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I don't think it's really that accurate anyway. In game mine's always flat (<0.2ms jitter). However I discovered once that having the geofilter page open in a tab on my PS4 browser causes lag. If it's open my CC sliders won't work, I'll have a permanent 200ms+ bufferbloat (normally with full bandwidth it's 50ms down 300ms up, at worst), my base latency will climb to 100ms+ from 7ms and a ping/jitter test will show up to 350ms or so jitter. Despite that I can ping my local CoD server from the geofilter page and it'll still be a flat 7ms. I can switch to any other R1 GUI page on the browser and the lag will disappear.


That's probably why games are so bipolar even if I'm on the same stable 7ms in every game. It doesn't help that it doesn't show packet loss, although admittedly I get 0% packet loss on the destination hop when pinging my local CoD server IP on PingPlotter. I see around 70% loss on a lot of intermediate hops but I'm not sure that impacts the end result simply due to ICMP request priority differing between hops.

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hello all noob question here, how do you get a stable ping on the the ping graph. Do i need to mess with CC settings or is it just my ISP?


I'd recommend Big Dog's advice above. PingPlotter is a great tool for accurately measuring your ping and finding out whether the issue is your ISP or not.


It's possible that it could be the game server or your CC settings. For CC, I'd recommend 70/70 Anti-Flood, reset Device Prioritisation and apply, put your console in Hyper Traffic and also set your algorithm to Reactive if your speeds are over 50mbps.

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I only have 6 devices on my net work 100 down&10up!! Do we still need to to put our sliders to 70/70? TV,SMARTPHONES&LABTOP&XBOXONEX that's it!!

70/70 is a guideline, you can play around with the values if you want. Personally I would just use 70/70. If you want to experiment with the values I would recommend downloading PingPlotter, have sliders at 100%, saturate your connection by downloading and streaming video on your other devices, start adjusting the sliders until your ping is stable.


There is a great guide on PingPlotter here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/

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