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  1. Hello everyone ... I write this post because I'm really frustrated by the operation of this router. Since I bought it, I have had only problems on problems ... from the login problems to the qos that works when it wants, to the prioritization of the traffic that for example in apex legend there is no way to make it work, detects the prioritized traffic when I start the game but when I enter the match it deactivates and I tried to add the ports manually, set the PC as a console, all the "tips" that I found on the forum. Now I know that this post will not help because others have already been made with complaints for months and months and we are always at the usual point. What I wonder is if a router branded Netgear (not a random company) and a software like Duma OS that gives the hope of being able to play without lag and problems is abandoned for months and months without updates or simply hotfix for problems reported several times by many users. I say this as the owner of an XR300 mid-range router which is still not cheap, and hearing about beta for months certainly does not lead me to recommend the purchase of these routers to anyone, in fact I am thinking that if they are not resolved these problems I will migrate to another company that will surely have other problems as it has always been with devices and PCs (I have been assembling PCs since I was a boy) but I will really say it is too much for me. From such a product, sponsored several times to events etc. etc. I expect meticulous updates and not half-yearly if not annual updates. I am sorry for the outburst, I understand the current situation covid-19 but I believe that this way of operating has always been there since I have owned the router for a year and a half now. Having said that, I repeat, if there are no updates that will significantly solve the problems and make the router work properly I will have to change companies. Thanks
  2. I tried to move the router several times but the signal continues to have drops ... I tried to change every channel without result ... The 5 Ghz wifi is stable and does not have this type of problem ... the thing is strange. .. It makes me a little nervous that a € 200 router suffers from these problems and I notice that updates are very rare which is not a good thing for routers of this range thanks
  3. The router is located on the desk next to the PC, the only wireless device I use is the Logitech Gpro wireless mouse, which is not always in operation. I will try to test and in case I will move the router to another location. Thanks for the reply 😉
  4. I understand the problems, but some punctuation and pauses would not be bad 😅
  5. Hi, I noticed that my 2.4 Ghz wifi often tends to have signal drops, from full signal it passes almost to zero. I state that I have several wifi networks in the condominium, my house is 60 square meters, the router is in the central room and I have set the channel on a free one not used by others. Is it possible for other networks to disturb the same while being on different channels? Thanks.
  6. Hello i want to add Apex Legend to prioritization...wich port i use? When bufferbloat is set to detect traffic, can see Apex Legend? Thanks
  7. This is my upload with QoS disabled 😂 When get xr300 post the screen 😎
  8. Yes the test condition and settings are the same... I seen the same problem when i bought another xr500 few months ago and rma it... When i connect the new xr500 that arrived two days ago notice the same thing... First of all the line of the upload on speedtest (ookla and dls report) is more unstable compared to xr300. Maybe on my line the xr300 work better 😅 I do not know what to think 😅
  9. I've tested today the xr500 with ping plotter in idle and under load (download a big file). I don't know why there are packet loss from my Modem (Fritz Box 7530), from the xr500 and from a server that you can see. Anyway the graph is a bit unstable. First image is in idle second under load: And here there are the dls report result with the upload spikes:
  10. I tried both the same settings as the 300 and tried to "play" with the bufferbloat sliders and I notice that the 300 has a much more stable connection ... Not that the 500 is lousy but the 300 gives me on dsl report all on A + and on ping plotter I see a graph much more linear. Also known in the game a certain delay in some situations. I understand that dls report is not 100% reliable but it sounds strange to me that trying the two routers on the same connection will behave differently.
  11. Hi, I wrote a post a few months ago in which I complained about the performance of the xr500 bufferbloat compared to the xr300 I had ... I then decided to return the xr500 and I continued to use the 300 ... recently I wanted to try again to buy an xr500 for another home hoping that some firmware updates have been released, the connection management and bufferbloat have improved. I have tested with ping plotter and with dsl report and it always turns out to be worse above all in the upload ... I wonder how it is possible that a version with more powerful cpu and of superior category has of the inferior performances. I say this because on the web there are several discussions in which people complain about this problem and some have returned to using R1 or other routers. Thanks for the attention.
  12. Hello everyone! Has anyone who has the xr300 noticed any problems with the wifi since the last update? I noticed that my smartphone tends not to receive notifications or messages when I'm not using my phone. I tried to go back to the old firmware and it seems to work all right.
  13. Hello, I would like to point out that when the 5 Ghz band is under load the router emits an annoying buzz ... Only the 5 Ghz ... The 2.4 does not present the problem. It would seem to disappear or diminish almost inaudibly only if the trasmit power is moved from 100% to 75. I wanted to know if it could be a hardware or firmware problem. thanks
  14. I've already read about ipv6 and ppoe but i don't use it. I set the exact setting of xr300 on the xr500 and i've notice the difference about bufferbloat and sliders of speed.
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