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Xr500 Bufferbloat and QoS problem

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Hello everyone! Just buy My new XR 500 because i find it at the same price of XR300 that i have already buy... 

Everything work great bit i notice that the anti bufferbloat not work properly on the xr500... The slider for the upload and download not setting a real speed. 

With same setting on both router with xr500 i see that on dslreports the upload is working with many spiked, with the xr300 no spikes and the bufferbloat is perfect. 

What difference between this two router? I think that i buy a model up the performance is the same. 

Thanks for attention! 

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Yes i set the same speed...seems the speed on the xr500 isn't accurate...and how i say in previous post, when anti bufferbloat is enable and set to always, i see many spikes and the upload is reduced drastically no matter the sliders are setting.

I try back to previous firmware , reset to stock.

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Could you try disabling IPv6? Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > IPv6 and set it to Disabled, then press Apply.

IPv6 occasionally causes issues with the QoS, but we're working on a fix for that.

Another idea: If you're using PPPoE through the router, could you try putting the PPPoE settings on your modem instead?

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As the XR500 has more powerful hardware it may be that your settings need to be adjusted, would recommend following this guide while saturating your connection and experimenting with different percentages to see what lowers the spikes the most http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-diagnose-modem-internet-service-provider-issues/

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