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Original fw

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I am now on the newest os firmware version r1  2,1.3.29   and have been for a long time

But i wanna downgrade to my old original dumar1 fw 106 i think it was

I have a few questions i wanna ask before i do it though

?1 does the ollder fw show server tick rates and client tick rates

?2 what firmwar version do i need to downgrade to,  

as i remember reading you had to downgade to a certain version or you might break the router

I have downgraded before ages ago but i have sadly forgot how to

?3 ages ago i made a poll about asking to get network monitor  put back in a future update the old version where it would show you the ports you was connected to

I just wanted to ask would it be in the new firmware you guys are trying to release soon


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On 11/10/2019 at 7:34 AM, kinel said:

Cheers bert

thats what i thought i just wanted it confirmed

I just need ?3 answered

I don't really understand question 3. You can see which ports have been opened in the UPnP menu of DumaOS.

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?3 Is regarding this thread  i made a poll about it a long time ago

The thread is called    please read this everyone

I cant link ithe page as i am doing this on a ps4 sorry

It is located  home\newsandcummunity\feature ideas and improvements fordumaros\please read this everyone

Hope that this might clear it uo abit

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Right okay i've found the thread. This one I assume? 

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with the original firmware since I joined in May. I will go back and have a look at what you mean. Perhaps the old version was better in this feature.


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29 minutes ago, kinel said:

Thats the thread

I don't believe it's been added yet but with 3.0 there could be a possibility to add it, Alex will see if it is feasible or not. May be that it comes after 3.0 has been released.

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