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Device Manager Improvement

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Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I am struggling with the way device manager recognises online devices. I have several WiFi AP in my home and dumaos seems to struggle with recognising a device as online if the connection method has changed. E.g. wireless (connected to XR500 wifi) or wired (connected to wired AP). The MAC address of the device will remain unchanged therefore why can't DumaOS recognise this device as online but with a different connection type? Deleting the device in device manager is not an option as the device is still reports as online just not shown in the table or the map correctly. Makes network management pretty cumbersome. 

Also, has anyone ever noticed that the ethernet port labels don't match the reported port numbers in DumaOS??  :(


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  • Netduma Staff

Welcome to the forum :) we're going to look into ways to improve usability on the Device Manager at some point. It's a trickier problem to solve than it appears, but keep an eye out for any updates!

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