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  1. PPPoE doesn't work optimally with QoS? Well that's worrying. I have the same setup using PPPoE on XR500. I will give this setup a try. Guessing I need to turn DHCP off on the old router as it will create a different subnet.
  2. .32 worked for me, also solved a new issue where my CPU usage was showing minimum of 50% constantly. Happy dumaos user again EDIT: no device list view in device manager on .32 less happy
  3. I have just started to have the exact same issue tonight. Done a full factory reset, was able to configure wan then same issue
  4. Just a follow up for anyone interested. I set up another router on my network behind the XR500. The second router is connected to the network via it's LAN port. Connecting through the WAN caused issues. So my setup now is modem > XR500(WAN), XR500(LAN) > ASUS(LAN). Disabled the DHCP on the XR500 and set it up on the 2nd router. Everything SEEMS to be working well at the moment. Geofilter still detects any console and appears to be working fine. QoS is harder to figure out but it looks like its working fine. The only issue I have found is that the XR500 can no longer resolve NEW device names. If the device was discovered by the XR500 then it retains its details. However all new devices are added as 'Unnamed Device'. Looks pretty good so far, so now if I have to reset my XR500 my IP reservations will not be lost
  5. I have already changed my DHCP pool (100-200) and use a fair few reservations already (all in range 2-99). I will add hue to this to see if it helps. Good idea, thanks. To be honest my hue hub is in a place that is hard to get to so i added a smart plug so i can turn it off and on remotely. Hopefully wont need to do this anymore.
  6. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. That is a real shame. I love the gaming features of the XR500 but it is a little flaky when it comes to general network management. Was hoping a basic modem/router combo connected to the WAN of XR500 to replace my current modem would solve it but it sounds like I would lose more than I stand to gain.
  7. Massive +1 for DHCP reservations. This is the main reason I am reluctant to perform a factory reset on my Xr500. Alternatively a better method of inputting them would be very welcome. Maybe some sort of csv import or similar may solve the problem also. Or as progprog said, backup the reservation table to a cloud service. Dropbox, onedrive, google drive. Any option that would save the painful manual reentering of the devices would make me very happy! To be honest the whole reservation feature needs some work. Lines and radar buttons aren't clearly lined up and not all devices are shown in the list so you have to resort to manually inputting MAC addresses. This is the part of the process that currently takes so much time because I cannot connect all devices until the reservations are in place.
  8. I have a hue hub and I often have problems with it after I have rebooted my XR500. The only thing I have found to restore the connection is to unplug the hue hub for a minute and let it reconnect. Just keep an eye on the lights on the hub. It seems to have some issues with DHCP if it is left on through a router reboot.
  9. I have owned the XR500 for over a year now and despite the many bugs I still enjoy the gaming QoS features. However one thing that is driving me crazy is that it seems to need to be reset to default settings quite often. It is a regularly used suggestion in the forum for any problems. the follow up recommendation is then to NOT use a backup to restore settings but to set it up again from scratch. Sadly the biggest pain in the %#! for me is that I use quite a few DHCP reservations, every time I reset the router I need to go through all of these again. So my question is, is there something I can use as a standalone DHCP managing my reservations while preserving the XR500's features and traffic management? If I add another router to deal with the DHCP and then run the XR500 in AP mode, would this solve it while retaining all the tasty traffic management and antibufferbloat etc? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I am struggling with the way device manager recognises online devices. I have several WiFi AP in my home and dumaos seems to struggle with recognising a device as online if the connection method has changed. E.g. wireless (connected to XR500 wifi) or wired (connected to wired AP). The MAC address of the device will remain unchanged therefore why can't DumaOS recognise this device as online but with a different connection type? Deleting the device in device manager is not an option as the device is still reports as online just not shown in the table or the map correctly. Makes network management pretty cumbersome. Also, has anyone ever noticed that the ethernet port labels don't match the reported port numbers in DumaOS?? Thanks.
  11. If I remember correctly on my old router (ASUS N66u) most call of duty games would appear in the UPNP table with additional forwarded ports using something call deamonware or something to that effect. I cannot see this in the XR500 upnp table. BO4 is definitively trying to open port UDP3075 which is not showing in the upnp table of xr500. I will try changing to 'open' nat filtering
  12. I had the NAT issue, xbox one to XR500. UPNP table showed that port 3074 was being forwarded but game suggests that it also needs port 3075. Only solution for me was to use address reservation for my xbox and manually forward UDP 3075. I didn't try with my geo filter off though. I much prefer not port forwarding as I have multiple xboxes on my network so will try some of the above suggestions.
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