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  1. Yes i meant cold war, don't know but my kd is 5 to 6 since season 4 update
  2. Anyone else noted that season 4 hit detection and lag comp is waaaaaaaaay better?
  3. change your internet provider. download and upload speed doesn't matter. QoS won't do much. Netduma routers will help you choose the best servers around but you will still have the same issue. had exactly the same problem and I was on 1 gigabit optic fiber with 1ms ping. average ping 15ms in the game. Literally the best ping in the entire lobby. Only fixed when i switched provider. Good luck!
  4. Same issue with me. Exactly the same. No good fix so far other than switching your internet provider.
  5. I absolutely can confirm this. Idiots will just tell you that you're making things up and you need to get better at the game. But when you experience it yourself you know what it's like. Anyways, good to know there's people out there who are in the same boat.
  6. Bro, i have EXACTLY the same issue. Gigabit optic fibre with 1ms ping. Theoretically, i should be walking around hosing people. In reality, lag compensation screws you over. They see you first, you see them late, and they have super bullets. It is until i switched to a 12mb dsl connection that things became normal. Kd of 2 from 0.8 ....overnight!!!! Also, yes after season 3 update in cold war things got messed up, especially hit reg. That's cod for you.
  7. Hello, I have both PC (gtx 1060 ) and xbox series x. Sniping on PC is more fluid, faster ADS, better hit detection and overall more snappy. It sucks on the xbox in comparison. tried the same controller, monitor and connection. Anyone else noticed this ?
  8. Exactly the same thing with me. I had a DSL connection with 10mb download and 1mb upload and a ping of 30ms and I used to be on top of the lobby with a KD of 3. Ever since I switched to a 1gb optic fiber with a ping of 1ms, it feels like i'm playing hardcore. instant deaths, ghost bullets, and playing 2 seconds behind everyone else. I even see my teammates shooting at a target before i get to see him. thought i was going nuts.
  9. Someone suggested switching to wifi and limiting upload and download speeds. I can't believe it but it actually works!!!!! Whilst bullet registration is not significantly better. It seems to fix the instant death and the enemies seeing me before I'm actually there.
  10. R1, the game and the geo-filter have matching ping, most of the time is 27 to 30ms.
  11. yes in the bandwidth allocation, distribution flower, I set 100% for gaming. even tried turning off all devices connected to the router except the xbox. no effect.
  12. yes, open NAT. I don't need QoS really as I have a 1 gigabit bandwith with a ping of 1-5ms according to speedtest. still I set 100% for gaming. Tried many Geo-filter settings, playing on local servers, nearby countries and distant locations. All the same. ping assist is 0.
  13. Hi, There doesn't seem to be a general agreement on what works for hit detection and shoot first die first/insta-death problems. After reading through the topics, I honestly got more confused. Anyone who has an xbox can share his duma settings/ports for cold war, please? Thanks
  14. So, I did what you said. I deleted the profile, switched xbox off. Re-created the geo-filter and started the xbox back on again. It works much better but still there's about a 20% chance that the game will throw me on a server in the UK. However, there's no more ping assisted hosts (that seems to be fixed). The lag compensation is insane in this game, playing on the dedicated servers in France/Belgium is life-changing. Wish there was an option in the DumaOs to only play on dedicated hosts. Thanks for the help.
  15. Happy holidays ! As you can see, the host is someone in the UK despite me filtering out the UK from my geo-filter. It's not a glitch because the players are british and are from london. Don't know why this keeps happening. My ping assist is set to zero. The game doesn't show any errors, it just connects as if there is no filter applied.
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