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R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

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"Netduma R1 Owners: the maximum speed you can achieve on the Netduma R1 with all features enabled is around 200mbps".

link- http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-speeds


I have the same speed on my fiber isp 1G down and 200 up, with QOS off i have 600~700.


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12 hours ago, crunkjuice1 said:

Thanks guys! I knew I seen that somewhere just needed push in right direction! 

You'll never be able to reach 1000mbps through the Netduma R1 - it's not physically possible due to the hardware. I've seen people reach 600 before, which is usually more than enough and excessive for any home. Games only use <0.5mbps bandwidth so speeds shouldn't be the priority :D I hope this helps!

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11 minutes ago, secretface said:

Ok so this answers my question. So I guess put the R1 downstream from the 1g router? That would limit some features but it may work.

If you really, really want 1gbps - you aren't going to get that through an R1. Some people split their connection (which disables QoS, you're right), and will have their gaming devices utilising the Geo-Filter on one network and their other devices are connected straight to their modem (or an AP that can handle 1gbps).

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