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  1. Yep this is just the setup at the moment - I have tried it in Filtering and Also set the location as UK only - Still exactly the same if not worse. I have tried Setting congestion control to always - same nothing changes. When I press games console in NetDuma it just comes up saying Xbox - That is set to Games Console. Tried the connection to always connect also. IVE been on this for about a year now - Pretty much tried everything!! I am currently TRYING with a VPN - Running Express VPN on my PC setting to the UK ..... Hit Detection feels a little bit better BUT not perfect, BUT it makes me lag - I had 50ms ping on it rather than 19ms ... an the game feels jittery , also team mates voices lag and stutter. How can I set up the GeoFilter to say Spain, even when i am not host? As i play some customs too so want it to work for everything host or not host if that makes sense? Like how will I work it like that?.... I've just ran a torny against some Pro's and i came 3rd, what let me down is the hit reg - There shooting me 1sec before i can shoot them and its costing me games.
  2. So when I say I am with BT I just meant my line is with BT - I actually use Ghost Gaming Broadband... WASTE of money for Warzone it has made no difference what so ever and just increased my ping.
  3. Those are my settings above. I have my internet plugged in as FTTP >> ONT >> XR700 >> PC All wired in Cat6 minimum.
  4. The best example to see the error is in that video - When the enemy lands, I still proceed to shoot where he is on my screen, no one is there on the replay... I shoot for a good 1-2 seconds before moving down to kill him which is about the amount of time I always say that I am delayed by. A different guy was spectating me today - HE is also on Virgin, I was pre aiming a door... The guy appears I shoot... My mate spectating said did you shoot as soon as u saw him which i did, he said thats crazy because the guy was stood there a whole second or two looking for you before you even shot. My friends are fed up of me winging haha!
  5. dumaOS classified games OFF My gaming PC in Priority Only reason I keep mentioning PPPoE is because that's only difference I see between BT and Virgin, cable is both fibre, as I have FTTP. An if you look at all the pros - WarsZ - Virgin JukeyZ - Virgin FIfakill - Virgin Other players who are not pro but are all 4kd - All on Virgin.... I think maybe games don't like PPPoE as I did try Apex Legends and it seemed the same although a hell of alot harder to tell as I was shit at the game as i only played 3 games haha!
  6. 300mbps down and 60mbps up I'm using the XR700 but as I say ive tried loads - tried the xr500, ax11000, an about 10 other models haha! Everythings connected to the BT hub in the house, but this is still exactly the same when I disconnect everything and only play with my PC on. QoS settings is 70 / 70
  7. Not tried that yet mate, ill try now! Its funny every time i have posted to people about it they always want a video haha! Is it something to do with the PPPoE Connection? Or do you think maybe theres a fault on the line somewhere... My Connection test shows PING UNDER LOAD as a D!!! Would that cause this? Im not a tech wiz, but would ping under load just cause like a stutter in gameplay not smooth gameplay but shoot first die first?!
  8. Thats what i am saying fraiser, that video is of my mates screen. On MY SCREEN i hit every bullet, on his screen i miss because its not translating the same to my screen. So this shows how the enemy is ahead in the game to what i visually see on my screen.. Meaning, it took for him to land fully dead infront of me before i kill him - without the lag i 100% kill him before he lands easy!! As i say i was a 5kd in blackout and when having a day at my sis im 5kd. Go back home 2.5kd because of this
  9. Its taken me forever to get a video but check it out - so on my screen i hit him with every bullet.. i genuinly do not miss! I am very accurate to the point i get accused of having cronus ALOT!! I say that above so u know i am not a bot... As you see in the video he is ahead of me in every way... so in the game he is infront, i am shooting where he is on my game! This then leads to me having to put so many bullets into him just to kill him!!! This has even more affect at distance - as you can imagine at 200m the affect duplicates. I have a decent PC rtx 3070, i7 10800k or what ever it is... 32gb ram, i have it optimized by a pro who overclocked it etc (it same affect before he optimized i got it optimized as someone mentioned could be fps) If i run WZ on low settings i get 200fps.. still same thing happens! Its 100% an internet issue but its not a net duma issue i dnt think as i have tried about 10 different routers! received_136496198620502_1_1_1.mp4
  10. I recon its PPPoE or something to do with BT - The ping is fine, it's something else. I just don't have enough knowledge on the internet to be able to pin point the problem I've tried new wires, everything. As I say I go to my sisters, play on hers with Virgin. 32ms Ping so higher ping, and I sit at a 5kd daily... Come home, boom back down to shooting people and it taking full clips at distance because where I shoot is not actually where they are in game if you get me. I've just got to the point now where I literally have no idea what so ever 😢 I could be making ALOT of money playing this game, but I'm stuck because of this issue with my internet. I watch players with higher KD's than me and my movement is better, my gameplay is better.... yet because of this I sit at a total KD of 2.35.... Custom lobby's feel slightly better - I played a custom's the other day dropped 16 kills, 20 kills, 14 kills ......... The lobby had SWEATY players in too but also alot of noobs. Prob a more even split than given in normal Warzone.
  11. I've checked my PC and my PC is fine, I've tried every setting ive seen and absolutely nothing works. Last kill that just happened in the Gulag - The guy was stood in the doorway for a full second before shooting me. On my screen he insta appeared and downed me.... I assumed hacking with the speed... NOPE just my internet the guy was stood there.. Looked at me, i didnt shoot him even tho i was pre aiming the gap.... He shoots, i shoot. I die!!!!! I know its my internet as I took my setup to my Sisters.. In diamond lobbys on VM got a 5kd for the day. At home in my internet same lobbys - 2.5kd for the day ITs a joke!
  12. Hi All, Has anyone discovered a fix for this yet? Is anyone on Virgin Media who also gets this or if your on VM do you get this? All the 'Pro's i ask are VM, VM, VM, VM, VM, VM... etc! I'm on BT cant get VM.... But I have it massively - In PVT lobbys i find it less!
  13. It does work - You just gotta know how haha (need a VPN also)
  14. Just tried to follow that guide - Wireshark installed but the bit where it says to filter by udp.port==67 didnt give me any results.. Why is all this shit so hard !!
  15. Not sure - from what I read u dont put it in PPPoE but dunno. As for WIFI - I upgrade and nothing connects says cannot find IP address
  16. Hi, I Have read a few posts now but cant find anything I have just switched from BT to SKY and want to get my setup as Modem >> XR700 >> Internet Instead of atm Modem >> Sky Router >> XR700 >> Internet Reason is with current setup I am getting SUCH bad LAG and Packetloss!! I am on version XR700 V1.0.0.20 I use this version as its the only one that works for my WIFI I have upgraded to XR700 V1.0.1.38 to test it and still no option I read that you set up the Does your setup req password to NO but then I cant see an option for 61 - Username and Password? I have the Username and Password from sky already just need to find where you input it?! I see the Client Identifier String (Option 61): but this just has a blank box and no option for a username or password! Cheers
  17. Some of them I cant - I just don't get how it dosent work! THis is the ONLY router that it dosent work with? Every single other router i use works totally fine
  18. Tried this - Still my wifi devices dont connect... Some do - some dont! EG my phone wont
  19. Hi, I could really do with this sorting please, there must be a fix! If I update to latest software on the XR700 my WIFI devices cannot connect. Says Couldn't get IP address on mobile phone, if I go back to the .20 software, all wifi connects totally fine! I have updated, then rebooted and also factory reset to try see if that works and none of that has worked... There must be a FIX as this has been happening all year now. Cheers
  20. I connected to my phone - Shots were SLAYING.... except game was lagging like jolting which i dont get normally Just proves somethings up with my internet on wire
  21. I just used my phone and hit det was amazing just a shame i lagged lol
  22. So I have noticed alot on Lag Compensation: Here is my thought... Gladly hear you guys out. The game FAVOURS the average ping - Below = BAD ... High = BAD Go onto Twitch - Watch all the streamers - Jukeyz, Lenun, WarsZ, Tommey etc etc etc and check out there ping. There PING is always 27-60ms ALWAYS, when you watch them there shooting people and killing with 4 bullets VS my whole clip.. and just so you know i am not a NOOB i have a 2.5 KD on WZ, which is that low because of my lag COMP.... I run at a 19ms ping, I believe this is what is causing my lag... I have VPN to a server that gives me 50ms ping and I SLAAAAAY!!! The only issue with VPN is that I have to be host etc. SO, we need a way to increase our ping. I think this fixes the issue. I have read LOADSSSS on ping, but cant find anyway to solve it. I found a programme to do it for me but it only gives a 30sec trial and works perfectly in WZ but obv 30sec isnt long enough to test it - It is then approx. £180 for the software which I am not prepared to pay for! I have tried THROTTLING my speeds, although it does FEEL like my bullets hit better - It doesn't feel as smooth. No body I have spoke to or forums have any idea how to increase ping, I have asked EVERYWHERE... I have tried using longer cables, different routers, cheaper routers... ISP router.. My ping is always sitting at 19ms on WZ (8ms on Speedtest.net) If we can figure a way to make our ping 30ms I believe this is the FIX What are your thoughts??
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