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  1. I'll try to duplicate the problem again if it happens again then I'll get back to you! Hope fully because I keep connecting to peer instead of dedicated servers!! Which I live in L.A
  2. Yes everytime I enable ping assist let's say 45ms my ping bar doesnt show so I dont if I'm playing on the ping or higher? One question when are you guys going to update your cluod for MW???
  3. Everytime I unable ping assit In MW my ping doesn't show up? So I don't know if I'm playing on a good ping or not?
  4. I hope so man!!! It takes decades to look for a match!!!
  5. Okay so this is!! http://imgur.com/gallery/qdf2bWc So why do I get connected even though I'm using filtering mode & stick mode on??
  6. I'll give you all that info when I get home from work!!
  7. Yup! Most of the time I get connected to a peer instead of the server that is at least 15 miles from were I live!! L.A & I'm at least 20 miles from L.A
  8. Why is the router having a hard time connecting to a California servers??? I live in Los Angeles & for some reason doesnt connect to a closer one?
  9. Well that sucks ...players with high ping really strugle!!🥺🥺🥺
  10. I'm using the xr500 nighthawk! It wont connect me to another server expect to the one across the country I believe is by New York or somewhere over there!
  11. Yes I have and still doesn't show anything it only shows the server across the country!😂 I was wondering if I could connect to another player so I could get a better ping?
  12. How come I dont see other players in my geo filter when connecting to pubg?? I live in California and I hated when I get 80 to 90 ping ???
  13. Ah okay thank you for your help & patience bro!!
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