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Found 10 results

  1. When I opened Netduma Device manager I was unable to see my devices from my Access point but when I tried to check it thru Netgear Nighthawk App I was able to see it all. BTW I'm using BETA one on XR500 so probably device manager Issue hasn't been fixed yet? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you
  2. Team, There is a lot of unnecessary overhead with this OS in regard to QoS and Device Manager. QoS for example should not always dynamic update with the number of devices on the network. I have specific requirements for certain devices. Those devices allocation of bandwidth should not change regardless if there's 5 devices or 100 devices. But QoS on DumaOS does not work this way. Which makes the unnecessary overhead. Meaning when I know there more devices I have to log in and adjust QoS allocation to my specific devices. The second is device manager. Device manager should be manage by device leases. If a device does not renew it's lease then it should fall off the device manager list. Otherwise I have to go in and delete it from device manager list, which affects QoS bandwidth allocation.. Resolutions 1. Static bandwidth allocation for QoS for specific devices. The rest will remain dynamic. 2. Device manager drops devices of list if leases aren't renewed.
  3. Good day, really hoping someone can help me out. I have had my router about 5 months. Since day 1 I have noticed my devices take forever to connect. I can go to the network map and watch as a device connects. Once everything is connected all seems well but if the router reboots for any reason I could sit here for hours waiting. Devices will connect and then others will fall off line. I am. An the most recent firmwear. Not sure in the image attached all but 4 devices in the offline area are on and available for connection.
  4. Hello, I browsed through the forum but didn't really find an answer to that. I have R2 behind ISP router + unmanaged dlink 5 port switch (DGS-105) somewhere else, yet device manager is not seeing devices connected to the switch. All mentioned devices are functiong as intended. What might be the problem here ?
  5. Hi, I've been encountering this issue since the previous firmware version, I think. Everything on the web UI shows as normal and working. However, when using the Nighthawk app (iOS and Android) which are on the latest available versions (also encountered the issue with previous app versions), the device manager does not display any of the connected devices. I'm only getting an error (see attachment). Have tried resetting and re-flashing the firmware. Have also tried downgrading and updating again. I found another thread here discussing something similar but with a Nintendo Switch involved. I do not have a Nintendo Switch, however. Please advise.
  6. Hey! Could have sworn I'd posted about this before but can't seem to see any history of it. I excitedly got my hands on an R1, and proceeded to reset it and put DumaOS on it (Firmware version, DumaOS 1.3.29). It's really, really not behaved in any why like I'd expect it to. In our house we've a cable modem, and connected directly to that is the R1, with both being located in the flat downstairs. There's a Cat6 cable running from downstairs up and into a Netgear X4S/R7800, which the computers and consoles upstairs in our flat are connected to. I can't see my PC's name nor MAC address in the Device Manager table/tree The R7800 upstairs here is on its own branch of the Network Map All the devices upstairs that are connected to the R8000 are connected to what shows as an 'Offline' device in the Network Map At some point my PC was showing, and I tried adding it as a console to the devices in the Geo-Filter in an effort to use the functionality in Street Fighter V. Never saw a single ping, never any icons on the map, ever. My device isn't there any more, either. I was super excited to get this router, but in its current state it's done literally nothing for me other than put me out of pocket. I'd love to change that.
  7. Hello, I love the Device Manager on XR500 but I have a couple of issues with it – nothing major, just minor irritations. Q1. In my XR500 Device Manager, I have: Router >> WAN >> Modem Surely this should be: Router >> Modem >> WAN? Am I missing something obvious here, or is this an error? Q2. I have a Nighthawk X4S D7800 router configured as a wireless bridge in the spare bedroom. The connection to the bridge is rock solid and all devices connected to it are accessible through the XR500. I can ping the devices and use them as though they were connected directly to the XR500. However, even though they are accessible, they all appear offline in the XR500 Device Manager. Is there any way to make these accurately show up as being online? Thank you. P.S. In this image, Sonoff RF, PA - Living Room, PA - Kitchen are actually offline but NVR, Cam2, Desktop-Server and MyCloudPR2100 are all online and pingable. For this tree view to be accurate, they would branch out from the Nighthawk X in the 5GHz devices.
  8. Playing PS3 BO2, the device manager shows the PlayStation as OFFLINE. It's hardwired with an Ethernet CAT-6 cable to the XR500. Also in addition, the geo-filter shows absolutely NOTHING besides my home location when I go to search for a game. I've got the PlayStation added as a device but as far as I know it's not working. I paid $300, for the software and it's not working. I had the R1 and it worked fine, but crapped out so I went out and got the XR500. I've heard downgrading an update could help? If so, how do you do that? Can anyone help???? Much appreciated.
  9. Hi, Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I am struggling with the way device manager recognises online devices. I have several WiFi AP in my home and dumaos seems to struggle with recognising a device as online if the connection method has changed. E.g. wireless (connected to XR500 wifi) or wired (connected to wired AP). The MAC address of the device will remain unchanged therefore why can't DumaOS recognise this device as online but with a different connection type? Deleting the device in device manager is not an option as the device is still reports as online just not shown in the table or the map correctly. Makes network management pretty cumbersome. Also, has anyone ever noticed that the ethernet port labels don't match the reported port numbers in DumaOS?? Thanks.
  10. I just installed the R1 and when i go to the device manager tab it is giving me the screen in the attached file. Please let me know what i need to do to fix this.
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