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  1. I came home today to no internet connection through my r2 , i am still able to connect and communicate to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet but with no internet , the network status is showing wan ip - disconnected - I am connected via modem mode on my isp hardware . I have pinhole reset both in an attempt to get it working but to no avail , I am able to connect to the internet through my isps router when I take it out of modem mode so feel this must be a problem with the r2 any help with this would be greatly appreciated
  2. With regards to the problems with packet burst this year , do you guys think that the problem lies only with iws netcode or perhaps it’s occurring in every call of duty title to an extent and iw are the only devs who have implemented an indicator of it , I’m in no way an expert but just curios.
  3. no problem , thanks for the help and ill keep an eye out for future updates, great Job with the router and duma 3 love all the new features and for someone who plays warzone at competitive level I've really loved the the stability its given me over the past few months
  4. My r2 recently arrived and I have been very happy with the new firmware features having came from the xr500 , I did however notice during unboxing that one of the metal sockets on the router ( where the front left antenna would screw onto) was not screwed into the unit correctly and was very loose , I tightened this with a small socket set and although slightly shorter than the other three it seemed to be fine and quite secure. all is fine with the router and its function apart from the fact that I have an extremely weak 2.4 ghz signal , if im standing merely 3 ft from the router the signal strength is 2 bars and on a wifi analyser the signal is showing extreme variation. I have tried changing wifi channels to see if this helped but the results are much the same - im just looking for an opinion on weather you think a hardware fault could be causing this or weather its a software issue. I would definitely be happy to wait for the next firmware update to see if this improves it but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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