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  1. Hello everyone! Has anyone who has the xr300 noticed any problems with the wifi since the last update? I noticed that my smartphone tends not to receive notifications or messages when I'm not using my phone. I tried to go back to the old firmware and it seems to work all right.
  2. Hello, I would like to point out that when the 5 Ghz band is under load the router emits an annoying buzz ... Only the 5 Ghz ... The 2.4 does not present the problem. It would seem to disappear or diminish almost inaudibly only if the trasmit power is moved from 100% to 75. I wanted to know if it could be a hardware or firmware problem. thanks
  3. I've already read about ipv6 and ppoe but i don't use it. I set the exact setting of xr300 on the xr500 and i've notice the difference about bufferbloat and sliders of speed.
  4. Yes i set the same speed...seems the speed on the xr500 isn't accurate...and how i say in previous post, when anti bufferbloat is enable and set to always, i see many spikes and the upload is reduced drastically no matter the sliders are setting. I try back to previous firmware , reset to stock.
  5. Hello everyone! Just buy My new XR 500 because i find it at the same price of XR300 that i have already buy... Everything work great bit i notice that the anti bufferbloat not work properly on the xr500... The slider for the upload and download not setting a real speed. With same setting on both router with xr500 i see that on dslreports the upload is working with many spiked, with the xr300 no spikes and the bufferbloat is perfect. What difference between this two router? I think that i buy a model up the performance is the same. Thanks for attention!
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