmwares. I now have extremely stable wifi with all devices working normally on the latest firmware version. thanks for the help @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Liam
  8. I really enjoy playing those servers Fraser - have you guys found any specific patterns for them in terms of what times of day or specific days they seem to be on ? or does it vary based on other server loads ?
  9. Yes I don’t really change too much in the qos percentages but they all have plenty of bandwidth allocated with share excess ticked for both up and down , I think at this point I’ll just give the old firmware another shot it didn’t work to badly for me - but still a mystery as to why the wifi has became worse despite the improvements listed in the firmware patch notes
  10. I set it from 35 percent back to 75%. I wouldn’t class the improvements as drastic but certainly stable but very weak outside of the routers room - this is in part due to bad placement of my internet line , but it was certainly working a lot better on the original firmware . One thing I can’t get my head round is how strong the signal is on laptops throughout most of the house but on smart phones it’s terrible.
  11. Would also like to add after some closer inspection - it appears the problems are mainly with mobile phones connecting - I notice that when I walk my laptop through the house it maintains a full signal with no drops where as mobiles drop out rather fast after leaving the room the router is in . It’s rather confusing as the signals themselves shown in device manager seem good enough but yet the signal just drops out , I have since checked qos and ralexed the settings a bit which seems to have helped slightly but any further help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi Fraser bad news I’m affraid the wifi signal is back to dropping out completely or becoming extremely weak , would it be possible to get the original firmware download
  13. I reinstalled the latest firmware and done another factory reset which has given me some success - it was mostly the range which was completely dropping out as soon as I left this room but after reinstalling it is working a bit better and hasn’t dropped out after 30 mins - I’ll leave it till the morning and set my expander up And get back to you guys if I have any problems - thanks for the speedy response as always Fraser
  14. Having a horrible time with the wifi signal from my r2 since upgrading to the latest firmware version - although not perfect , the wifi on the previous version which I believe was the original firmware that came in the box worked fine , I had hoped upgrading would have provided extra stability but it has turned out to be terrible - I have tried all the suggested fixes from the firmware thread , different channels and channel widths and I can’t get a signal beyond the room the router is in on either channel. Have also tried several factory resets to no avail.
  15. Would Just like to point out that this type of thing is not worth the hassle in its entirety , if you look at the lobby kd averages from the data given on sbmm warzone then you see that between bronze and diamond there is only a mere .5 either side of a flat 1kd which means that if your kd is anywhere close to these numbers then 1 - The sbmm will help you rather than impact you negatively and 2. You will also see these averages in any server region you choose to go into. The match making does not work in such a way where someone with a 2kd can find themselves in a lobby full of entirely 0.4 players by switching to another region - maybe in a one off lobby on Christmas Day but otherwise not worth it.
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