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  1. EA included as well. I'll have new ones later with bottom graph. For some reason save image in ping plotter is cutting it off do I'll just do screen shots.
  2. Ok I'll report back later. Thanks Edit: Added updated test with graphs, this is no qos, spectrum cable 300 down 20 up
  3. 2 of these are black ops 4 servers and 2 are apex legends. the ones that start with 66 are blackops 4.
  4. Let me throw a theory out there. Turn of the century pc gaming I'm sure a lot of you remember a lot of games where if you had say over 100ms ping you would be removed from the game/match/lobby or whatever. You were automatically kicked from the game by the systems built into it. Consoles start getting into online mp and now that is not the case. Constantly see people with high ass, totally unacceptable pings and it's tolerated. I have had issues with cod games connection wise since mw1, pc and console. The prior games not so much. Could it be that they tweak this code to the point where they believe it works for all, low ping and high, which in turn expects them to garner more sales and that unfortunately it favors the higher connection? I mean activision don't give a shit so long as the money is rolling in. Who is going to buy a game that has a rep of being unplayable with bad connections? Only the people with good ones right? Why not double dip on sales and player experience be damned. Pick any codmw1 and after and I get melted by high ping connections more often that not and we all know that should not be the case. I must say my experience with this series has been across 3 different isps from dsl to gigabit fiber to cable and none have been consistent with a low ping for me. Edit: Not sure how this ended up as a reply with a quote. Not enough coffee yet I guess. Anyway it was meant to be a standard post with no quote or as a reply to a specific person.
  5. For the record I tried this and it didn't do shit for me. Still trash ass bs with cod.
  6. Yeah I believe that to be the case. Pubg xbox has never played so well for me till after AL came out.
  7. Good to know. I'll throw something else your guys way. Pubg on xbox one, gun play always been inconsistent until Apex legends came out. Playing better now more than it ever has as far as gunplay goes. Would it be stretch to assume these companies run to many instances of a game on a single server and that causes serious performance issues but once they've lost a chunk of their population they tone down the load on the servers? Why would a game all of the sudden be more consistent when a new popular game drags away a ton of it's players. I'm not talking skill here. I'm saying in pubg on xbox people always die when I shoot them as opposed to before AL came out and they would just sponge shots. It's so odd.
  8. Ok that's what I thought about who server hosting was but seemed odd compared to who you usually see. It works but honestly I don't use filter as I get local anyway. I'm getting more use out of the Hybrid vpn because as is the case with cod I cannot do anything unless my ping is pushing 70-100ms. My connection is fine yet I can down no one but get melted in 3-4 bullets from anything despite having level 3 shield and helmet if I play with low ping (Any opinions on hop routes being a cause of this?). Play through nord vpn from west coast (I'm Southeast, typical ping to Atlanta servers when not vpn'd are around 32ms and it plays like crap home setting on pic is actual) and it's night and day. So stupid that's how these games are these days. Battle(non)sense has a good vid on the netcode of br games. Oddly enough I have no issues with BFV ever and looking forward to firestorm this Monday!
  9. The Icon in Florida is my squad mate in chat party. The larger is obviously the server but icon is wrong. Why is auto ping host coming back with googleusercontent and the ip location when searched comes back as private ip? Also this is the result before and after a factory reset and I'm on latest firmware. Also why do we not get player icons?
  10. Just to chime in it could be coincidence but I recently started playing gears 4 again and 1st few games with geo filter on it was fine but after that received a 30 minute suspension then again the next day. I don't get these with the filter off though.
  11. Sorry took so long getting back. Been tinkering some more and it seems unless I use the up and down arrows in the ui to change the value they won't stay exactly the same. If I type them in manually then save they will be different later. A bug maybe???
  12. Yes it is enabled. So is that changing my values?
  13. I disabled it but it re-enabled on it's own? Maybe I'm missing something but shouldn't you be able to set exact numbers for bandwidth on the pop up menu on the right that comes up when you click on the device in bandwidth allocation? Do the sliders effect what I've set if I haven't moved them? I mean it let's me set them but then they change on their own once I recheck. Are there any other settings that would overwrite what I set?
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